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Posted by Ruby on 02/10

Personaly I would like to see more weapons in the game with differant spell/skill effects. I feel that there are not enough Q5 con weapon's in the game with differant effects. And not enough weapon's in general with spell effe Who is to say what people might find interesting. So here is an idea or tw How about a weapon that cast the spell report? This would be interesting and possibly give people a better idea of how much damage they do to mobs/pkillers. Also the idea of extra attack weapon's is fairly new but it is taking hold. I like this idea but one thing i see missing is extra attack items having a spell. Personaly I think it would be nice to wear a vampires teeth that could cast heal light on you. Just some thoughts Ruby - Jewel thief

From: LadyAce Thursday, February 08 2001, 06:41PM I think it would be hard to make a weapon which is q5 AND has a secondary attack AND has a spell AND has stats... without putting some pretty nasty minuses on it. Or would people prefer a spell to stats? -LA

From: Lancelot Thursday, February 08 2001, 08:47PM stats I would take over special. Every special you have put on a weapon has been downgraded to the point where that 5 stats is better. Just look at how many people use non-stat weapons or Q4 weapons for that matter.

From: Zafira Thursday, February 08 2001, 08:57PM I would give up several stats, or pay extra rent for a nice special. But the special would have to be very nice for me to give up the full 5 stats. I think that too many of the weapons with specials are area effects, which are annoying to play. 2Dispelling weapons would me nice. Perhaps a binding sword?

From: Cerberus Friday, February 09 2001, 01:54AM -cackle- It might be hard ladyace, but it can be done. Aginors staff is an example. -actually likes that staff quite a bit, but wouldn't use it with certain character types- With hit/dam gear being downgraded, not many people use it and so people have more free rent. a 9k rent weapon isn't too hard to fit in anymore. Alignment restrictions do nice things to a weapons rent. Could me more single alignment weapons. Con weapon 3 con 3 mind -1 str q5 6kg Good only Special - Gust of wind! -cackle- -wanders off to kill bunnies-

From: Ming Friday, February 09 2001, 08:42AM heh, i think you all know my feelings on second attacks... they are only good for str fighters that never stun. but, for example, what about a poisoned fork-tongued sword, LA? +5 stats, special, extra attack and Q5 ... and low rent to boot!

From: Sallah Friday, February 09 2001, 10:37AM I would be perfectly willing to sacrifice spell effects in exchange for more weapons with better weight and damage. We could do with a heavier sword than SSS/claw, even with no stats or spells on it. It'd be a nice option to have. Sallah

From: Sandra Friday, February 09 2001, 11:05AM There actually already is a sword or two that are heavier than the SSS/claw.

From: Ruby Friday, February 09 2001, 05:17PM I was thinking perhaps an extra attack weapon suck as hook for hand. Anouther attack from an item that is not you weapon. It would be neet to see more of them. And it would be REALY neet to see one or two have a special! Like the vampire fang idea I know my 1st post wasn't worded the way i want it and people misunderstood. Well thats my fault! Sorry! ruby

From: Ghimly Saturday, February 10 2001, 12:51AM I really like the idea of second attacking weapons. What about being able to dual wield, and sacrifice the use of a shield? the second weapon would have to be lighter of course but anyway thats what I think anyway, everyone bicker and complain untill it gets put in so i'm happy. Ghimly [WhItE tRaSh]


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