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Posted by Milamber on 05/12

I think this skill could be boosted. It does small damage compare to kick. yeah, it disorients, but not so ofte n. I think if it is successfuly lended there could be some % it will stun target for one round. -Milamber

From: Rowane Wednesday, May 09 2001, 11:06PM I'm going to start logging my sucess rates on elbow and the various mobs that I use the skill on. Hope this will help to find and improvment

From: Drakkon Thursday, May 10 2001, 11:30AM cool i think whether or not the enemy has a helmet effects it so also take that into consideration when testing.

From: Huginn Thursday, May 10 2001, 12:18PM I'd compare elbow to choke or warcry rather than kick or headbutt. This is just my opinion but it seems to me that each fight type has a stronger and weaker skill. Yes the weaker skill still is useful, its just usually a secondary rather than primary choice. So is elbow really much worse than warcry or choke? I'd say no. It does more damage than either of them and the disorient is pretty significant when it occurs. Huginn

From: Milamber Thursday, May 10 2001, 02:17PM Ok, compare it to choke or warcry: these skills can stun target and i would rather stun with elbow too than desorient.

From: Drakkon Thursday, May 10 2001, 03:18PM plus warcry para's for a signifigant amount of time :P and it makes enemie flee as well choke is even better by causing the enemy to not use a skill and choking the enemy out

From: Zeppelin Friday, May 11 2001, 09:15AM elbow flat out sucks, both in pk and in mob kill - if you think that in some way its worthwhile or usefull, uhhh, do you use it? heheh, please lets duel and you can use it on me : ) -Zep

From: Craven Friday, May 11 2001, 02:13PM choke and warcry are pretty worthless in pk too...problem with elbow is its just too easily dodged. If that were addressed I don't think it would be quite as bad

From: Milamber Saturday, May 12 2001, 11:04AM I was not doing bad with warcry in pk. Not sure if it was luck or something, but i paralyzed someone by warcry and he was stunned 2 rounds and before he woke up i paralyzed him again for 2 rounds..... In pk i mean, hehe. -Milamber


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