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Posted by Arx on 02/18

Another weapon idea I have had for some time is the idea of a cut and thrust sword. That is a sword that relies on both str and dex to work. So basically you get 3 str and 3 dex attacks (for example) but because you have to have high in both stats it works better and does more damage than its equivilant in a single stat. I don't even know if this is possible but I think it would be cool. Other varients could also be made for the other stat combinations such as a short spear that you can stab people with the point (dex) and whack them with the haft (con). Oh well, just my two cents. --Arx

From: Cerberus Monday, February 12 2001, 12:07AM -Cackle- I like it! Probably darn hard to put in as the code is now though.

From: Heineken Monday, February 12 2001, 07:55AM Well, there is a str/con weapon in the game, but it doesn't really give yo anything more that a straight strength weapon--which I don't think is terribly fair but I like the weapon and I use it anyway. Weapons that require two high fight stats and are more powerful than other weapons make sense to me, but I doubt that it will happen.

From: Tashanen Monday, February 12 2001, 10:19AM Interesting idea. How do weapon skills fit in? Predominantly one stat or the other?

From: Drow Monday, February 12 2001, 03:51PM It doesnt seem that hard to code, actually, the coders can tell me if Im wrong, but you could make it a str weapon with an extra special thats dex (or vice versa). Make it a q3 strength, and a q3 dex and make it follow all the rules involving expert skills, etc. So 100str 100dex would effectively get to use 2 q3 weapons for a slightly greater total than a single q5 weapon. It would probably only work for strength dex, the only fighter type that doesnt rely on some sort of stunning. 2 attack weapons have always been rejected by anyone that stuns cause it makes them wake up sooner.

From: Cerberus Monday, February 12 2001, 09:14PM -ponder- I think you should need basic/advanced/expert training for each of the attribute types the weapon uses. Lots of possibilities too. Str/dex - thrusting swords, lances, nodachi. str/con - axes, warhammers, picks. dex/con - spears, halbards, pikes.

From: Arx Sunday, February 18 2001, 01:56AM For the skills, idealy it would work by getting as many attacks as your skills allowed for for each type of attack. So if you had expert swordsmanship and advanced fencing then you would get better attacks with the str component of the weapon. Well that's what I think anyway... Arx.


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