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Posted by Archaon on 07/30

I think i like this??? But i also dont like it EVERY NEW item on this board has been on this and that just REALLY sux. also why did you choose 'X'? why not someother letter/character? Now i can understand the reasons for using this, but i fail to see the reason why you are advitising that you dont listen to anyone. Oh the reason why i do like it is because it is just a fad and so all it will need is a little time and patience for those who HATE the X to get it to go away Well i'm gunna stop now, as like i said before EVERY item on this board has been about this item lately. Personnally i'm getting tired of hearing about it, and the more you talk about it, the more people will do the things that they do OFF channel to piss you off. Well thats what i think anyway! -Archaon

From: Fraegis Saturday, July 28 2001, 08:08AM I have to agree with a few people. Why should -ANYONE- be allowed to advertize that they don't listen to me on channels? I find that quite rude. When I speak on channels, I have a right to be heard, and if you dislike channels, quit the game. There are plenty of muds out there without channels. When you put an 'X' in your title, you set out an excuse for ignoring me, making it next to impossible for me to whine about you ignoring me. You chose to play this mud, play it by my way, or take the highway. And why choose an 'X'? Shouldn't it be 'TATLTIATT', which could mean Too Annnoying To Listen To Idiots All The Time'? Of course, it could mean a lot of other things too, but since I have read soooo many posts about 'X', why should that mean I now knew what it stands for? It is my right to believe it is something X-rated, and hence wanting to listen to it. Fraegis

From: Wes Saturday, July 28 2001, 11:18AM and if you dislike channels, quit the game -laugh-

From: Boreas Saturday, July 28 2001, 12:08PM Ah, sarcasm When used well, it can be a great rhetorical tool. When used well

From: Kae Saturday, July 28 2001, 04:53PM This is a board intended for discussion of items that currently concern people, whether positively or otherwise. The X thing appears to be one such. If you do not approve of people discussing it, I recommend you skip the involved posts. On a note to Fook above -- immortals' morts are NOT on duty all the time, 24/7. We too play here to relax and escape. The fact that you know someone to be an immortal's alt does not confer a special set of rules or restrictions to that someone. --Darth Kae

From: Tempus Sunday, July 29 2001, 02:30AM if people claim I'm an imm alt, does that mean they are harassing me? -confused- Tempus, Xers unite!

From: Fraegis Sunday, July 29 2001, 04:21AM I didn't notice any sarcasm. Fraegis

From: Fook Monday, July 30 2001, 01:02AM Yeah, I kinda figured that mort time = relax time. Don't blame you. Most of us morts are a pain in the ass.

From: Kae Monday, July 30 2001, 03:24AM No, I don't think most of us feel that morts are pains in general. I seriously don't. However, if we can't play the game like the rest of you -- why bother working for it unpaid?

From: Harkonnen Monday, July 30 2001, 03:15PM I could give a rat's ass if you listen to channels or don't, if you put letters in your title or don't, but PLEASE PLEASE shut the {F} up about it! Thanks.


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