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weapon specifics - a continuation of post 35

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Posted by Ming on 02/11

that last thread was getting long, and degrading into name calling and flaming. if that is all your capable of adding to the discussion, go post elsewhere. ok, that being said... are there ANY Immorts that are in favor of making 'some' of the weapons spec 'somewhat' known so that players can submit, request and/or offer up ideas for new weapons? there is zero reason that i personally see why there cannot be 30-40 Q5 weapons of each type to choose from, some obviously better than others, but close enough that you can use either and still be competitive. there are lots and lots of level 50 mobs in the game, and giving a level 50 mob a Q5 weapon and weapon skills makes them that much harder. when things like this have come up in the past, there has imo been a general close-mindedness amoung the Immort staff about letting people do things like this. i just don't see why. not to bust anyone's bubble, but it is not exactly hard to think up weapons and apply the spec for rent and whatnot. after the HOL and Hell poofed you proved you can add stuff into the games on current mobs easy enough... -Ming

From: Sandra Wednesday, February 07 2001, 05:41PM It isn't up to any immort to make that known. It's up to me, or Kaige since I'm the head of that department, and she's the Imp. And no, we won't be giving out that info.

From: Davien Wednesday, February 07 2001, 09:06PM Not to be overly obtuse, but the 'gerneral specs' are currently 'somewhat known' and the information is pretty freely available. Have a look at whats in the game currently and compare whats there and I doubt you will have too much trouble getting said idea. I do wonder why you actually need those specs though. If you have a cool weapon idea, why not pick a mob you think would be cool using it, and write some mudmail to the builder who runs the area. They may think its cool as well and stick it in, and you can be pretty sure they will keep it in spec. -shrug- They may also completly disagree with you, but hey, wheres the harm in asking? Davien Holyoake.

From: Ming Thursday, February 08 2001, 11:58AM Thanks for making my point about close-mindedness so well, Sandra.

From: Kendrik Thursday, February 08 2001, 03:02PM I don't think it is close mindedness at all I think they consider it immort only info, Proprietary info as it were It's kinda like asking Intel for the blueprint to their chips... You can ask, but you aren't gonna get it. Kendrik

From: Tybalt Thursday, February 08 2001, 03:05PM

From: Ruby Thursday, February 08 2001, 03:06PM I aree with Davien. Why don't we just look at what's in the game already and think up some neet ideas. All they would be is idea's of corse unless a builder desides the item would work out well for his/her area. The desisian is up to the builder as it always has been. As I recall us morts were never discuraged from giving our idea's to imms. That being said I am going to make a new thread about weapon ideas. Think of it just as a place for morts to share idea's with eachother and with imms. Ruby

From: Ming Thursday, February 08 2001, 03:21PM That is the poorest example i have ever heard, kendrik. I am not asking for the source code, I am asking for the 'spec' to offer more suggestions - to use your comparison its like a PC manufacturer askign Intel for the 'spec's to be able to use their chips, and they do get them. And besides, WTF is Immort only info? Like 90% of the Immorts aren't former/currently players? As if being an Immort somehow makes you more trustworthy/intelligent?

From: Wraith Saturday, February 10 2001, 11:33AM Builders can only make a limited number of items with each area. Most of these end up being non-stat items that add to the flavor of an area and/or are used for quests. Also, if all we made were maxed items to put on level 50 or level 50+ mobs, there wouldn't be any +stat gear for lower level characters to use. In addition, the mobs and equipment have to be logical for the area. Even more, the best items are supposed to be rare. The end result is a mix of items with the best ones being difficult both to find and obtain. More weapons could be added, of course, but doing so would devalue them. - Wraith

From: Zeppelin Sunday, February 11 2001, 02:36PM Eek! Sorry to burst anyone's bubble - but devalue them? ROLF! Gold in this game has no value really as is - people can get any weapon they want pretty much with minimal effort... its hard to devalue zero. Least thats what I think. Also, why can an area only have 'so many' +5 stat items and Q5 weapons? That is the most obsurd thing I have ever heard, I don't mean to say that that rule does not exist, but thats its a completely stupid rule. (IMO) Who cares how many 'good' items are in one area and not another? This is another example of the people in charge here stuck in this 'MOO' or 'MUSH' mentality, which is fine if thats how they want to run their game. But, then, please don't 'talk' about releasing the code to the public or talk about growing the game - its absurd. The game 'as is' cannot support that many people. I agree whole-heartedly about items fitting in the area, and only adding areas that are good content-wise, but to thin (think) that many many players could not write these areas is simply naive and incorrect. Now, would players submit areas if it did not require immorting? Heall yah, I think so...

From: LadyAce Sunday, February 11 2001, 03:05PM About imm-only info: We don't release a lot of specifics about the internal workings of the game because of a few factors: - releasing formulas feeds a tendency we oppose, i.e. an excessive focus on numbers and hyper-optimizing. Why we oppose it could take many pages to explain, but the general idea is that we'd rather have you focus on playing in a variety of ways -- building a char, sure, but also doing quests and interacting with others. It's a matter of design, of how we want this place to be. - item documentation is a guideline, not an absolute. Item guidelines used to be available, and we got a lot of complaints from players that not every item was maximized in every way, and we also misled people into thinking that we had a mort builder program in the works when we did Item specifications don't help you make better suggestions. You can suggest an item that has a certain set of abilities without knowing how those abilities might be accomplished or even whether they're possible. -LA

From: LadyAce Sunday, February 11 2001, 03:14PM We have a fixed number of items per area. There isn't a fixed number of +stat items/area, BUT we can't have a whole lot of +stat items in one area and none in another, it's simply not balanced or fair. If one builder goes and installs 100 +5 stat items in their area, that's going to cause problems in all kinds of ways. So usually builders self-limit themselves to only a small list of +stat items in their area. -LA

From: LadyAce Sunday, February 11 2001, 03:17PM Also, the areas wouldn't be a part of any code release, nor would the items spec -- so the two don't have much to do with each other. As for new areas, it comes down to what we believe the game needs. Do we have so few rooms and mobs that players are tripping over each other? No, I don't think so. That's a 'young mud' stage that we're past. Do we have huge strings of single rooms all together linking far-flung areas? No, we're not doing too badly there, that's an adolescent mud stage that we're also pretty much past. What we do need are more areas with deep history and all kinds of features and details and activities. It's our opinion that the best way to get areas like that are to immort people to build them -- giving them access to test and repair problems, to hear about future changes and internal planning, as well as the resources of the mud machine & staff. -LA

From: Zeppelin Sunday, February 11 2001, 06:33PM Thanks for clearing some of that up, LA : )


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