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Posted by Dow on 05/30

This is something I have thought about for a while now. Perhaps I am opening a can of worms by bringing thing up, but oh well ;). On the subject of getting lowbie/newbie characters xp(it is the same subject, honest).Why do we not have some sort of level grouping restrictions? I can hear half of you moaning at this idea, but please hear me out. There are some interesting things about level restricting groups as opposed to areas. Let's say we restrict grouping to within 10 levels (above or below, generally using the group leader as the constant). This means an SL group with a level 40 leader could have a nice level 50 tank and a level 30 healer. I don't know if this is obvious, but it definitely makes grouping more desirable(as I see it). It keeps group size pared down, keeps the xp respectable, and makes similar levels much more dependant upon each other. Just picture a group of level 10s through 20s going around together hackin stuff up. Sure it is a little silly, but also a lot of fun. Don't get me wrong I know with the current xp set up it is hard to get decent xp in those groups. But if the xp was comparable to a AT run filled with mooches what would you rather do? A) spend all day waiting to form an obscene group of 7 level 50s and 10 leeches? Or B) find a few similar levels around your area and go out to see what trouble you can get into. Lord knows it is a heck of a lot easier to get your corpse back from the Dun than PD. Again, just my opinion, but it seems the "game" aspects of this "game" are slowly being taken away. For a lowbie with lots of mud friends the list of things to do is easy: get friends to powerlevel, get friends to get eq, reach level 50, start working on redeem points or a str set of eq. This reads more like a shopping list than a game. I have played many muds, and yes this place is by far the best, but how much more do we want to take out of the "game". So far, we warn people if an area is dangerous, sometimes flat not letting them in it. We have Dts, but don't worry we have signs for those too, besides all that strung stuff will be waiting for you when you come back in. And I don't care what anyone says, re-equipping is pretty easy. A game without challenges or obstacles is not much of a game at all. I know I seem to have covered a lot, but this is all related, honest. As for helping newbies there is PLENTY high levels can do to that have nothing to do with grouping. Their knowledge alone is invaluable, pointing out mob areas, making eq suggestions, whatever. I have played here for about 6 years. I feel I know the game rather well, and not to jump on the "in the old days" bandwagon, but I honestly see the level of fun diminishing. Anyways, thanks for reading. Dow Jones, The Industrial Average, Esquire.

From: QuacK Thursday, May 24 2001, 12:58AM Yeah.. I miss grouping. Like when there were 5 hitters, a leader, 2 surgeons, a poulticer and a 3rd circle cause mage and half a dozen leeches going to SL and spending a good 3-4 hours there. And there was atleast one mana break during the run. And the group would chit chat and everyone would get along and there would be 2-3 people who needed the EQ which was practically the whole reason for going to SL getting EQ for people and getting XP along the way. It was done less often and it was revered as something not to be taken lightly. Now people solo themselves into SL and/or spend little more than an hour and rarely do a full run. Now what would really be interesting if Skatha suddenly became really resistant to say.. SLEEP. THAT would be fun! First, whatever group went in there would probably need a CR. Then you would need uhm.. alot of hitters to be able to tank all those warriors. There would be lots of rescuing, lots of scattering, and lots of holy hell while people run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Maybe a faster repop on Skatha's warriors? Although this would probably create a huge binge of XP. This is why I need to be Imm'd. So I can seriously F'with all the morts :) Just when you thought you had Legend down pat, QuacK went and switched it all around.

From: Shemp Thursday, May 24 2001, 11:46AM Its called pk, Dow ... come join us when you are bored at 50.

From: Christopher Thursday, May 24 2001, 11:50PM He kills she, she kills He They kill her, we kill them 2 on 1 and 3 on 4 multi, looting blood and gore contracts made promises kept Info glory family wept taunting, lies crude remarks blinding, fighting in the dark What am I talking about? thtbtthbthbthbthbthtb awgaoooglegawawaschnikt

From: Drakkon Friday, May 25 2001, 11:16PM only one flaw i see with level limitations on grouping how would a pure healer level up? like they usually get levels by healing a high lvl while he xp runs, how would that one work? lvl 15 or 20 hitter can't do much even with a surgeon... surgeons would die out badly, maybe even moreso than they already have

From: Zafira Sunday, May 27 2001, 08:11PM If people choose not to level newbies, and if newbies choose to group together, they will do so. We don't need a code change to force what should be a choice. There are times when you may want to group a newbie other than powerlevelling them, such as in the longhouse, or when helping them get out of a dangerous area where they wandered.

From: Lawrence Tuesday, May 29 2001, 08:55AM I should be rather disappointed no longer to be able to group with friends who incidentally are not level 40 yet. I do not group for the game technical benefits such as experience or help but for the social aspect. I'd not appreciate being given the signal that people below level 40 are not worth making friends with. Lawrence Windstrom

From: Rumi Wednesday, May 30 2001, 09:14PM You can help tons without being "grouped" with someone. If you do not group with friends for technical benefits, why would it matter if you are "grouped". All grouping does is provide a group channel and splits xp, even CRs can and are done all the time without grouping, simply following seems to work just as good. As far as assessing worth to someone based on levels, well that is your own mind set. I don't know how I would feel about forced restrictions. I tend not to like any. I for one can't stand not being able to enter PD at level 24, when I know darn well I can do exactly what I need to and get out safely. Fluidity of actions, be they walking talking, fighting, whatever improve game play. I hate finding myself saying "even if this would surely kill me I should be able to do it" I enjoy risks, challenges and yes even deaths. Mevlana Jalalu'l-Din Rumi


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