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AA, a little star, and rejections

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Posted by QuacK on 04/09

I think I shall make all my characters AA and then systematically reject every character I see online whenever I log in That way I get to keep a star and no one can ever attack me wonderfully annoying, isn't it? If you -really- wanted to attack me, you'd have to somehow get to level 30 without me rejecting you. Goodluck QuacK and his many alts not including Zandy, Kaige, Malia, Milamber, Poetry, Gareth, LadyAce, Jean, Rufus, PeanutButter, Shard, Mars, Ming, Rictor, Chante' Mandarb, Barbaras, Ronnie, Yvonne, West, Zane, Trixie.. and a few others I forgot...

From: Ea! Saturday, April 07 2001, 01:38PM Just as a note -- there's a limit to the number of people that you can reject in order to prevent this sort of thing and to conserve memory on the mud. -Ea!

From: Shard Saturday, April 07 2001, 08:46PM Wouldn't it be nice it that limit was say like 2 people? -) Shard

From: QuacK Sunday, April 08 2001, 02:11AM Well.. if you reject a whole clan.. per say.. Does that mean everyone in the clan is added to your limit? Or is the whole clan considered one person?

From: Tritoch Sunday, April 08 2001, 07:15PM Is this a pk, or a pkok bashing post? i can't tell :P gimme a hint so i know if i hate you or not.

From: Violence Sunday, April 08 2001, 09:59PM Yes

From: Malicious Monday, April 09 2001, 11:09PM sometimes


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