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Posted by Adolph on 02/24

lets define, legendary.. to me, a legendary char is one that has made a serious impact on this mud, in one of many, many ways. Such as pk, rp, or as Chris said, simply talking on chat. I think we're placing to much emphasis on rp and pk. I for one, have spent over six years on this mud, with very few breaks from it, playing several times a week, several times a day at times. I'm not, by any means, saying this rates me having an LoP mob. What I am saying, is that a players dedication to this mud, after changes they hate, should be considered much more than it is now. I think someone like me, should have a little edge over someone like, say.. Craven, that has given up on this mud and moved on to other things. Yet, I garuntee Craven would be instantly approved should he ever apply, just because he was a great pkiller. It just doesn't make much sense to me, we can't all be great pkillers, and we can't all be great roleplayers. So those of us who aren't, what reward do we get from playing thousands of hours on a char, only to see people that have quit the mud altogether inducted effortlessly as mobs? This is a touchy subject for me, so I'll stop before I say something I shouldn't. Adolph, The Unknown.

From: Testboy Tuesday, February 20 2001, 06:51AM How bout adding LOL mobs? Losers of LegendMUD!

From: Fraegis Tuesday, February 20 2001, 10:46AM Legends become legends by being known. Either for pk, rp or something completely different, but usually not by being around a lot though never being seen or heard. I like the idea of LoL mobs, you would certainly get my vote, Testboy. You often seem to be the very incarnation of the title. Fraegis

From: Cumference Tuesday, February 20 2001, 10:56AM We can't all be great PKers, and we can't all be great roleplayers. We also can't all be Legends...

From: Testboy Tuesday, February 20 2001, 11:07AM I knew I'd get your vote Fraegis, but do they count votes from retards?

From: The Tuesday, February 20 2001, 01:27PM Main Entry:legendary 1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of legend or a legend 2 : WELL-KNOWN, FAMOUS The words legend and legendary refer to any person or achievement whose fa fame promises to be enduring. It's about the telling of legends and about stories that are told and retold. When thinking about a char becoming an LoP, you might ask yourself: Has this character been involved in events that everyone remembers and continues to talk about? Are they someone who SHOULD be remembered long after they have stopped playing? Has this character, through his or her greatness, inspired others to try harder or to learn more about the mud? In my opinion, the whole purpose of LoP is to preserve the memory of those who were famous within our small community.

From: Zalbag Tuesday, February 20 2001, 03:06PM He may have a point, there are plenty of people i know who have characters that were legendary in the past, but since they havent been played in ages, they aren't legendary now. i can name a few examples: Gareth and Huma. Two people who i think qualify for LOP status but since they havent been around as some of their other chars or the fact they arent known today wouldnt let them have LOP status. Now I dont think that is fair to people like them who have done a lot for the mud in their time frame, but well that was in the past and i guarantee half the people dont know what kind of actions they have done in the past and they would just judge them on the fact of knowing their alts which also isn't fair. cause well thats judging them by their alts actions not them. so i think the process is screwed up somewhere, and needs to be fixed a little bit. Zalbag

From: Madison Tuesday, February 20 2001, 04:55PM Hey Zalbag, what about me? I helped teach you how to pk. Wait a minute, that might be why you're such a terrible pk'er. Please disregard this append. Madison...the never conversational and not quite so legendary

From: Zalbag Tuesday, February 20 2001, 04:57PM actually not you but your alt taught me everything and i know plenty of alts you have that were legendary back in the day! but i suppose you're the only one people might remember! its a lose lose situation!

From: Bruson Tuesday, February 20 2001, 10:04PM I think some of you are jumping to too many conclusions about who would or would not get into LOP. A few of the characters who were added to the old HOL cast when LOP went in - like Mercenary and Crowe - had been gone for several years when they were put in. True, they had put in applications to HOL and Flagg never got around to adding them for whatever reason, but still: just because a char has been gone or inactive for awhile doesn't mean it has no chance of getting put in. You might think Character X should be in LOP, but the question is, have they applied yet? Bruson

From: Zalbag Wednesday, February 21 2001, 12:11AM nah the fact of the matter is Bruson they were already accepted so if the imms denied that, it would be kinda screwy! and nah i know some friends who have been denied into LOP already. anyways, my point is people will forget about certain people and only records they have of tha t person may very well be their alts which isnt fair cause thats crossplay ing

From: Boreas Wednesday, February 21 2001, 12:16AM If they truly are legendary, then they won't be forgotten in a paltry few years. That is the point of a Legend--they weren't just popular in their time, but remain popular years after they are gone.

From: Kurt Wednesday, February 21 2001, 12:20AM I would LOVE to see a vote on say Ainur, or even Dusty, and I'd like tto see how many people that are currently playing on this mud remember all there wonderful exploits, or there 'valulable contribution' to this mud. My guess is, you people have no idea who Deathstalker, Ramadan, Dew, Sune, Ainur, Eva, Rachael are. Very interesting. Kurt Angle

From: Zalbag Wednesday, February 21 2001, 12:21AM sometimes people do actions that will be remembered at that time Boreas can you honestly remember the first group that went on SL? i think thats a legendary feat considering he is still even around hell he has his description for it but i guarantee 85% of the people here cant ermember two members of the fi first group that went to SL cause you know why that was in the past at tha time are you saying something like that isnt legendary?

From: Arn Wednesday, February 21 2001, 02:34AM What's so legendary about taking a group of people into sl and getting them all killed? I can do that now. Don't think i'd be a legend because of it.

From: Adolph Wednesday, February 21 2001, 05:15AM thank you for making my point, Kurt. people like ainur and deathstalker are simply mobs to 99% of the legendmud playerbase. Most don't even realize they used to be mortals. and to be honest, those people played so long ago, most would have no chance of remembering them. I remember most, but not others, even though I played with them, years ago. and to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't consider most of them legendary. so they had an annoying, deadend, repetitious roleplay that we all came to know them by, that makes them legendary? I think not. here's my idea of legendary. Barabas Papercut O'bedlam I could go on and on, but I'll just leave those as an example. what I don't see as legendary. Aginor Tancred etc.. anyway, these are my opinions, which mean nothing at all. but, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to rp fighting a losing battle for centuries, which all started because of some stupid mob that morphs into other stupid mobs. I think I'll go make a pk'er named "Baaaa" and multi anyone who ever kills sheep. Adolph, still unknown.

From: Sandra Wednesday, February 21 2001, 08:41AM What point? When LoP was made, I made it known that all of the replicas from HoL were automatically being put into it. Maybe most don't remember some of those characters now, that's fine really. But I don't agree that they aren't legendary. People may not remember the character, but they still use what some of those characters started. Deathstalker? He created the antipaladins. The first real 'evil' pkilling clan. Eva? She was one of the creators of the Grendels as a pk clan. Sylia? Her fight styles and ideas are -still- used here on a daily basis. So, did they make an impact on you all? I think it's safe to say that they did. Whether you realize it or not. -Sandra

From: Akai_Hayate Wednesday, February 21 2001, 01:03PM Eva? grendels? who gives a damn about grendels!

From: Leper Wednesday, February 21 2001, 04:21PM You telling me a WOMAN started the grendels :p

From: Rufus Wednesday, February 21 2001, 06:30PM Actually it was one of eva's alts who founded the grendels. Eva was a big player in the early days of the hermetics, and was really a character to be known at the time. She fought alongside the likes of Sylia, Bremmar and the ilk (sune, dew, etc) -Ruf

From: Rufus Wednesday, February 21 2001, 06:31PM But as far as who started the grendels, if I remember right, the character break out was 3 females and 2 males. -Ruf

From: Christopher Wednesday, February 21 2001, 07:49PM Just because a WOMAN character started the Grendels gives no indication of who the player was. It could have been a woman, it could have been a guy I could have been an ape typing random keys with the mystical odds that actually formed not only complete sentaces in context, but also allowed for great PK. Just because you're too dimwitted to play a character of the opposite sex (I know I am) doesn't mean there are others who can't crossgender play.

From: Kurt Wednesday, February 21 2001, 08:57PM Then I think you would have to agree Sandra, that even though the people like DeathStalker, Sylia, and Eva aren't known now, they made an impact in the past. thats EXACTLY what I'vebeen saying. Some people, who made an impact, WILL NOT WIN ANYTHING if the mud playerbase votes for them, because frankly, they're un- remembered. Thats the problem. And I'm glad you agree with me and the rest of the people that have been saying it, now try fixing it. Kurt Anglew

From: McDonald Wednesday, February 21 2001, 08:59PM Who was in the first SL group? I don't remember myself. Who was supposed to be the group leader? I led the first group that got slaughtered. Then it was toned down a couple times. Then the builder led a group through. There should be a nomination process, and also probably a vote. Sorta like the poll process. I don't like the idea of putting in application for my characters. Maybe it should work like hall of fame, everyone nominates names, then mud votes. Anyone that gets a certain percentage could then be approved or disapproved of by imms. Or the person could get a chance to come up with particulars of descriptions or something. From my time on this mud I figure I would probably be declined, and the nominating self thing just sucks. So I can deal without having a character in it I guess.

From: Fear Wednesday, February 21 2001, 09:23PM any char who gets past the immortal process will get voted in. it means new eq. -shrug-

From: Sandra Wednesday, February 21 2001, 10:03PM In response to Kurt: There are a few characters I would like to see in Legends of the Past. Most likely though, it'll never happen because those players no longer play here, and I have no way to contact them. Yes, I agree to a point that something like that can be a problem. It's sad when we lose parts of our history, but there isn't any simple solution as far as LoP is concerned. HoL, which is where Deathstalker, Eva and Sylia(formerly Dew and Sune) came from, is why those replicas are in LoP. Had I started completely from scratch, chances are things may have been different. Two of the players no longer play here. I think that the reason the older replicas are 'not remembered' is because there was really no way given TO remember them. As for the last statement in your append, I have nothing to fix. The area is in NOW. Not years ago. In response to Fear: I stated it pretty clearly when I announced Legends of the Past that not all replicas will have stat eq. That still holds true. So for anyone that just votes yes because they have that thought in the back of their mind, don't bother. You'll be disappointed. To anyone else with questions: If you think someone should apply, have them do so. I havent, and I won't, put a replica in without their player applying, being approved, and being polled. No matter how much I, or anyone else, thinks someone should be in the area. -Sandra

From: Fear Thursday, February 22 2001, 05:58AM Well, Aginor and Nothing got in, Tancred is a shoe-in. I might be wrong, I'm a bit behind the ligend times these days, but I can't think af anyone who's lop'd since it went in that hasn't gotten stat eq, and pretty good stat eq at that. Again, apologies if I'm wrong. Anyway, in all honesty, I'm probably bitter that my alt was rejected, moreso at the reasons. But that is in the past, maybe I'll try to build a char that meets your legendary standards. It just seems to me that the rp involved in diong such is more of a pain in the ass then anything. To effectively rp, you have to not let your personal emotion about things, and that's my biggest problem. I'm rambling again, will shut up now. Fear.

From: McDonald Thursday, February 22 2001, 11:39PM Well part of the reason I said it might be nice to have a nomination process. Is because obviously the immort approval would be the hardest step I think. Why have an easier step after the hard step. Maybe in conjunction with the expies there could be a spot for writein which characters you think should have a replica. These names could then put in legendary times just to notify the person. Notify them that they were nominated that is, and of course they would still need to make the application good. No point in writing this though...

From: Tancred Saturday, February 24 2001, 12:31AM Anyone getting past the immortals are not a "shoe-in", and I was most certainly not a "shoe-in", seeing as I got shot down in the poll. This does not inspire any bitterness in me. It just tells me that one out of two things (or possibly a combination) are wrong with me. First, I have been gone for about four months, and a good deal of newer players probably don't have the faintest clue as to who I am and what I represent -- and thus no reason to consider me legendary. Secondly, I may simply not BE legendary. And then what? Then nothing. Can't win them all. Life goes on. -Tancred

From: Zalbag Saturday, February 24 2001, 12:58AM now Tancred, i consider you legendary. you have been around through my upb upbringing as a player. you have done many marvelous things with RP i respect what you have done, i just think the process is flawed due to th fact the recent players DON'T know who you are, but hey thats the only par t i think is flawed. Zalbag

From: Dusk Saturday, February 24 2001, 10:28AM Isn't the point here, new players 'should' know who he is?? Because people would talk about him, even though he is gone for 4 monhts I mean, no offense tancred, but i have no clue who you are... -shrug- if you fail in the polls... its for a good reason.


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