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stagger headbutt

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Posted by Milamber on 04/09

I'm curious how this works. If it is based on con, why ppl with lower con quite often wake before ppl with higher con? -Milamber

From: Milamber Friday, April 06 2001, 01:50PM This annoyies me too, why i cant hunt 2.rhys while i have skeleton of rhys with me? Same with doppelgangers. Is it hard to fix it? -Milamber

From: Rufus Friday, April 06 2001, 02:51PM On the hunt thing... When you hunt, it performs at least one search, if not two (this pretty much goes for many things, not just hunt). The first search it performs is against the things in the room. It matches the keyword first, then cycles through to see if a second keyword of another mobile/player has the same keyword (where it triggers off of the 2.). If nothing in the room has that keyword, it would go out and look on the character list for something that matched that keyword, and then find the second thing in that keyword list. The problem is this - if you 'hunt rhys' you're going to come up with the one in the room you're in. Even if you hunt 2.rhys, it will go out and look on the character list, find rhys (the new one) then it will find the skeleton as 2.rhys anyway. Can it be fixed? Nope, not without breaking a whole lotta stuff. (at least not without significant chucks of code rewriting) -Ruf

From: Rufus Friday, April 06 2001, 02:59PM RE: Staggering headbut based on con The chance to be staggered with lower con is much higher. The duration is purely random and is calculated twice so they're independent numbers being generated (one for the amount of time for the headbutter, one for the headbuttee). 'Quite often' being 50 percent or so, based off the numbers in code. -Ruf

From: Milamber Friday, April 06 2001, 04:29PM Isnt it kinda stupid? i would think high con char could wake sooner. Or at least he/she should have a chance to wake sooner. 50 to 50 is hmm stupid

From: Rufus Saturday, April 07 2001, 04:04AM They have less of a chance of being knocked down and stunned in the first place. So no, it's not stupid. -Ruf

From: SkullKrusher Saturday, April 07 2001, 08:50AM i have been saying HEADBUTT is broken for the longest time.. and no one listens... with 100 con i headbutt (mob and pk) i stagger myself and my enemy- more then anything. seens like a 100 con headbutt should have a higher chance to fend off the stagger and a higher chance to stun your enemey. doesnt seem to work that way tho. i think i may get a stun once in a fight and i stagger myself and my enemy more then 2 or 3 times a match. fo ecalp ni ttubdaeh gnisu neeb TON evah i etal fo sa os . ok wtf? so as of late i have NOT been using headbutt in place of more reliable "stun" or "dam" spells and such. think if you have 100 con you should have a 60% chance of stuning you emeney without stunning yourself. sorry for rambling... just seem to me like theres something wrong there. ----------------------------------SK-------------------------------

From: Ming Monday, April 09 2001, 01:34PM yes its broke/busted/designed wrong whichever. call it what you want to. any skill that fails or self-staggers (fails) MORE often than it lands against someone with less than half the key stat that it is supposed to be comparing if flat out F'ed up IMO. lets see, vs. 100 dex char - you will be tumbled anywhere from 25-50% of the time, you will 'simply' fail at least 10% of the time, and you self-stagger another at least 10-20% of the time. so that means you only land approx. 20-45% of headbutts. ok, maybe you feel this number is right? well, headbutt gives you extra damage and sometimes you don't get hit that round depending on prio (we'll say half the time). lets look at kick vs. 100 con char. kick lands 95% of the time, no sh-t, on the person with <70 dex. and it does about 25-30 damage every time. any fool can do the math and see that kicking will outdamage headbutting over the long haul. why do you think everyone uses stun/kick/damage spells in pvp? well, duh, because for the most part bash/elbow/choke/headbutt/warcry suck from a PURE balance perspective in pvp. btw, don't wanna hear the wuss flames about how great YOU feel warcry and choke are in PVE (i.e. max wimpy fleeing against a stationary NPC). of course they are - duh. try a mud/game where ALL the NPCs hunt and track your arse down. this post is ONLY as these skills relate to PVP. -Mind crap typo'd my own name! -Ming

From: Sabu Monday, April 09 2001, 06:43PM Rufus, I'm sure your numbers look good and have been tested.. but honestly, when I have seen a pk fight and someone staggers and self staggers the player that was recieving the headbutt ALWAYS wakes up first.. I have had fun and sat around and bet on these things to players who dont believe me.. and ofcourse then i have also been accused of waking players but that is just a bad assumption and flat out not truthfull.. Also i find in mobkill if i ever self stagger, I wake up to getting attack rather than waking up to attack a stunned mob.. Now do i think it should be like that anyway? hmm maybe.. if you knock yourself out on even someone with less con, some logic does tell me we both should wake up at the same time.. not one before the other.. but seeing that most of the time i wake up after the mob does, doesnt seem fair to me. You say 50 50 shot at who wakes up first.. I know this much When i wake up first they wake up at the same pulse i do a skill, or could be like a half a tick.. When they wake up first, i usually see a round go by plus a skill or special given what mob etc.. But as stated above.. i do think if one has high con they should have a fa bleah cut me off.. should have a better chance waking up faster, then say someone with 50 or less con.. -shrug- Sabu


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