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WhoChan and [X] continued

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Posted by Reynard on 07/26

The previous message seems to have become corrupted. Here's my contribution: Don't assume that Marcel's "editorial" reflects the reasons of anyone else who chooses to minimize channel use and uses the [X] flag to advertise that choice. For instance, I've got channels and tells turned off because I find it to be a novel and challenging way to play the game. Not only am I not distracted by conversations on channels, I'm also unaware of other things like auctions -- which means that I have to obtain my equipment by myself, either by defeating the mobs that have what I want, or making do with what I can scavenge. It also makes it easier for me to slip into character for my own amusement. I can imagine myself as my character, because I'm not tempted to discuss ooc topics or treat the game as a game. It feels more immersive. So you see, each of us plays the game our own way for our own reasons. I don't feel that my use of the [Xflag signifies anything that is elitist or snobby. I'm only trying to get a more immersive game experience. I'm having a great time.

From: Marcel Monday, July 23 2001, 11:43AM My so-called "editorial" comprises the views of those of us who initially were talking and decided to use the label [X] to chant vid ex ourselves. Since then, the concept has been adopted by many whereof a good deal are people I do not know and have not talked to on the subject. I think it fair to read [X] without the original "editorial" now, as simply meaning, 'This person has most or all channels off, might be most conveniently approached face to face." -Marcel, snob and elitist by apparent definition.

From: Marcel Monday, July 23 2001, 11:46AM Not chanting... but you get the point, even if I really should kill all aliases -- or not attempt to post before the second pot of coffee.

From: Benjamin Monday, July 23 2001, 06:10PM If so, that's what it should have been introduced as. And I think the choice of "X" reflects an adults-only attitude, so maybe something else would have been more appropriate to this so-called "courtesy" you are so graciously paying everyone by ignoring them. Ben

From: Soze Monday, July 23 2001, 09:06PM if you find yourself so lucky being ignored by these people who out of courtesey indicates that they are not listening to some channels I -really- fail to see why you are whining? pretty please enlighten us? but again, if you look at yourself, you might see the reason why -I- personally don't watch most channels

From: Soze Monday, July 23 2001, 09:11PM last post directed at Benjamin, just to make sure I step on the right toes

From: Marcel Monday, July 23 2001, 09:13PM This dispute seems to have deteriorated into a contest between on one side, the people who feel they'd rather have channels off, and on the other, those who feel that they have a right to be heard. I refuse to dignify any further posts by Ganymede and his alts with a response.

From: Soze Monday, July 23 2001, 09:15PM noooooooo more mudflinging

From: Ganymede Monday, July 23 2001, 10:03PM For one thing, I don't see where any insults have been flung here. I don't see anybody here as -being- elitist, I only see the behavior we are discussing that way. You are free to interpret my words as mindless mudslinging if you like, Marcel. If you are unable to participate in a meritous debate on the subject, simply say so. I don't think having a mature discussion on subjects like this is asking very much. Lastly: Kindly refrain from insinuating who my alts are on a public board. Just because you are free with your own alts doesn't mean I wish to have my own broadcast all over. Ganymede et al.

From: Ganymede Monday, July 23 2001, 10:08PM Incidentally, since Marcel can't hold a simple back-and-forth discussion when it smacks of criticism, this goes for anyone else. I love a good debate, and I will discuss the merits of my arguments in a frank and mature manner with anyone, no matter who they are. Ganymede et al.

From: Yui Tuesday, July 24 2001, 11:32PM gr pc operate solomon many of these issues remind me of that movie the Postman. There is some young kid who is told to go flush out the escaping Kevin Costner. The kid finds Costner and is about to yell the location of Kevin so Kevin kills him and the kid in disbelief looks up and asks why.. (ACK gr pc;operate solomon is my so alias) So many times in chat/gossip or in pk issues I see this same mentality. I jump a party of 4 AA's as an AA and I just expected to fight that one guy why did the others attack? I spew crap all over the channels and now no one listens to me, why don't they listen to me? I wonder if the kid in his dying breath had a smidgen of a clue why Kevin killed him in that movie. Thinking about it.. I'd have to say alas, no he never got it. Random thoughts, Yui

From: Elisa Wednesday, July 25 2001, 11:48PM In my objection to the use of [X], I am not demanding to be heard, nor sore because I am not. I suspect that many of those who turn off all channels have individually gagchannelled me anyway ;) The reason I dislike it, is because refusing to communicate with a large part of the the mud is inherently exclusive. Whether your intentions are purely courteous of not, it is altogether too easily interpreted as your refusing to deal with those outside your clique. It is this exclusivity that leads some to feel that the [X] is elitist and snobby.

From: Reynard Thursday, July 26 2001, 12:12PM I was playing with channels off for a short time before [X] was announced, and I gladly adopted it for my own reasons. Nobody accused me of being exclusive (as if I'm diminishing people by not listening to them) or snobby, because nobody knew that I was incommunicado. Now that I've put [X] in my title, not only am I identified with some 'clique' (ridiculous -- I'm a complete loner), but I'm tarred with the same brush as elitist and snobby. In addition, I haven't been approached even once ic because I have [X] in my title, so it's hardly some identifier for people of this clique to seek each other out. Can't you just accept that some of us -- for whatever reason -- don't wish to monitor channels and only wear [X] so as not to confuse anyone else? Further, can't you see that castigating people for not conversing with you is a trifle -- hm, what's the word? Selfish? Egocentric? That's what the bottom line is. You can claim that I'm bringing down the community of Legend, but people turn off channels all the time. They always have, since Legend was online. That's why the channels have an off switch, fer cryin' out loud. Don't get upset when people use it.

From: Marcel Thursday, July 26 2001, 10:28PM Essentially, everything Reynard said (again). Must meet this guy. And one addition: No one is refusing to communicate with anyone. They're just refusing to do it on some or all channels. --Marcel


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