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PK/PKOK my thoughts -- long

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Posted by Sabu on 05/04

Before i get into this, i warn again that this is long and will be done in sections.. flames are welcome because i know they will be coming = Lets start with suggestions and suggestions that i dont like.. idea: AA's can only attack other AA's Bad idea in my mind. Yes it takes it back to the old days whoopie.. those days are gone.. get over it and lets work with what we have. Problems in this are many and i really think are overlooked.. The basic of these problems are such: Say i was new with pk.. and i wanted to pk with some of my friends, but my friends include lets say.. Craven Ruby, Gaidal, Trish, and all those other lovely aa's that would do this. Me being new to pk.. i would not want to go AA just to be able to pk with my AA friends... next: Say im an rper and there is an ongoing rp war with my clan and another.. now to make it fun we want to hire some mercs to take care of a few of our problems.. problem is they are AA.. and ofcourse neither my clan or the other rp clan are AA's.. So it becomes a problem to get others involved in an rp plot just because they are AA. idea: AA's having an auto tick timer when first going AA I think not only is this a great idea but it is needed in this system to make sure players dont abuse the accepting, rejecting, accepting an online target, then doing bad pk be it looting, multi etc, then once again reject -ing said AA. What i suggest is an auto tick timer for accepting all.. This tick timer should be I would like to say double a normal tick timer or normal pk fight timer i should say. Is that fair? Yes i think it is ver very fair. If i didnt want it to seem more fair i would say triple it.. Doing so with an auto tick timer when accepting all will get rid of not just the ones that want a quick target, but also put more thought into peoples heads about accepting all. Now a step further.. I also think this should be so if you are a normal pkok enabled and you accept an AA. Is that fair? Hell yeah it is fair.. what makes a normal pko -k player so special? I think if you are going to accept an AA then you should be ready for what comes of it. This stops a few problems as well First i see that AA becomes worth being AA for the simple fact that if a normal pkok player accepts you and does something bad.. your timer wi will run off before thiers.. thus ending in either you rejecting the normal pkok player, or having plenty of time to reset their timer. And getting them back for whatever. idea: the little special asterix next to your name Yeah its nice to have it for AA's, but it is also equally nice to have it for players with long accept lists who arent AA. At this time you can accept up to 32 different players.. now that is a bit big to sift through to remember who the hell your actually accepting.. then finding if they are online or not. I think not only should AA's get these no matte matter what.. i also think there should be an asterix next to who you have accepted.. It cant be too hard to code to check ones accept list.. put the little special asterix next to everyone who is online and is on said l list.. Just helps out a lot.. there is nothing particularly special about being an AA just so you have an asterix.. i rather know who im accepting without reading my long list of accepts simply by typing who or whos. idea: looting Looting isnt a big problem i dont see.. but all the players who sit on the sideline of pk think this is the main reason they dont pk.. These players are affraid of this more than anyone can express.. why? Not only because of old gear.. but because of the past of Legend itself We have had some infamous pkers who were known simply for looting.. Now i see two sides to this.. i see the side of making looting only zips and treasure marked things.. the other side i see is making the lovely tick timer to work for us.. Be it a tick timer for holding onto a stolen item or what i think is best is.. you cant reject anyone you have stolen f from.. period.. end of story.. you loot you cant reject as long as you hav have an owned item. Then there are ways around this too.. having players steal the stolen item from you.. also dying and having someone steal it and many more ways.. I say we make any owned items cursed to the thief which it already is to a point... Also i say if the thief dies.. the item that has a stolen flag on it can only be retrieved from the corpse from the thief or the owner themself. No need for the owner to steal back the i item.. Then again.. when i pk'd you had to steal it back.. not sure if tha that has been changed.. Sorry for all the truncated lines.. ill keep it at that for now.. maybe ad to it later.. Sabu.. the ghost

From: Sabu Monday, April 09 2001, 07:54PM Now a quick thing on this bashing be it imms or mort bashing with pkok.. I for one think this system is good with great possibilities. I have heard players go on and on about let the imms do thier job with players and let us have the old pk back. Well i dont see the imms as anything special. They are players just like any mort is but they are more ooc and have been branded as peace makers, watchers, and worst of all power freaks. Some of those are good things, while others just make me sick. If you really think they are babysitters or they do things just to piss you off or what you would call abusing their power.. no wonder why they dont want to have much to do with pk anymore. Over the years i have seen how affecting pkers can be on imms.. They have dealt wit with the worst of situations and with the worst of players. I dont blame them one bit for wanting a system to where they dont have to spend every waking hour on watching pkers, listening to a bunch of whining, name calling and whatnot. The list goes on.. They are just like any mort, they are human, they make mistakes sometimes too, and do we show much appriciation towards them? nope.. hardly any.. Well.. i say this good job so far imms.. call me what you want, but i respect everyone on th this mud, and have much respect for the imms who not only deal with the everyday little tidbits but also the insanely hard times and situation players get involved with and or do. The same goes for every mort on here.. I am not going to say everyone should help out and resolve petty things and bashings but I feel if anything happens on here.. be it bashing, harassing, multing of others and what have you.. I am there to talk with em about it. Why? Because we if you want to believe it or not.. like it or not.. we are a community We all come here with intentions of having a good time. Yes sometimes this can become more than just a game.. and I know that personally it can. I rather see players and/or imms talk more in a calmer manner then these senseless lashing out and control bursts i see here. I'm not going to pick on pk.. but i would like to focus on it. Pkers complain there arent enough AA's around.. well i can tell you why.. and im sure a lot of other just plain old players will tell you the same. Not only have I been involved in situations, but have seen situations where pk has turned up that jerk trigger in ppl. This discourages wannabe pkers from ever getting too involved.. If you show them multi and ruthless pk.. then they begin to think that is all pk is.. So ofcourse they dont want to get involved.. I sure as hell wouldnt either. They see us bashing imms on this board.. they see us bashing morts on channels.. And what is our main bashing involve? PK! So instead of bashing everything lets try to si sit and reason and work things out.. enough of this crap. I'm fed up with this bickering back and forth.. fighting believe it or not actually doesnt solve everything!! So as you read this.. think of more ideas.. think of good things you would like to see, or not see happen with stuff just dont go on and on about oh imms suck they wont do this and that and bleah bleah bleah.. I dont wanna hear anymore fighting about what we can resolve with cool heads. And imms.. this goes for yall too =p, i have seen a few imms post on here in some fashion that infers a basic pissy attitude.. And like i said.. we are all players of legend.. we arent all saints.. but we can atleast be helpful and in a nice way to eachother instead of a quick thought of bashing because of a problem or suggestion.. Sabu

From: Poetry Tuesday, April 10 2001, 08:16AM I have to be honest and say that your post was so long and spammy that I skipped it... can you offer us a "cliff notes" version?

From: Sabu Wednesday, April 11 2001, 06:38AM AA's only attacking other AA's.. not a good thing Looting, double tick timer given to looter or switch so only treasure items can be stolen Accepting All, when doing so double normal fight timer auto.. Asterix, make it so its your accept list.. easier to type whos then sift through your accept list if you happen to be a freak and accept the 32 limit.. there it is in a nut shell =p Sabu

From: Tarn Wednesday, April 11 2001, 06:46AM You forgot giving people the option NOT to have star by their name. Perhaps it could be configurable, like whoises and stuff, to be able to be AA without the asterix. A lot of people would still choose to display it, while those concerned about being on someone's shopping list could choose not to display it. When I had a pk char there were no stars, people had to randomly backstab to find out if you were pk and in range. Tarn still around, and still stirring the pk pot on the boards

From: Mandarb Wednesday, April 11 2001, 09:16AM the aa's only attacking other aa's problem you described was already resolved sabu. It was said if the aa actually accepted a singular person, they could fight that person without them being aa. But if I'm aa and your not, you can't just type accept mandarb and kill me when I'm at 4 hp. I have to accept you.

From: Sabu Wednesday, April 11 2001, 10:28AM thanks darb for the info, as you can tell i havent keep completely up to date on whats going on. Oh and yeah kinda like what tarn stated, I also put up an idea for the lovely asterix ;). Sabu

From: Blankey Friday, May 04 2001, 11:10PM hrmm.. it might be a good idead to make them do some funy socials like ripoping of the heads of people --oh that would be SO funny (sarcasm) but you get the basic idea, angels could say how all will worship or die.. and demons can say yada yadasatan etc. (but not as far as to offend anyone ) THANKJS!! -Blaney- i hate colors :)


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