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Posted by Akai_Hayate on 06/09

After reading too flippin many pk/pkok posts today and hearing over and over, imms as is dont like pk, imms wont do anything to fix it its up to the players etc etc etc, i was thinkin, since just writing a accept list on the war board wouldnt work to make an old pk community thing, and its been tryed anyways, why dont you guys imm a coder to do only pkill coding? first chore can be to make a pkok compatible oldstyle pk thing. And some other imms could check all the codes to make sure it only affects pk n wha what-not, i know at least 2 pkillers who could do this, so how bout we imm one? yeah akai is right! listen to akai, voice of reason and great ideas, as always! since the other imms dont wanna deal with pk anyways, appoint a pkiller to be an imm, its great! Find a flaw i dare you! -Bob

From: Harandra Wednesday, June 06 2001, 09:17PM sounds like a pretty good idea. PK is a pretty big part of Legend. Why not, heck make a department devoted to PK. :)

From: Ea! Wednesday, June 06 2001, 11:46PM The problem with old style pkill is less the coding aspect of it, it's much mmore the admin aspect of it. It took way too much time for admins to police pkill. It still takes a fair amount of admin time, but at least it's better than it was before. -Ea!

From: Dude Thursday, June 07 2001, 09:21AM thats actually a good idea, making a PK department - to handle all additio ns, complaints, problesm, etc. That way pkill matters wouldn't bog down the rest of the staff

From: Chocorua Thursday, June 07 2001, 10:58AM The problem with specialized departments is that they take a large amount of time and devotion. Far more than we can ask of our already taxed imm staff. Addming more imms isn't the answer either.Part of the new pk system is that it can be in a large part policed by good communication amongst the active pkillers. If problems are brought to the admin staff in an organized manner with as much detail as can be remembered then we can process them much quicker. Chocorua

From: Fook Friday, June 08 2001, 09:51AM He means logs lots and lots of logs Send your PK logs to chocorua@legendmud.org make sure you cc Sandra, Zandy, LadyAce, Ea! and Rufus too

From: Fook Friday, June 08 2001, 09:53AM That should have read... Send your logs to chocorua@legendmud.org make sure you cc Sandra, LadyAce, Zandy and Ea! and Rufus and Straussy, Huginn, Matrix and me

From: Chocorua Friday, June 08 2001, 10:03AM umm... yeah sending me logs without me knowing what for would be a good way to get me to ignore them. But it is a good idea to save any logs you have of questionable behavior and when you do report it the logs could be requested. Chocorua

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, June 08 2001, 06:17PM Who needs admins in pkill? most of the issues are what, sissies who can't accept beatings, and cry harrassment right? do old style enablin where the imm who enables you tells ya what you could be in for, and all that other junk they used to do, then just let them alone, like the lion who pushes its young down a cliff -halo- I don't know any pkillers who would whine about harrassment anyways, so the people who enter this thing would just deal with whatever happens... and if you get someone whining to the admins about something, just tell th them, too bad, you lost that char, dont enabled next time, hahah. or better yet, post thier name on the warboard and list what they were whining about :P -bob

From: Chanel Saturday, June 09 2001, 06:48PM right, so admins can ignore the logs, and the rulebreakers, like they did for me! Blessed Be - Chanel


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