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Posted by Fynn on 06/06

Since we have rent fixed independent of prestige, a change i don't necessarily dislike, the importance of it seemed to have diminished (as if it had some importance) Nowadays it seems that prestige is seriously tough to lose, even. I would like to suggest some use of this prestige in conjunction with the pkok code. I knew you'd stop reading right here, but for the sake of the few that have a habit of finishing whatever they once started reading, i'll continue. Let's make prestige worth something in pkok, not tremendeously, but something more as an incentive. Prestige will influence rent like old for chars that choose to pkenable, and everyone starts with a max possible attainable prestige of 100. Each time they 'refuse' to accept somebody who specifically issues a challenge, their max get knocked off by 5, but only once per opponent refused (same char cannot keep asking for challenges and knock the other guys' prestige off) Prestige will not change through praise but can change through satire (not its max but current amount, and again only by ppl that have been accepted) A death will knock max prestige by 1, a pkdeath by 2, a grouped pk kill will raise prestige by 2, a solo kill by 3, a level while pkenabled will also raise prestige. Each time you accept someone who you haven't accepted before, max prestige will go up again. Every RL week or month chars with the highest prestige can be posted, and various events could probably be planned using prestige or sum of prestige within a certain clan. Just like whois, pkenabled chars could have an option for other chars to see what their current prestige is at the moment, for bragging rights, perhaps. It could be made so that pkdeath does not knock prestige so people that accept challenges regardless of odds can be distinguished. Pkenabled praise from somebody with higher prestige could also raise prestige, but at the cost of the character giving praise. And just like other pk skills, satire and praise should not work in safe rooms. Why all this? Come to think, i have no idea why i bothered. I guess I simply miss prestige being something people cared about enough to ask for (before marauder, anyway) and think that it would be a nice touch to have ppl interact more if pkenabled prestige meant something and was not easily obtained.

From: Wes Thursday, May 31 2001, 05:45AM thats a swell idea... I like it, personally.

From: Craven Thursday, May 31 2001, 09:05PM the imms have already stated they refuse to imp any code that keeps track of your kills, much like this system would. They think it makes pk too much about the numbers. So while I would say thats a good idea, your probably wsating your time.

From: Fynn Friday, June 01 2001, 09:53AM There are just times I want to indulge in this fantasy of mine where ideas get imp'd...

From: Varnel Friday, June 01 2001, 10:44PM but by doing the whole prestige thing it kinda brings it to an ic level you could easily rp something about having a higher prest than others

From: LadyAce Friday, June 01 2001, 11:11PM Sounds like a way cool idea to me...I'm not sure about making the way prestige works be different for pk/npk, but there are a few places where prestige is pretty darn useful for skill usage, and perhaps we could add in some others to increase the value. We'd want to have limits to things to keep people from abusing it and all, but it does sound like an interested direction for change. Thanks for bringing it up, I'll be curious to see what others have to say. -LA

From: Wyvern Wednesday, June 06 2001, 02:20AM Excellent idea!

From: Akai_Hayate Wednesday, June 06 2001, 07:31PM Why rent? find something else! too many things keep me short on vials, or have the potential to make me naked as is, find something besides rent.. and besides, do we really need a code to say who's good? everyone in pk knows who is anyways, i could make the list right now, and i havent been o on in like 2-3 weeks, it never changes :P -Bob, bitter cause he wouldnt be on the list.


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