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Posted by Vampyr on 04/18

I still find it weird that dex still holds the 2 highest damage skills in the game - kick and backstab Shouldn't str fighters get a high damage skill? elbow does like 4 damage on people with helmets :P but i just find it weird that having agility means you get high damage skills, this should be remedied imo

From: Poetry Friday, April 13 2001, 08:14AM Jeez, leave us alone.

From: Pop Friday, April 13 2001, 11:43AM Backstab doesn't do squat if you don't have high perception.

From: Pop Friday, April 13 2001, 11:44AM Stunning headbutts and bashes raise the damage done by attacks considerably.

From: Craven Tuesday, April 17 2001, 01:07PM though in reality headbutt isn't a strength skill :)

From: Poetry Wednesday, April 18 2001, 10:35AM hrmm.... hrmm.... Seems like someone made a strength augmentor and is complaining about not doing enough damage! -comf vampy-

From: Vampyr Wednesday, April 18 2001, 08:48PM oh backstab isn't a dex skill? wow just because it needs prc to do damage doesn't mean it's not a dex skill pop :P and yes i have a sniper but shrug, if bash is all str fighters get, that's pathetic :P

From: Semirhage Wednesday, April 18 2001, 09:40PM your right vamp, strength without a stun special sucks. Unfortunatly, I don't see that changing in the near future. Sorry.


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