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Posted by Chanel on 07/06

well, I'm not real sure how long it's been since pkok was put in, but I've been in japan for a year now, and it was in when I here. I think the time has come to evaluate where pkok stands. Are we really better off with pkok then we were in the old system? I say no. there are tons more bugs, that go ignored.. like inspire. there are so many loopholes that lead to crossplay and multiplay. I think, if you ask around, that people in general will tell you pkok is being abused by the players, and that the imms don't care, as long as they "don't have to deal with the problems". I strongly suggest we put in a poll, asking who would rather have oldstyle pkill, where pkillers could regulate thier own kind, or pkok, where pkillers can't. I think you'd find the results shocking. pkillers are growing extremely tired of this crap. As a result, no one is even willing to pkill anymore, because they know that even if they win, the player they killed has seventeen level 50 alts that he can legally attack you with. Then you retaliate with your alts.. the whole thing is just a pain in the ass. Blessed Be -Chanel (waiting for the poll)

From: Fraegis Tuesday, July 03 2001, 11:25PM If nothing else happens, we can always whine about pkok. If you read former board posts from imms, you'll probably notice the line Old-style pk is not coming back, ever in a lot of them. That line is there for a reason, I would suppose. Besides, I know from the boards that some are dissatisfied with pkok, but those who are, tend to think everyone dislikes pkok. I like pkok. I know a lot of people who like pkok. You mention bugs and abuse and all. Bugs will probably be corrected at some point, every system has bugs. Abuse? There was quite a bit of abuse in the old days too. Immature players who try to bend the rules will always exist, and they will always attempt to abuse a system. You claim pkillers can regulate their own kind if oldstyle pkill is put back in. Why can't that be done now? Earlier, a person was permaed sometimes, to be 'regulated'. Nowadays, you just type 'reject (name)'. That kinda regulates it too, don't you think? You also claim that noone pkills since they know that their victims will log on alts to kill them. Have you read the help-file? The 2 commands, 'reject' and 'accept' do exist, and you could try using them. If you accept someone, kills him or her, and then accepts all his or hers 17 lvl 50 alts, you do kinda ask for a kill, don't you think? I do like your claim that 'people in general...abuse...imms don't care' thing. In general sorta indicates that a lot of people think so. I admit, I don't know all that many people here, but statistically, at least one of them should say that, assuming you are correct. But none does. Of course, I know such statements sounds way better if you sound like you speak on behalf of most of the mud. Fraegis Btw, I'll say it will take about one day before you post your usual reply to me when I disagree with you. Try being a little creative this time.

From: Akai_Hayate Wednesday, July 04 2001, 01:27AM I think if we had that poll, old style would lose :P too many damned avenger types here now, and too many of the pkillers have left... As for the imms saying old pk will never come back, I remeber when it was set to go in, and pkillers were whining about it, Kaige said try it and if it doesnt work we can always remove it, what I've heard since is under her breath she said, if it gets removed pk will go totally... And i say yank pk! when your horse has 3 broken legs and won't recover you shoot it and send the corpse to the glue factory! I'd rather be bitter than have to deal with people like gondar anymore, who start cursing like a person with teretz(or whoever you spell that) everytime they see pkill Anyways lost my train of thought, so in conclusion uhhh, Aku soku zan! and, squirrely squirrely squirrely squirrely squirrely, look at the lumpy pot! -Bob

From: Ibrahim Wednesday, July 04 2001, 02:45AM As Fraegis said, there's this little 'reject' option you have.... So, really, if someone gets back at you for killing their alt by killing you with their alt, you can, in the least, prevent it from happeneing again. Though I must say that I don't understand why someone would log on an alt just to beat you up. A pkill fight is character against character, not player against player... -shrug- -hrmph- You're all a bunch of young louts who could use a good talking to. -hrmph- -Ibrahim, a slightly grumpy old fart.

From: Chanel Wednesday, July 04 2001, 08:40AM you like pkok, Fraegis? - type this, it's very simple. - ACCEPT CHANEL Blessed Be -Chanel

From: Soze Wednesday, July 04 2001, 10:54AM As usual very creative chanel, does it come to mind that you recent posts have had about no effect whatsoever perhaps people are tired of listening to you rant? Soze and his player who likes pkok and uses it to avoid people like Chanel-the-x-men

From: Xenobia Wednesday, July 04 2001, 01:02PM Why'd he wanna accept you because of ooc differences? -Xen

From: Fraegis Wednesday, July 04 2001, 01:27PM Very imaginative, Chanel, I'll grant you that. Can't say I am amazed, though. Ever considered how much better your posts could be received if you actually used arguments which were valid? Fraegis

From: Dusk Thursday, July 05 2001, 10:52AM Fraegis, just my ooc opinion and all, but you seem to whine more pkill than others whine about pkok. Look, just quit responding, it obviously bothers you to read these 'flamers' posts. So stop reading them. Its just like your solution to pk, if someone bothers you, completely ignore the problem by rejecting it... I imagine that works wonders in a variety of issues you deal with on a daily basis... I used to call it denial... now i call it rejection... Anyway... I could give a rats ass what anyone does to pkill here. I just let the imms deal with it and then i deal with the changes. I wish every would just shutup about it.

From: Fraegis Thursday, July 05 2001, 11:28AM It might be whining, Dusk, I guess it depends on who reads it. But it gets tiresome to read that a few people keep claiming that most of the mud don't like pkok. I like pkok. Legend contains some jerks, and they ruined pkill for most. You like the old style pkill? Great, good for you. Accept all, and hope the rest does the same. You get multied? Too bad, would have happened under the old system as well. Reject them or keep them accepted, your choice. Which is what pkok is about. Having a choice. It's quite simple. I don't think I would call it denial, or rejection...I call it a game. When I play a game, I do it to relax and have fun, which I do have here on Legend. Jerks gets ignored, that way I avoid getting annoyed and can keep enjoying my time here. It is actually quite simple. You don't like my posts? Skip them. When you see a post, it has a list with appends, and names on the ones who made the appends. Quite simple, really. Fraegis

From: Dusk Thursday, July 05 2001, 03:11PM Are you making the assumption that the imm's are idiots Fraegis? People making these 'outlandish' claims about the pkill system are only stating how they feel. Its an opinion. Don't get so intimidated by someone elses opinion. Because thats all they are. I really doubt the imms are so easily swayed by a post. You play this game for fun, and so does everyone else.... so what maximized the fun for you may minimize the fun for others... People just want a happy medium. So get off your god damn high horse. -me

From: Fynn Friday, July 06 2001, 08:39AM the way i see it, the problem here is simple -- nobody gives as much damn as they used to. it no longer bothers me that there are eq and quests around that i have no clue about, areas that i haven't visited, etc. it doesn't bother me to be called names by ppl i simply ignore or those that i consider to be far from equal in intellect... and i have this feeling that such feelings are not mine exclusively. i only see token gestures from both imms and players regarding many issues, and there have been too many imms that simply went inactive for reasons i can't bother to fathom, but with a result that's fairly clear -- less active folk around in game. so instead of giving it enough damn to 'constructively criticize' or at least try to do so, i simply log for a few minutes, do what i like until it's no longer fun, log out, forget about it for a week or two then dabble at it again. unless there is a major charwipe, i will simply rotate my half dozen once enabled or still enabled chars, bask in the past that half the ppl here weren't around for, and log out in silence. :p anyway, i've simply changed my expectations of this mud, and trust me, doing so will save you a lot of grief.

From: Benjamin Friday, July 06 2001, 12:39PM Yeah, my expectations at Legend have greatly diminished as well. Every day that I log in has the feeling of same old-same old, and nothing I see happening day to day gives the impression of mattering at all. We don't have a serious pk element anymore, and we certainly don't have a serious RP element. So what's left is mostly a big snorefest. Ben


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