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Posted by Infernal on 07/16

I got a few more ideas for creates Let creates make milky vials/bless vials. perhaps make them non tranfurable and non-rentable? Perhaps even Detect invis vials How about changing the spell that makes flaming shrouds and shields so that insted of making a Item, it just enchants your shield/shroud with the fire elements. Losing the 5stats by using these items just isnt worth the damage it dose. Create roots, healing power is fine, but adjust the amount of hps you get from one root = to the ammount of mind you have. say like at 60mind the roots you make heal 15-30? and so fourth I really hate being 90mind and getting a 4hps roots then a 15 hp root then a 30hp root. Please give Greater summoning the ability to rescue, make them semi usefull in pkill combat. ok thats some stuff that I thought about to help the weaker side of the mages out. I dont feel any of these changes will really hurt the mud balance. But anyway please append Infernal Hellfire

From: Milo Sunday, July 01 2001, 04:34PM I like your ideas for flaming shrouds, and for scaling roots to mind. It makes sense that half mages should be only half as good as a full mage. I' m not sure about the vials. It seems that would be too much overlapping druid skills. As for rescuing greater charmies, creates are already fairly strong in pkill, that would make them far overbalanced. I could see it perhaps if target became a lot easier, a LOT. Milo's player

From: Wes Sunday, July 01 2001, 10:42PM Someone could flame your post too...quimby You did the same thing about whining for cause, only in a less creative manner.

From: Fynn Monday, July 02 2001, 04:28AM scaling effects by mind would be okay, but it'd probably be more fun to simply have its range vary less with high mind. which is to say, a 100 mind create mage will have roots that don't vary over 5hps from the average (average determined by mind, of course) while a 50 mind mage could have the same healing root, just that they'll also have roots that do less than a cure light -halo- as far as vials go, i'm all for them if limans get to brew vials that detect illusion, hidden, ID, and create vials with fire elementals, water elementals, golems, sprites, and perhaps even greater summons and archers. Or the ability to make amulets of flaming shrouds, make flaming staves of ice...

From: Chanel Monday, July 02 2001, 08:29AM first off, if you have 90 mind, your wasting mana on the wrong spells. try etheric void in pkill. or lightning bolt. dispel is a very useful spell that simply doesn't fail, doesn't backlash, and always removes sink. blinding flash simply rocks. stun, at 90 mind, rocks. homunculi give you the power to solo mobs like cuch and the gods in ansazi. you get ID vials that aren't mind dependant. You get a sixth hitter in etheric archer. frost bolt rocks at high mind as well. wall of thorns, heh, ever use it? you don't have to rent a perma light. you don't have to carry a boat. you have the ability to destroy fighters and snipers with walls. while moving up in levels, you get free eq that rocks. you get free weapons that rock. you never have to buy food, water, or bandages. you whine that create doesn't have enough. you say that create is the weaker mage. all that cause has is immolate, firestorm, ring of fire, str, and bless. the rest is garbage, imo. Blessed Be. -Chanel

From: Varnel Monday, July 02 2001, 07:15PM if creates are so strong in pk, how come i have such an easy time killing them?

From: Varnel Monday, July 02 2001, 07:16PM plus your forgetting a -non-area- blinding spell, recall, the fact that you can trade 10 str for another stat, stoneskin, great spell a great healing spell that doesn't fill you up, and heals like 60 every single time at 100 mind, armor spell makes a BIG difference, and watery death which does about 30 over frost bolt for the same amount of mana, tanks that have 500 hp every time, even at 60 mind

From: Ibrahim Tuesday, July 03 2001, 02:42AM I don't think it'd be fair to give the creates the ability to create vials that you can easily brew for a small boost in one stat. And I am a create myself. -hrmf- Ibrahim

From: Fynn Tuesday, July 03 2001, 05:03AM Discussion about pk worthiness is rather moot because it comes down to this: 1. able to flee from most or all situations, or at least have the knowledge not to be in such a situation. 2. having a skill or two that could turn the tide with some luck. 2 1/2. ability to quickly get to a state where you can try the skill mentioned in number 2 without hindering your chances of fulfilling requirement 1. 3. having a skill or the knowledge to prevent the opponent from fleeing when requirement number 2 is met. Some ignore requirement 1 and end up fighting what would be the equivalent of 'standing naked in a room but with a stick beating up on each other,' of the old days, or simply have no idea where the battle will flow under the current tide. Most don't invest in a skill that can turn the tide or does not know what it takes to turn a tide, doing too little too late or nothing at all. And the rest don't have a clue as to how to execute number 3 and allow ppl to execute number 1, and give them a chance to execute number 2 at a time they find appropriate. Of course it would be nice if number 2 can be executed at all times against all opponents, but that would depend on a systematic flaw. SO you improvise and manipulate to create an environment where number2 can happen, and if you are more meticulate you will consider number 3 so that you won't have to go through the same trouble twice, and keep number 1 in mind in case the unexpected happens. claiming one chartype is better or worse is no more than arguing which hurts more, getting hit by sainglend til you die or getting hit by aengus til you die. of course not all chars and certainly not all players can fulfill requirements 1-3 against every char, so we get chars that are easier to fight against than some. Some chars may prevent you from fulfilling 1, some from fulfilling 2, some from 3, and the better chars and players will prevent you from fulfilling two or more of those things.

From: Quauhtli Monday, July 16 2001, 09:41AM I have to disagree with your assessment of flame shroud and shield. At low-mid level, they are absolutely brutal. Maybe even overpowered. Even at level 50, there are some mobs who they are extremely useful against. The main downside to these spells, and to creates in general, is that too many of these spells are illusions, and too many higher level mobs detect illusion. It also makes many of these spells useless when fighting even a second circle mage in pkill. Outside of that problem, creates have a nice variety of spells. You can't use the same tactics no matter who you fight and expect to win no matter who you are, but for create this is even more true. I would agree that roots are far too random, though.


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