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Posted by Christopher on 07/27

WHOCHAN Hello? Why do we need an X when we have WHOCHAN That's like [sidhefriendship] or [eliteguardfriendship] or [competed all +stat quests] TMI!

From: Peer Sunday, July 22 2001, 03:40PM Wow, can we get a boardgag command too? but anyway, thank you for demonstrating just -why- we don't use channels much nowadays everyone has to have their say, even if they don't have anything constructive to say, they -have- to say it say something on a channel, and suddenly people like you will drag you down roads you never would have walked yourself but what I hate the most is the attitude people put up when you out of courtesey indicate you are this or that, have to be yelled at for doing so, but then again, you could answer any questions with : "why don't you find out yourself?" round of applause, you definitely got the point yepyep

From: Benjamin Sunday, July 22 2001, 04:22PM Don't have anything constructive to say? He actually has a valid point. If you want to know who's listening to chat, "whochan chat" works just fine. We don't need those silly little X's to advertise it. Never mind that an "X" usually means "adults only"... Ben

From: Lacey Sunday, July 22 2001, 05:28PM Why is it that a "valid point is only a valid point" if you agree with it? If people want an X in their title, that's their choice and they shouldnt be judged for it. Its a courtesy by putting it in their title so people know they arent ignoring them if they are spoken to on chat. Plain and simple. If you like being on the public channels then use them... If you don't then don't... Why all the criticism? There is nothing elitist about this and nothing snobby... And it's not an attack at individuals although that seems to be contrary to some beliefs.. Everyone is allowed an opinion... This is not a dictatorship. Lacey.

From: Ganymede Sunday, July 22 2001, 10:15PM You'd be right Lacey, if it were only that. But the announcement wasn't simply that "if there is an X in one's title, one is probably not listening to channels." It was accompanied by an editorial on the content of channels, and I think that's what people take issue with. Ganymede et al.

From: Peer peer perhaps those same persons who are ranting about it are the ones who provide that same content on the channels someone has a sore conscience -pshrug-

From: Reynard Monday, July 23 2001, 09:41AM Don't assume that Marcel's "editorial" reflects the reasons of anyone else who chooses to minimize channel use and uses the [X] flag to advertise that choice. For instance, I've got channels and tells turned off because I find it to be a novel and challenging way to play the game. Not only am I not distracted by conversations on channels, I'm also unaware of other things like auctions -- which means that I have to obtain my equipment by myself, either by defeating the mobs that have what I want, or making do with what I can scavenge. It also makes it easier for me to slip into character for my own amusement. I can imagine myself as my character, because I'm not tempted to discuss ooc topics or treat the game as a game. It feels more immersive. So you see, each of us plays the game our own way for our own reasons. I don't feel that my use of the [X] flag signifies anything that is elitist or snobby. I'm only trying to get a more immersive game experience. I'm having a great time.

From: Benjamin Monday, July 23 2001, 06:06PM Not me. I hate drugs. Is it so hard to believe that people just don't like the idea on principle?

From: Mice Monday, July 23 2001, 08:17PM It is people's right to not like something on principle, just as it is other people's right to like the same thing. I don't like getting drunk, but for some people, it's the best thing in the world. I'm not about to go about denying them their right to an opinion or their right to making a choice. Were the [X] deal not posted and just started appearing in people's titles, you, Benjamin, likely wouldn't have noticed much otherwise for all these people "ignoring" you. I, for one, have been "ignoring" people for 5 years... but it was never a problem before. So why is it now? I put [X] in my title to make it widely known that I do not listen to most (or all) channels - so I don't get angry tells from people that say hi to me on chat that I don't respond to and so they know I won't respond and don't take it as a personal slight. As for adult-related content... that would be the [Adult] tag here... X more signifies nothing in this instance... unless you display [XXX], which would very obviously be adult related. Whether we have [X] in our title or not isn't going to change our minds regarding the use or disuse of channels. And you can insult us all you want - it won't get you anywhere but lower in my mind. Mice

From: Freja Wednesday, July 25 2001, 06:31AM Well. I guess the [X] is here because most people assume that everyone has chat on and never bother to check wether or not the person they get mad at for not answering them on chat has it turned on. -Freja.

From: Fook Friday, July 27 2001, 11:56PM Incidentally. While I was a bit.. uh.. what's the word for it.. Loud and Obnoxious.. I personally don't care either way whether or not people ignore channels quietly, or wish to proclaim it for all to see. Personally, I like the social aspect of the mud. But then.. no one talks to me and no one find me even the slightest bit amusing when I start getting silly on chat, or singing on gossip. Infact I have just now realized that I am appending with the wrong character. :P Y'all take this damn place too seriously.


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