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Proposal to expand upon Redeem

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Posted by Yui on 07/19

Executive Summary: I propose to add get-a-skill-practice to the redeem list. 1 redeem point for 1 practice. ---------------------------------------------------- 116-2-2001/120-5 It is 4:22 am on Saturday, January 6, The system time is Fri Jun 29 01:16:17 2001 OC LegendMUD _Proposal to expand upon Redeem_ References: Help Redeem 1. I being a newbie chose badly in the practice skill game and now find myself practices short from trying different things out. I have no practices left to learn the final expert swordmanship skill to play a str fighter for a bit. So it came to me to propose to add get-a-skill-practice to the redeem list. A successful idea would be implemented and announced like any other code or area update. This is being posted here and mudmailed to get player review, comments and improvements to shape it up to become a worthy implemented idea. 2. Upon finding myself in these realms, I wobbled around unsteadily - what HAVE you been drinking (that French Brandy was damn fine - too bad McDougan beats me to the scotch and Lleh_morf_EK & Drakkon beat me to the ivory hook)? I learned many skills which have become part of who I have become such as my entrance, calm and skill with the scalpel. Others such as lullbay, I learned and played with for awhile which could be deemed as part of my development. Others such as like the incredible shipbuilding have proven to only look cool in my skills list. I can argue, I think, I've used swimming at least twice! 3. I would argue that redeem skills is tricky as I feel each case should be looked at individually. If you used a skill to become who you are then you should not be able to redeem it. This involves too much Imm time, subjectivity etc so the coded redeem method appears to work best for this. 4. Many people will have no need for this if they have crafted/Min-Max'd a character for a particular role. I however do not wish to create an alt so I can get enjoyment playing a str fighter. I would like to re-equip and learn things like headbutt, expert swordsmanship and actually keep and wield an SSS on a Vlad run. 5. I feel 1 redeem point per skill is fair. 25mil XP is not a level which increases your level gains in hp/ma/mv. It is currently a stepping stone for people who wish to have that complete string set or achieve the 100mil whois. Yui Poiu Sgt F Btty 2 SSF _Distribution_ Discussion board LadyAce _Information_ Institute of HA Lorenzo

From: Yui Friday, June 29 2001, 02:12AM ---------------------------------------------------- Executive Summary for screenlen 0 people: I propose to add get-a-skill-practice to the redeem list. 1 redeem point for 1 practice.

From: Kaine Friday, June 29 2001, 05:39AM I heard this as a suggestion at a Q&A and I think the reply was along the lines of 'this would give mortals the chance to get all the skills, which we dont want' or something like that. If this is still the case, how about 1 redeem point for a skill refund, like what Paul the bartender was giving for eloquence. This way you wouldnt actually get more than the 53 skills allowed but could get rid of an undesired skill and learn another one. Just another thought. Preacher Kaine

From: Yui Friday, June 29 2001, 02:05PM Great point Kaine. I think they have covered having all the skills effectively between grad stats and the fact that you can not physically equip yourself with 100s in all attributes. I have learned all the dex fighting skills but I can only use them -or- str fighting -or- con fighting skills as my base attributes will not allow me to boost to allow for 2 fighting styles. If you are a beast like Shine, perhaps you get eventually get all the skills but I doubt you would be able to use them all at any given time. Yui - sitting at 19 dex and to become 80 dex again would take many many many grad stats ticks!

From: Boreas Friday, June 29 2001, 09:14PM It's enough that people will perma and restart characters as a different type, now you want to change your chartype without even having to do that? Nevermind that it would be easier to make a new char than get a redeem. I think that you should just stick with the choices you've made. We all have one or two skills that we regret learning. But then, most non-spell castin types have 10 or 15 practices to spare. So this redeem option would be pointless for them, unless they are changing the chartype entirely, which as I mentioned before, is a lame thing to do. Sorry I didn't organize my thoughts before starting, and seem to be rambling a bit, but I think I sai everything I meant to say. Boreas.

From: Boreas Friday, June 29 2001, 09:22PM Oh, I did forget one thing. You can't use all three weapon proficiencies anyway, because you can't weild three weapons.

From: Yui Thursday, July 19 2001, 10:33AM I think it is more for what to do if you are level 50. Is the fight style your character type? I'm a surgeon who tried CON fighting for awhile and developed some communicty. Then I was surgeon who fought with DEX and kept a familiar face logged in not alt#13 and development relationships. Then I went to DEX/Shooter and had fun shooting for SL and did the surgeon thing once rescued. Still always a surgeon I went back to CON so I could tank/hit something and still maintain a familiar name and face. I'm suggesting the redeems for practices gr pc operate solomon I can continue to explore and try new fight styles and still remain on as my character Yui. Else I'd be like everyone else with gazillion alts and no community continuity. Ack damn alias went off above. (gr pc operate solomon is "so" heh) One of the things I hate the most is some newbie sending me a tell saying hey I'm really alt#7 come help me out. Let me grow and keep my character by giving me practices so I can try STR fighting out while remaing a surgeon so the Yui face is present not SomeDameAlt. Yui's player


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