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Posted by Nepon on 07/11

due to the nature of my last post i thought i would reverse a little and point out the only thing that really gets on my nerves here. XP! or more to the point xp loss and permadeath. after i hit level 50 i began to try things like pk and fighting tougher mobs for fun but this led to a serious xp hole that is really hard to get out of for a level 50 fighter (3 or 4 deaths from perma right now) and i think there needs to be a way t remedy sitting at the inn waiting for barney to repop. in other words there arent enough soloable mobs worth real xp to a level 50 non-sniper, non-mage. and im not talking about 40k and 50k xp mobs im talking about there needs to be more soloable 100k xp mobs and there needs to be less xp loss from dying and pk losses. thats the only thing i have to complain about though and its not because the imms dont care that its set up this way...its because this mud is geared towards groups and im not a group type character, so that causes me some problems, but anyway thats all im gonna say for now my 2 cents... -nepon

From: Won Monday, July 09 2001, 10:54AM I'm surely not looking to slam your post, Nepon, however I find with a fig hter, its easier to experience, and gain experience faster, merely find a surgeon friend, and you can get a million or more experience in an hour or so. If you give me a tell, i'll let you know whats a good place. But if there were more soloable 100kxp mobs, there would be less a need fo surgeons etc... ok thanks

From: Rufus Monday, July 09 2001, 01:47PM Soloable 100K mobs? I'm sure there are a few out there, and there are a few that are 'technically' solo-able just by the number of strategies that can be used against them (pet zerg, mostly), but a 100K mob is generally designed for 4 to 5 49-50 folks to kill. Your 'average' level 50 mob (soloable by a level 50 char in most instances) should be worth around 25-30K at most. -Ruf

From: Craven Monday, July 09 2001, 04:55PM too bad the average level 50 mob does 200-400 damage to a fighter

From: Nepon Monday, July 09 2001, 06:18PM getting a surgeon is exactly what i dont want to do....im willing to sit and heal after a fight..if that fight is worth enough xp I personally dont enjoy running in groups often and would like to see more mobs for people like me or perhaps even an area for people like me who do not want to run with a surgeon just so they can kill larger mobs. the problem is that you lose 700k xp for dying in mobkill but as rufus pointed out the average 50 mob is only worth 30k....that's 30 solo kills to recover....now that may not seem like much but when you arent running with a surgeon and youre simply resting to heal up after fights that can take a really long time. but anyway the point would be moot if there were a way that we could do away with permadeath (some sort of level 50 option or something) so that we could spend more time doing the fun stuff and less time sitting around in inns waiting for sl runs to form so that we can gain enough xp to go adventuring again. i realize this will never happen but in light of my previous post i felt that i should point out that this mud can be extremely fun to play even if you have a problem with the way some things are currently done. that was the only reason for this post. my 2 cents... 0nepon

From: Harandra Tuesday, July 10 2001, 12:06AM well if there were a number of lvl 50 mobs worth 100k that were able to be solo'd with a strait hitter then i'd just run around with a surgeon. So instead of you sitting around waiting for for an sl run or to heal you'll be sitting around waiting for repop cuz everyone will be there with a surg and working towards 100mil xp in two days. Hara

From: Nepon Tuesday, July 10 2001, 11:06AM actually what i meant was an area where you could not group at all, thus eliminating the ability to run through it with a surgeon and getting 100mi in 2 days. i mean, we have alot of areas geared towards large high level groups why not have one geared specifically for soloists? doesnt seem to unreasonable to me.

From: Darla Wednesday, July 11 2001, 12:55AM What's with the rush, darling? There are plenty of mobs and areas where you can run alone; you just have to be patient with healing in between. So relax and enjoy the decomposing corpses.


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