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Posted by Rufus on 03/17

Parts of Pirates Den are getting a small revamp in the near future. If you have any input, please mudmail me or post comments here (no flames please) -Ruf

From: Amairgen Thursday, March 15 2001, 10:45PM More pirate wenches! -wink-

From: Kerstin Friday, March 16 2001, 03:10AM It'd be nice if repop times were tweaked a bit. Last night I was in a group for which the southside ambush repopped immediately after we'd killed it the first time. Most of the group died. A Also, the guys coming back to get their stuff ran into a pirate sentry who had also repopped since we'd come in. The repop time on the ghostly hounds would be pretty good for the pirates as well, IMO. Kerstin

From: Sallah Friday, March 16 2001, 04:35AM Just because one group had incredibly bad luck doesn't mean the whole area should be changed to completely remove any element of danger from it, IMO. -pshrug- Sallah

From: Kerstin Friday, March 16 2001, 06:01AM How would lengthening the repop "completely remove any element of danger" from PD? More like removing a no-win situation.

From: SkullKrusher Friday, March 16 2001, 12:10PM ok to start Sallah, you wasnt there and yes if we continuly get bad repops while doing PD then YES it sould be looked at. but your are right, it was a bit of bad luck. Its not like that was the first time it happened tho. Its the 3 or 4 time Repop has caught me in southside. and Eastside is 10 times more dangerous now that the water will only let you shoot/throw during 2 or 3 ticks. 2or3 ticks gets you 2 skeletons if your lucky and you can alternate tanks if not your waiting 10 mins till you can shoot again. and if repop dont last long enough theres no way in hell you can get to the end of the caves alive. 2 times in a row i did eastside and skeletons repoped cause you can't get them out fast enough. And i don't know a whole lot of ppl that can tank 3 pirates in one room, d do you? but anyway....... repop needs to be longer imho. i think PD is dangerous enough as a area, without having to worrie about when repop is going to slay you. just an idea.... maybe add more ghosts to west or something, cause as is its not a real GO TO area if you know what i mean. captain's treasure is kind of weak imho not that my opinions matter much. Just and idea ;) ok enough rambling for now. ---------------------------------SK-------------------------

From: Christopher Friday, March 16 2001, 11:56PM Bring a bigger group. 10 lvl 50 hitters (2 tanks with backups preferably) 6 surgeons (3 for each tank) 2 druids (couldn't hurt) some mages a partridge in a pair tree

From: SkullKrusher Saturday, March 17 2001, 12:07AM ummm.... thats like 20 ppl... Thats like 1/3 the players on a good night. -boggle-

From: Testboy Saturday, March 17 2001, 10:09AM The way it works on some MUDs is that come repop time, it checks if there's players in the zone, if so.. no repop. It also allows quick repops of 10 mins or so for other groups, what's it at now? 10 RL hours? :)


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