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Posted by Tempus on 07/30

Why don't we just take out chat, gossip, and info? I find them all annoying and I can't keep away from them too. Lets just keep it all on a face to face level. Xers rules! Tempus, Xers 4ever!

From: Rufus Wednesday, July 25 2001, 09:17AM One of the cardinal rules of Mud/MMPORPG creation - never limit the ways in which people can communicate. Public channels have, and always will be, a part of this mud. If you don't like them, do what you're doing. Turn them off, pretend they don't exist. -Ruf

From: Rufus Wednesday, July 25 2001, 09:19AM On another note, if we took out everything but auction - auction would just take the place of all the removed channels.

From: Kintare Wednesday, July 25 2001, 03:38PM I'm pretty sure Tempus was kidding...

From: Tempus Wednesday, July 25 2001, 07:26PM -sniff-

From: Fook Friday, July 27 2001, 11:56PM Smartasses Unite! -bands with Tempus-

From: Tempus Sunday, July 29 2001, 02:27AM oooh, do we get banding bonuses?

From: Fook Monday, July 30 2001, 01:11AM Yes, we will be able to choose to direct all the damage to you. :) Don't worry, I can regenerate for GG.


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