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Posted by Chanel on 06/12

well, I've been playing around a bit, switching eq. I'm finally happy, at 95 dex, 93 mind.. here's why: etheric void. etheric void. etheric void. etheric void. and.. etheric void. this spell rocks, at 93 mind, casting it once takes roughly 40 hp, 40 mana, and 40 mv from my opponent. not that great in mobkill, but I'm thinking it'll rock in pk against druids and other mages. not to mention the benifits of a 93 mind sink and stun, and near 500 hp greaters (which still aren't worth the mana). I do have one complaint though. trying to use waterwalk and sustained breath at the same time. waterwalk is just such a cool spell because it lasts so long, I don't even use a boat anymore, but when I sustain I try to go underwater, I can't, because I can't sink due to waterwalk. In reality, that hits pretty close to the mark, but it's also annoying as hell during gameplay. I say we throw realism out the window on this one. oh yes, one more thing, earthquake: I still see NO use for this spell, I even tried it on dogfish to see if I could at least find one place to use it. I disagree with this spells very existance. if I'm going to make every mob in the room agg on me, it damn well better be worth it, IE blinding flash or firestorm. same deal with wave of nausea. -shrug- and I say it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, so I'll say it again. please fix walls so that one spell that half the mud can cast doesn't render them useless, please. Granted walls have come a long way towards the better, but there's still a touch more work to do, in my opinion. oh yes, while I'm at it. :p Immortals of Legendmud: please get it out of your heads that we are going to use gear like chant kere vya agni ex shroud. while being a cool spell, esp for young mag one is going to use it if they have room to rent stat eq, plain and simple this is a stat based mud, come on now. same thing goes for make amulet.. while it gives cool, otherwise unobtainable effects, we're not going to sacrifice 5 stat points for it. stat points are THAT vital.

From: Chanel Tuesday, May 15 2001, 05:12AM amazingly enough, I wasn't trying to speak well of flame shroud :p dunno what the hell I was thinking when I typed that part.

From: Shemp Tuesday, May 15 2001, 01:19PM sorry walls are just too powerful with inspire, at least wall of stone. but, they do awesome against snipers and pure fighters so thats the other half of the mud. against mages they just won't work, as it should be. get used to it - what do you want the entire mud to become dex/mind 3c create clones? yeah, that would be fun - not. its called balance, and i will aggree we are not there yet - prob not even close - but the mud is going albiet slow towards the right direction. i will concede your points on earthquake and b. flash, they suck and need something. also, while on topic - the only "good" imo offensive spell of a 2c mage is the stun spell, so why the F&%# is it that you can 1) tumble a chant guh lak vya ex (makes no sense from a realism standpoint) or you can have the spell fizzle (makes sense to me) or you can 3) have the stupid spell "RESURGE" (god this is so dumb, this is the only spell in the entire frigging game that does this, and costs the mana and costs the lag) or you can 4) have the spell eaten by a sink (makes sense to me) or you can have 5) the spell "backlash" on you because of oppenent's mind (makes sense to me) or you can 6) have the spell land. hello, please Ea! remove the RESURGE and at least make a tumbled spell NOT cost mana??

From: Aurelius Tuesday, May 15 2001, 09:36PM Personally, I think 3c create mages rock =) After playing every character class, 3c create has become my favorite both in pk and mobkill. Well, my favorite for mobkill is a 2c deadeye, but as far as effectiveness is concerned, i find that in pk, i'm more effective as a 3c create mage. As for walls, i think they are fine. You can trap half the mud for sure (with the assumption that half the mud have no magic :) And another 1 quarter of the mud you can inspire/dispel to trap them. The other one quarter knows how to get out! =) hehe. Mobkill, imho..the best mobkillers. You can kill mobs far more powerful than yourself...(wait a minute..if they were more powerful than u blah n/m) As far as leveling, yes the first half of your life is hard, but after tha you get a well deserved cruise to level 50 =) I don't know why people don't like 3c creates as much...i think they are excellent. (I am a 3c create mage) If you have any questions concerning a 3c create mage feel free to ask me...leveling..pking..money running..just about anything..including bashing those germanic barbarians -spit-

From: Aurelius Tuesday, May 15 2001, 09:41PM sorry error in my last append. favorite PK is 2c deadeye...not mobkill =) lol

From: Aurelius Tuesday, May 15 2001, 09:42PM Sorry for my posts not all being in one.. I agree very strongly with Chanel about people not giving up stats for shroud etc...even though it rocks! Maybe hm..the possibility of spamming it on/off? I do that with other items in pk such as birdshape, bloody rags etc. Another spell i really like is wall of thorns...if you're gonna trap somebody, and you're gonna tank him out.. chant kere pur bhu ex of thorn! err sorry. :) Yes I agree with Chanel about etheric void too, it rocks, if you think abo it, its like 80 points of damage plus that 40 MV.. 40 of it is mana, which makes the spell very useful because it deprives the victim of potential HP and/or powerup/attack spells. Only thing i'd like to see change is higher rate of permanent greaters. As it is, mana is rather costly..(but i still use it a lot).. Maybe higher mind, higher success of a perma greater? maybe your mind/20 So if you had 100 mind, it would be a 20% perma. (Loves equipting his charmies with resist goodies and flyflytoys!)

From: Craven Tuesday, May 15 2001, 10:41PM I have a 3rd circle create in pk, and while she's sorta kinda fun in a way, theres no way I could stand up to say this character with her. She's incredibly hard to use in pk, because these days almost everyone is a hybrid of a mage and something else. Augmenters, fighter/mages, dead-eye/mages, all kinds of nice combinations out there, but they really do neutralize the use of a lot of spells due to their one spell, det. illusion. I've pretty much given up on using walls in pk, because even if you do manage to find someone who can't detect, they can almost always find someone to detect for them. Inspire is nice, but again, the majority of the mud can calm. As a create in pk, I basicly have to outtank my opponants because my charmy rarely if ever tanks, due to the nifty little feature called max wimpy :) I'm not saying creates are underpowered or overpowered. I honestly don't know, and I think a lot of it comes down to play style. If you want to be a successful create in mobkill or pk, you have to be incredibly patient and be ready to prep constantly. Your charmies, even greaters, will be destroyed in an amazingly little amount of time and you have to pick up the pieces and still try to come out victorious. I don't think create is for me, but I do suggest you all at least try it. They are fun and a great help if your friend dt's. :) As for waterwalk chanel, get a fricken boat or fly. - Craven

From: Dudley Wednesday, May 16 2001, 03:46AM I've played with 3c create, and although it's not as easily maneuverable, it sure is fun to play. But like all things in pk, a lot of the skills and spells are mostly for specialized usage -- walls only work if you can afford to hurl dispel while tanking your opponent, flaming sword/shield/shroud is nice to use every now and then, and so are heap of other things like casting dispel two rooms underwater against a mage with sust.breath :) To be honest tho, i doubt there are many chars that can defeat 'players' who simply don't mind prepping a whole lot for a single fight, herbs, vials, scrolls, and the like. Healing chars are hard to kill but then again they prolly will have problem killing a char who simply doesn't want to get killed. Don't know what you guys get a kick out of nowadays, but i think i'm past the phase where i want to create a 'good' char or a 'competent' one... the environment doesn't support such chars long enough to have the effort worthwhile, and i'm back to the basics now... a char that will be able to get away from unwanted fights. You can always nail a char regardless of your chartype if you want to (just takes patience and timing) and you can always have a good-natured fight where the outcome won't matter much. So as long as you have a char that can bail from unwanted fights... what else do you need?

From: Mice Wednesday, May 16 2001, 08:16AM With regards to Chanel's comment about make amulet and people not wanting to sacrifice 5 stat points for it, in the first post... I very often sacrifice stat points to use amulets. It completely depends on what I'm fighting, which stat I can afford to lose the 5 points in, and the benefit of the amulet. A lot of the time, I'm better off for the lack of stats. The same goes for the flame shroud and other items that have no stats associated with them but that do other things. As Dudley pointed out, many such items are specialzed and geared towards specific situations... Some people like them and use them frequently. Some people have decided they aren't worth their time, mana, or space in their spellbooks. It's part of what makes this place great - so many possibilities and choices, not being stuck into a mold and kept there, and having the variety to be able to try new combinations and techniques. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. There always will be. But something will always have to be not as good as you want it for the sake of balance and you will always have to make choices and sacrifices. Mice (formerly of Angesley)

From: Christopher Wednesday, May 16 2001, 09:07PM Point in case.. if you have a pure healer character.. you can afford to give up alot of stat points.. because you really don't need fighting stats. Granted it would be nice to have a high dex/str so you can have lots of inventory. Ofcourse.. being a pure healer is pretty boring if you are a solo player... but I'm a sociable person and I like being lazy and watching everyone else get XP for me while I stick them with a knife...

From: Akai_Hayate Thursday, May 17 2001, 02:31PM About tumbling stuns, when i picture stun i think of a horizontal lightnin g bolt, without the electricity, coming at ya, so it makes perfect sense t to me, that you can dodge :P im not sure what 100 dex is supposed to be olympic hero, or the flash, but maybe you should be able to tumble firebal fireballs also, and lightning bolts etc, then make earthquake so you can choose wether its room ag or one target, like a bigun or a lilun, and you couldnt really tumble an earthquake...so tumble everything but creates earthquake spell, and cause's tsunami spell! -Bob

From: Archaon Tuesday, June 12 2001, 01:22AM I'm not saying that armour doesnt play a big part i'm saying that armour should play a greater part, and that items like the crimson cloak shouldnt give -25 ac when all it is is a piece of fabric. Also i dont think the dex part of ac should be removed, lessoned maybe...


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