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Posted by Sassie on 02/27

Another level of scan? Suggestion: To not only be able to see your opponent in the next room, but with a higher level scan, to be able to discern condition of said opponent during battle, without having to re-enter the room and risk further attack.

From: LadyAce Thursday, February 22 2001, 05:39PM Hm, sounds interesting. -LA

From: Fear Thursday, February 22 2001, 05:45PM just what we need, another huge perc skill.

From: Cumference Thursday, February 22 2001, 08:54PM Just what we need, another idea basher. )

From: Arx Thursday, February 22 2001, 11:44PM Wouldn't that just be like giving a free upgrade to scan to dex/perc fighters? I don't know, maybe it wouldn't, but that is what it looks like to me... Arx

From: Chaykin Friday, February 23 2001, 11:28AM We don't need new sniper skills, we need new fighter skills! Chaykin etc.

From: SkullKrusher Saturday, February 24 2001, 08:19AM and new create spells! and new con skills! and a new xp scale! and a new dam/hit/ac formula! and a new con shield! and new alignment quests! and new buildable shops with banks! and new games so i can win coupons! t@ t@ouch For Christ sakes ppl we can't have everything...

From: Akai_Hayate Saturday, February 24 2001, 05:28PM Scan is already in you dinks, an upgrade for something minor and dopey won't suddenly make snipers even more powerful, its like uh...timesight you never need it, but its nice to know you have it, if for some odd reaso you ever need it! then again, unless your fighting a person, its not too hard to spam in look spam out, or go in look and flee after they growl before they hit :p

From: Sassie Saturday, February 24 2001, 10:02PM Well, after that kind of flack over one little suggestion, don't guess i'll be making any more. Have things your way, good-bye!

From: Dun Sunday, February 25 2001, 07:56AM Sassie...the same bashers of ideas do that to -everyones- dont feel singled out :)

From: Kaine Tuesday, February 27 2001, 06:36AM it seems like people only give the thumbs up to something that would benefit their character. Very shortsighted.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, February 27 2001, 05:59PM The main thing to keep in mind with suggestions is that some things are in a 'put this in now to fix a problem' style of presentation, and others are in a 'hey, wouldn't this be cool' sort of frame. If the suggestion is posed as an immediate idea, it's valid to cite current balance conditio ns, the size of the todo list, etc. If it's not posed as an immediate thin g, give it some chance to grow ... pretty clear to me that this person felt a little trampled. -LA


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