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On the Use and Separation of Channels

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Posted by Elisa on 07/24

This topic was recently broached on the news board, with the proposed solution to abandon channels, using a symbol to declare so. I don't feel that this solution is best for me, nor for those of us who wish to keep in contact with the majority of our fellow players. I propose that we pay greater attention to the use of each channel. This is how I see each channel's various uses: Auction: for the buying and selling of eq, tokens, etc. Chat: for discussing various topics out of character Gossip: for discussing various topics in character Info: the cheering and mourning of levels and deaths, gathering of groups, requests for help, etc. I mean to keep all channels open (although I may turn off chat for brief periods when the topic is distasteful). I will also be adhering to this separation of channels, and I hope that others will agree with me and also do so. Elisa and alts, should they exist

From: Sandra Thursday, July 19 2001, 06:25PM Personally, I use chat for both ic and ooc. I don't use gossip at all, unless someone calls my attention to it. I'll most likely always be that way. Call me old fashioned if you must, chat has always been a mixture of both, and for me, it'll continue to be so. Sandra

From: Lachesis Thursday, July 19 2001, 09:09PM Is see your point Elisa. Too much said on the boards nowadays has been pretty distasteful. As everyone knows, I've used the gossip channel, and base most of my "chaotic" role-play on there, for the people who aren't in the same room as me, or for those who don't even know me, so they can get to know who my character is. Chat is pretty much ic and ooc, even though those people who are ic on chat are rapidly disappearing due to the ooc conversations. I'm not saying don't be ic or ooc all the time on the channels, but at least have some common sense in the words you post. So many people have been into arguments over ooc stuff. OOC! my goodness! If I wanted to get into a fight, I'd call my mom and tell her i was moving to Abu Dahbi or something. This whole [X] thing is pretty clever and i may use it when conversation on channels gets too yucky for my taste. -beep-

From: Harris Friday, July 20 2001, 12:45AM

From: Rictor Friday, July 20 2001, 04:52PM I've played here long enough to agree with Sandra, I dont use Gossip never will, Chat is Chat, its there to Chat on wether we're discussing the olympics, which has been done, watching two clans argue about who was right and who was wrong, which doesnt happen anymore, but thats a whole other post, and its there to watch to char's fall in love, and its there to scream HELP BARNEY IS KILLING ME, its there to gather SL groups. What I dont understand is, maybe I just have some type of uncanny ability, but can't you not pay attention when you don't wanna hear about whatever people are talking about, and if something interesting goes by, then you pay attention? I've doneit since I've been here, and hey it works, try it sometimes. Rictor

From: Yui Friday, July 20 2001, 09:55PM LegendMUD provides a atmosphere of interaction between players and the player's pc's. Communication is an important tool for many of the above forementionned raasons. Chat provides a global tool to talk accross the distances and the question for those who roleplay is what medium can I use to show my IC. Too many times I think we focus on the crap, stop and look at the crap, then call others to look at the crap. We probably should have not stopped and kept going on the orignal path. I personnaly just locally gag people on the channels so all I see is those I want to see, hear, listen to interact with. When the roleplayers use the channels the fellow roleplayers will recognize this and who is really your audience. The idiot, the jerk or your fellow roleplayer? Focus on those who play at your level of the game and ignore the rest. Maybe one day the rest will try to reach the next level of play and join you. They'll only get that by being excluded by you and by watching you. Yui

From: Ganymede Friday, July 20 2001, 10:38PM I agree with Yui. I vehemently disagree with this recent business of preaching to the mud by refusing to listen to anybody on channels because of a few immature people who can't stop talking about drugs and whatnot. It's elitist and divisive, and for that reason it's just as disturbing for who is participating as for the idea itself. Just gag those who are immature and annoying on channels. Turning them off is cutting off one's nose to spite their face. Ganymede et al.

From: Reynard Saturday, July 21 2001, 10:10AM The way I see it, [X] isn't elitist, divisive or snobby. It's courtesy. All it means is that I choose not to listen to channels all the time, so don't get upset if I'm not aware of the traffic there. I'll admit, different people may have differing reasons to turn off channels, but in my case, I'm just sending a signal as a courtesy. I'd appreciate it if people didn't assume any other motivation.

From: Christopher Saturday, July 21 2001, 10:12PM Personally I see the "X" manuver as pointless, because I doubt there is a great need for everyone to know who's on what channel. Hey.. isn't there a WHOCHAN command? Oh yeah.. silly me. Personally.. if I want a large audience, I go on INFO If I just want to be plain stupid and sing or tell raunchy jokes, I use gossip. I only 'chat' on auction if there happens to be a small discussion stemming off from an auction. And chat is for whatever. WHOCHAN WHOCHAN Hello? WHOCHAN WHOOOOOOOOOOCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN Do I need to make a seperate post about WhoChan?

From: Benjamin Sunday, July 22 2001, 12:20AM Nope, you don't. Whoops, too late.

From: Marcel Sunday, July 22 2001, 05:07AM What Reynard writes goes for me as well. --Marcel et alts.

From: Harkonnen Monday, July 23 2001, 12:33PM i keep chat auction and info on at all times, i keep gossip off at all times. if people talk about stupid crap that is annoying i check to see if they are accept all, then check to see where they are at... if i cannot get to them i just ignore them and/or make fun of them. call me crazy...

From: Rufus Tuesday, July 24 2001, 01:39AM Just a note on gossip - this channel was originally put in place to test the new dynamic channel code. It also happens to be a common channel on many muds, so we sorta left it. For those coming from other muds, it was one more piece of familiarity we could provide. -Ruf


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