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Posted by Akai_Hayate on 06/16

Can popping an illusion make the person accept you? Or can dispel illusion be removed? not to weaken creates(would it even?) but I for one am sick of spending 5 or more minutes checking Ucolors and typing and exact text to make an illusion, just to have some doofus half mage, who doesn't like your play, come by on his level 20 alt and pop 700 mana worth of illusions with one damn spell, I could understand if it had been there for a while, everyone had seen it, or was spammy or disgusting/perverted(as most of mine are :P) but 90% of the time its just some low level create, taking out his anger at not being able to kill things, on my poor illusions, and this bites! So i say make dispel not affect major illusion, and if you got a problem find an imm! Or just run around with a potato sack and a rubber hose and use that treatment on the people who pop things for no reason, till th they stop doing it... -Bob

From: Taffy Wednesday, June 13 2001, 09:37PM Maybe 90% of illusion poppers are low level creates, but 90% of illusionis are not very good at what they do. The ease of being able to dispel keeps us from having to be subjected ugly and spammy illusions. :P

From: Fynn Thursday, June 14 2001, 06:39AM just go creating major illusions with 100 mind mages, they are not as susceptible to dispel illusions from lvl 20 half-mages, i hear.

From: Skar Thursday, June 14 2001, 10:40AM Perhaps require casting dispel magic individually on each major illusion (whether on an object or not) to get a chance to dispel the illusion? Minor illusions could still be dispelled with the dispel illusion spell. Requiring dispel magic would at least mean that the person dispelling would have to put out an amount of mana similar to what you used to create your illusions, especially if they aren't successful on their first try.

From: Huginn Thursday, June 14 2001, 05:29PM Actually, if I were you, I'd bug that. IMO you shouldn't be able to dispel something if you can't fight the person. I remember making that change for charmies awhile ago, so maybe if this makes it to the coder-to-do list it'll get implemented. Huginn

From: Varnel Friday, June 15 2001, 01:12PM the coder-to-do list is too long you can't even find the end i doubt illusion poppers is ever going to be a high enough prio to get on the list

From: Chaykin Friday, June 15 2001, 02:46PM I think that should only be coded in if it's accompanied by a toggle option to not see illusions. Maybe we can make it so you don't see illusions by people you have gagged...I dunno, but a lot of illusions are intensely lame and there has to be some way for us to protect ourselves from em ;) Chay

From: Milo Friday, June 15 2001, 03:28PM It's really quite simple. Make your illusions good, and they won't be popped. If it is ugly, I will dispel it. And I'll continue as long as you abuse the spell by forcing people who haven't accepted you to see it. Think before you waste 700 mana creating spam like a fake fight, or the who list.

From: Shmeck Saturday, June 16 2001, 12:56AM shut up milo... why does everyone have to whine?? this problem has a very simple solution... DONT POP ILLUSIONS YOU DIDNT MAKE!!!

From: Sallah Saturday, June 16 2001, 09:04AM "Shut up"...oh you're an intelligent one Shmeck, it never ceases to amaze me how some people have nothing to add except to try to shut others down they don't agree with. We were given the spell, and so long as it is possible/legal to do so, I will destroy illusions that are an assault to my eyes. Think of it as checks and balances. Sallah


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