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Posted by Fook on 08/03

What we need is an X channel for all the people who are in the X frame of mind. No, this would not be an X-rated channel. But a channel for the Xers to unite themselves with. They could shout out "Hey Xers" and wouldn't have to worry about the Xers not hearing them, because everyone with an 'x' in their channel would be forced to hear it. You would talk on the channel by typing x Now I realize this would interfere with the current mudwide alias of x=exits but that would just have to be changed for this special group. We would have to change x=exits to e=exits. Now I realize that changing the alias for exits to e would seriously mess with the short form of east. So we will have to rename east to left and use l=left(east) Now.. I know everyone types "l" look. That's ok! We'll just change look to observe. So o=observe(look). But o=open? Well.. we'll just have to change that to n for opeN. Err.. that would mess up North... Well.. everyone knows that North is always up.. so we'll use 'u' But.. there's already a direction "Up" we'll just call that 'ascend' instead and use a. I don't recally using 'a' that much while playing. I'm sure we can do without it. So.. to summarize now: x= X channel e=exits l=left(east) o=observe(look) n=opeN u=up(true north) a=ascend(up)

From: Fook Monday, July 30 2001, 01:10AM Incidentally if you type in 'a' the mud returns: You look around accusingly. And we wouldn't want to be doing that all the time. It breeds suspicion amongst our neighbors and fellow morts. So there's no problem with allocating 'a' as an alias for ascend.

From: Archaon Monday, July 30 2001, 01:22AM -chuckle-

From: Harkonnen Monday, July 30 2001, 03:16PM (this is also on thread #45) I could give a rat's ass if you listen to channels or don't, if you put letters in your title or don't, but PLEASE PLEASE shut the {F} up about it! Thanks.

From: Benjamin Monday, July 30 2001, 11:21PM Hehe, that's funny. One problem tho, left is west, not east. But that's just nitpicking :) Ben

From: Benjamin Monday, July 30 2001, 11:21PM BTW Harkonnen, if you don't want to read about it, then don't. All the threads on this topic are easy to identify (and avoid if you want) :P Ben

From: Patricia Tuesday, July 31 2001, 07:13AM I just don't understand why people are so upset about the X thing. -Patricia

From: Fook Thursday, August 02 2001, 01:31AM damn... since east is right, we'll have to short it to r and that knocks our rest so we'll call that n for nap and we're back to u for up(north) and a=ascend(up) another recap: x=X chan e=exits r=right(east) n=nap(rest) u=up(true north) a=ascend(up)

From: Muad'Dib Friday, August 03 2001, 09:31PM Funny how Benjamin is able to hand out advice on how to ignore something, when the last 5-10 posts from him have been exactly that being unwilling to just ignore something but whine and grope as much as possible, funny man, unfortunately, I doubt it's a sense of humor. There exists no separation between gods and men one blends softly casual into the other. -- Paul Muad'Dib, Usul of Tabr


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