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Posted by Fear on 07/08

Players may make as many characters as they like, but they may connect onl y one at any givern time. The rule against multiplaying is designed to put players on, as much as possible, an equal footing: to ensure that every item or advantage gained by a character was really gained by him or her or as a result of grouping with other players. Where you have any doubt whether or not a paticular activity constitutes multiplaying, ask yourself if the benifit your character is about to enjoy could have been gained if he or she were the first character you ever had on LegendMUD. In it's most obvious form, 'no multiplaying' means you may not connect two characters at once, whether those characters are grouped or not grouped, yours or not yours, or for any other purpose. But 'no multiplaying' also means you may not use one of your characters for the advantage of another of your characters: you may not get equipment with one of your characters to be given to another of your characters (either directly, by leaving it for the other to pick up, by giving it to another player to deliver, or by any other means) Multiplaying also includes dropping link, not completely renting out a character before logging in another character. If you wish to give one away, it must be nopkenabled, and you are NOT allowed to use that character again. In the spirit of the rule against multiplaying, LegendMUD also asks that no more than one person plays any given character. You may give away a non-clanned character, but please do not permit anyone to play one of your characters. Sharing your character password is always a bad idea. If your character was used to cheat and deleted, its your responsibility. Noexceptions to the rules will be granted because a player claims that someone else was playing his or her character.

From: Fear Wednesday, June 27 2001, 02:48AM since Zandy and Kaige can't seem to -find- the rules, I'll post them here. -Fear.

From: Arani Wednesday, June 27 2001, 08:22AM Way I see it, you are misinterpreting the rules. Getting a piece of equipment with your level 50 to give to your level 10 alt - whether it be directly from you, by dropping it in a room few visit for your alt to pick up, or by handing it to a friend to give your lowbie... That is using one alt to benefit another. Killing a mob that is aggressive to your alt so your alt doesn't have to deal with them... That is using one alt to benefit another. Logging in your alt to kill someone else's alt because they pissed you off... Doesn't benefit your first alt in any way. Your first alt isn't getting any in-game benefit from that action. Your ego would just be getting a good stroke for such an act of revenge. It is a benefit for the player, not the character. Arani Ghilibari

From: Chanel Wednesday, June 27 2001, 09:22AM yet, if you know your alt is going to pay for another alts actions, you'll refrain from attacking the person in question, thus benifiting the original char.

From: Benjamin Wednesday, June 27 2001, 03:14PM It could very well benefit the first alt, if the second alt is better equipped to pkill the other person.

From: Fynn Thursday, June 28 2001, 04:03AM most mobs don't bother staying aggressive after you rent out. most people don't bother resetting their aggressiveness towards you after you alt out :p

From: Writhe Thursday, June 28 2001, 12:09PM And why must you let the immortals handle this petty situation?? They have better things to do like plant seedlings for the next harvest of ---SKILLTREES!--- Wastes a lot of immortal processing time when they could be Examining the code and stuff stuff stuff I don't see what's so hard about getting your retribution, or forgiving and forgetting

From: Chaykin Thursday, June 28 2001, 09:02PM Skilltrees...hehe...that's funny. Can I use that at my next party? Chay

From: Akai_Hayate Friday, June 29 2001, 12:43AM I think writhe's got it right, who was this person, and what level are they? let's get a good ole fashioned posse to break out the anus's two front teeth, and teach em not to be such a dork in player-policed pk enviornments! Pk Rage! kill all the mf'in non-pkillers! -bob

From: Archaon Sunday, July 08 2001, 01:26AM I think char wipes would be a good thing, but dont wipe ALL chars wipe the ones that get logged on enough to keep them alive, and the ones that have been in archive for the past i dont know how long and perhaps a limit to it, like all chars over level 40? dont get wiped but i do understand where he is coming from, i mean ive been trying to get a clan going for practally ever, as soon as i get enough peps to make it i find all the clan spots are taken... well thats what i think anyway Archaon

From: Christopher Sunday, July 08 2001, 12:06PM Just for a definition of terms... Logging in an alt to kill another player's alt because they upset you is called OOC. I do believe destructive OOC stuffs is against the rules somewhere.


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