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Posted by Infernal on 05/11

Change Detect ill so its not combat castable. its just gay I jump you and one spell you get away scot free Also give creates recall as well dont see why we cant have it too perhaps give us cure crit as well, we got no damage spells and no healing spells while cause has damage and healing dunno just ideas we need help

From: X'z Monday, May 07 2001, 08:01AM -giggle- As someone put on the board earlier. Your character type can solo mobs that are _not_ suposed to be soloed. You create things hence the name You create beings of ultimate power that are able to protect you, and take damage for you. You shouldnt be able to cast insane damage spells, and heal yourself like cause that would create a total imbalance. I see people like SkullKrusher that are able to kill LoP mobs very easily. My cause cannot kill LoP mobs that easy, it takes too much mana, and does not always work. Take it easy begging for new things, create mages. You're not bad off. Try to use all the options you reall really have in your character type.

From: SkullKrusher Monday, May 07 2001, 04:12PM ok for one the only lop's i can kill are the ones that don't flee and backstab like mad...not that i can't get around that.. cause i can... i think that what ppl are saying is that GREATER SUMMONS are way i think that what ppl are saying is that GREATER SUMMONS are way underpowered.. and they are.. if i can spend the same amount of mana and get 20 homos and still solo the same mobs...... Greaters #1 don't last long at all.. they dont do a whole hell of alot of damage they just take it. they dont do a whole hell of alot of damage they just take it. and there hps have been getting lower and lower as of late. i dont think anyone here would say that creates CAN'T solo just about any mob, Because they can...i think im just saying that it needs looked at greater should be WORTH the time and effort you put into them... they should not poof after a fricken hour use.. and Creates SHOULD be able to heal most of there charmies with root... not being able to heal them is just plain annoying. you don't really see a whole hell of alot of create pker out there do ya? there IS a reasons for this.... it takes alot of time to make charmies and regen mana and stuff...by that time...you have been attacked killed and lost all the crap you have been working a hour on.. again annoying as hell Im not saying that creates are not a powerfull character type... they ARE! im just saying GREATERS need a boost or SOMETHING! YADA YADA YADA YADA YADA YADA YADA YADA YADA --------------------------------SK---------------------------------------

From: Zalbag Monday, May 07 2001, 11:32PM i slightly disagree, greater summons are good for what they do but most of the other create spells lack anything to be desired for. etheric archer for instance. what a waste while the only GOOD spell creates can cast indoors is etheric void it doesnt exactly strike fear into most people as say immolate i dont know about some other create mages, but only spells i use are well my greater summons, orb,preserve,e. archer(unfortunately) , and lightning bolt. cause mages have a lot more utility than create mages. they can put a mob to sleep, lower the mobs stats,raise thei their own, have good damage spells with nice uses(gust of wind) its not my arguement but the things that seperate creates from causes are just paling in comparison. yes create mages DO create things, but the things they do create arent useful enough greater summon? as SK says, too much mana for such a short time. their use can be taken away with one spell. doppels? any low mind avg. joe can use them, nothing compared to a skeleto n or a zombie that causes offer well too much to list so ill get lazy. but if given the choices out of everything. id use dancing swords more so than any thing creates ha have to offer. now thats a good spell if used right. also insight for the greater summons with their blinding flaw if you perhaps allowed them the ability to quaff,eat, or drink things or perhaps allowed a dispel magic spell on them without them poofing or perhaps gave them a non_blind flag. it might be interesting i would suggest holy_light but thats probably just asking for too much though i think im asking for too much now Zalbag

From: Writhe Tuesday, May 08 2001, 02:45AM Bleh all i can say, Create owns all charclasses =)

From: Ganymede Tuesday, May 08 2001, 05:01AM It is really easy for a create to solo even mobs that flee a lot, with the right strategy. Ganymede et al.

From: Malia Tuesday, May 08 2001, 03:11PM "we got no damage spells and nohealing spells while cause has damage and healing" Yep, you're right. Not a single damage spell: flamestrike, frost bolt, lightning bolt, ethreic void, stun, wave of nausea, wall of fire(does damage, yepyep), whirlpool, flaming shroud/ shield, earthquake, and 11 different types of charmies. Gosh, not a single damage spell in there! Creates really DO suck!

From: Chanel Tuesday, May 08 2001, 08:53PM earthquake? your kidding, right? do me a favor Malia, make a create, find any place that earthquake comes i in handy. wave of nausea? -rofl- yeah, there's a good damage spell. frost bolt and whirlpool are water only. even though a 100 mind frost bolt will do 60+ damage, only a moron would step near the water with a create, because of it. chant kere vya agni ex shroud/shield.. while cause gets free stats.. this from our stats. enough said about that. lightning bolt.. cool spell, but outside only, which hurts it some. -gasp- look what's left on that list, flamestrike and 11 types of charmies. tell ya what, Malia. I'll go 100 mind with a demon, you go 100 mind with a skeleton, I'll flamestrike, you immolate. let's see who does amazingly more damage.

From: Malia Tuesday, May 08 2001, 09:01PM I have 7 create mages. Do I know what I'm talking about? Yuuuuup. The entire point of a create mage having 12(sorry,miscounted earlier) charmies is so that they use them to take up the damage. Sure, if a create mage depended on flamestrike alone, they'd be a) pretty bad at fighting, and b) extremely stupid. They're the only type of character that can take out a LOT of things very easily, and those that -think- they know how to play them complain because they think it isn't enough. It's plenty. In general, I say this: Learn how to play them, then you won't have such a problem.

From: Wes Wednesday, May 09 2001, 05:33AM 7...

From: Chanel Wednesday, May 09 2001, 06:25AM I count 8. yet you could argue that you don't have to cast salamanders, naiads, golems, and sprites as greaters, making 12.

From: Drakkon Wednesday, May 09 2001, 11:20AM plus, for every damage spell a create has, a cause mage has one that outpowers it by far :P frost bolt - watery death flamestrike - immolate even lightning bolt gets eaten by gust of wind (mostly cuz of the set to sitting thing :P) yea the other damage spells for createa ren't even worth listing since the damage on them is so pathetic

From: Sallah Thursday, May 10 2001, 12:06AM If you think frost bolt is a weak spell, you've got the way wrong idea. Have you tried it?

From: Drakkon Thursday, May 10 2001, 11:29AM who said frost bolt was a weak spell? i just said watery death is better

From: Sallah Friday, May 11 2001, 03:54AM To be honest, I think most of the people who are having trouble with creates are people with low mind. I have 100 mind and I'm doing great. My angels' fight rounds typically go mass/oblit/exthard/pulv/mass etc. Just tonight I took a Klein guard from covered in blood to dead (that's 90-100 hp) with just one lightning bolt and one hit from my angel. And as for people being able to get away scot free in a fight by casting detect illusion, well, I'm 3c so I don't use doppels in pk. It seems to me, the people having the most trouble with create spells are low mind and/or 2c creates. Well, tough luck. If you don't want to invest in the high mind, you're not going to get much out of create spells like gsummon, lightning bolt and frost bolt, and I don't think you should either. If you have high mind and are 3c, and still aren't getting much out of the spells, that's one thing. If not, you really have no right to complain. I certainly can't. Sallah


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