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In defense of PKOK

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Posted by Ganymede on 03/07

Yes, that's right, I'm defending PKOK and I'll tell you why. Lately I've seen several typically accept-all pkillers giving other pkillers who aren't accept-all grief, and I'm getting sick of it. Several times I've seen someone taunted and berated over channels because they didn't have that little star next to their names. They "aren't real pkillers," they're "afraid to fight." My clan was even involved in a fight where it came out that the reason for our opponents' anger wasn't anything IC, but was mainly directed at PKOK because we had rejected them. BS. In case you "real pkillers" hadn't noticed, pkok exists because of the pkillers' actions. You guys had the chance to have old pk the way you liked it, and you blew it. A year ago the entire mud was sick of pkill, sick of the lousy attitudes and poor sportsmanship and cutthroat savagery that pkill was. I can remember a conversation with Kaige and several other people from back then when PKOK was just an idea, and everyone there was not just all for it, they were relieved. The so-called hardcore pkillers had the chance to clean up their act back then, but they didn't. So now PKOK is here and it's not going away. Have the attitudes changed? Not much, from what I can tell. In fact, most of you blame everyone but yourselves for the existence of PKOK. Yes, I know some of you will say "But that wasn't me!" and yes, in some cases it wasn't, but a lot of you were here. If you want to blame someone, look in the mirror. But don't make fun of other people because they won't play your game your way. That just proves why we need PKOK. Incidentally, I liked old pk and wish we could have it back. But not until the major players can have some respect for everyone else. Ganymede et al.

From: Testboy Tuesday, February 13 2001, 05:30AM "The so-called hardcore pkillers had the chance to clean up their act back then, but they didn't." Just as I said and what PKOK has shown, there is no way in hell you can or should leave it up to the players to play nice, respect others wishes etc. It's just unfortunate that the IMMs chose PKOK over other alternatives, it was destined to completely ruin pk from the start.

From: Ea! Tuesday, February 13 2001, 06:51PM I made this pretty clear at the time that PKOK went in. The only other alternative being considered by the Imm Staff at the time was removing pkill from the game entirely. It caused too many players too much grief as well as causing imms grief. I don't know anyone on the imm staff who is comfortable being in a situation where a player had a valid complaint that someone else was harassing them, but due to the "rules of pkill" it was "okay." Well, it wasn't okay. It was harassment, and we don't allow harassment. The rules of the game have changed. It's time to accept the changes and move on. -Ea!

From: Fraegis Tuesday, February 13 2001, 09:30PM Well, I have to agree with Testboy. You can't seriously leave it up to the players to act decent or respect others. Common curtesy should not have to be expected from anyone, unless the rules state so. If the imm's can't deal with rude people who care nothing about kindness, decency and respecting others, then it is their job to make rules about commonly acceptable behaviour. Heaven forbid the players should have to do things that are not stated in the rules. Fraegis

From: Conspiracy Tuesday, February 13 2001, 10:03PM it's prolly me Gany's referring to in the original post. I'm AA, 95% of the time, the only time I turn it off is when I'm ic and oow or afk, or in a huge xp hole for a few days. I want to get people to go AA. I don't loot or multi, and I don't jump anyone more than once per day. I suck anyway, so I lose even when I do jump someone. anyway, let me put this simply. it's pkok, it's here to stay. I know that, and unlike most, I accept it, I don't try to tell imms to jerk it for oldstyle pk, I instead look to how to improve the current code, and that lies in the playerbase. if you want to post about me being an asshole on chat, that's fine.. if you want to post about me telling people to go AA, that's fine.. but don't for a second question my dedication to make pkok work. YES, I give people crap about not being AA when they taunt me, hiding behind a "reject Conspiracy". I'm not the best pk'er, prolly the worst.. but I'll fight anyone on the mud, at any time.. and I'll give it my best. The only reason I assume Gany was referring to me is that I know I'm guilty of it a bit, and have seen no one else doing it. just remember, unlike craven, poetry, etc.. I still play here. -Conspiracy.

From: Lancelot Wednesday, February 14 2001, 04:54AM Almost all the hardcore pkillers left this mud. Pkill is dead with housing and OOC cant get a pkill And as for old pk, ALL OF YOU WERE WARNED by the IMM that activated your pkill that this could happen and its all you non-hardcore pkillers that cant take losing a fight that caused a lot of whining. Most of the hardcore pkillers back then just brushed what you said away and just killed you again. I know I did with my alts. Now to me this mud is more like a chat room than a mud thats why you dont see me here anymore Im pretty much bored kill mobs, all equ is pretty much the same to me know since to get any nifty bonus you have to lose stats, and I think with the con get more hps mind get more mana stuff you dont need the hps gear. wow started out as pkill talk and now that ohh well

From: Ming Wednesday, February 14 2001, 08:20AM Well, I would probably put myself in the hardcore pk category, but I for one like PKOK. I -do- think that 43 ticks or whatever is not enough time, but oh well. You may be thinking, why do I like it? Because I do not have to perma a character everytime I make a new one to try out - I now have lots of pk characters to play. Its more entertaining to play different characters and be able to jump and or be jumped, instead of the old way: log in pker, check for people, check ooc, log in as a non-pk and be bored, notice another pker online, wait a few mins, alt, jump... One thing that is too bad though is that the the mud is geared towards a population (IMO) of 35-50 players online. If we could get say 100-120 players online, there would be lots more PK. And, clans could get bigger (I mean why limit to 15 - because of the small population?) - for example my old 'guild' in EverQuest had around 70+ players and well over 150 characters (you could have more than one char in a guild - don't know why you can't here)... I am getting off topic I think...

From: Testboy Wednesday, February 14 2001, 09:39AM PKOK wasn't needed to allow u to pk with more than one char.

From: Ming Wednesday, February 14 2001, 11:39AM well, it wasn't if you cheated - you WERE only allowed to have one pk-enabled char at a time, remember?

From: Dusk Wednesday, February 14 2001, 12:45PM What Test is saying is that you COULD of had more than one pkiller in the old system. (some of us did -halo-) No real 'good' reason why you shouldn't be able to have more than 1 pkiller in the old system. It was just that way because they said so I think. No real logic behind it... got me deleted enough though. -eyeroll- Dusk <-- the one who only follow logical rules.

From: Christopher Tuesday, March 06 2001, 08:09PM Just checking to see if anyone reads new posts :)

From: SpaceGirl Wednesday, March 07 2001, 10:36AM only since it was discussed :P


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