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Posted by Archmage on 10/11

Does anyone else find it wrong that with this item, Dex can hit harder than Str? Yeah yeah, there's the bludgeon or crush (forget which) downside too it, but all the dex guy or con guy for that matter has to do is remove it. Make the gauche have a downside like stone skin does that will be a downside to fighting the str character. Maybe make the item cursed and the person may not remove the item if he/she has a pkill timer (the 10 tick one). Add to that the stone skin effect of losing a little bit of hp for every move. Another idea, i think has been mentioned before, is not to make the item holdable, but only wieldable. Or perhaps make it a shield slot or have the effect of the wearer losing HP or AC or any combination of the above. I'm just a bit discouraged when i fight a dex character while i'm raged, and he/she is able to hit harder than me or just as hard, even when i get lucky enough to land a bash. Sure i can wear another weapon beside slash, but why would or should str fighters have that kind of restriction? Just a thought...flame the hell out of me...i could care less. Archmage Archmage Archmage Archmage Archmage Archmage Archmage Archmage

From: LadyAce Thursday, August 02 2001, 10:12PM There's a str vs dex balance issue that we're aware of, and will look at when we have a chance to. That's not necessarily soon, but we do know about it. Our focus right now is on making some progress with new features instead of twiddling with balance. Generally whenever we stop making forward progress and start twiddling with balance, it's about 6 months to a year before we can go back to coding new things again. At this point, the game is playably balanced but obviously imperfect IMHO. -LA

From: Akai_Hayate Thursday, August 02 2001, 10:26PM Another thing that bugs me, is the 100 dex perc con MF'ers How about for every point of con, tumble loses 1% activation or something? Was using a 709hp 30 hit 50 dam raging guy against a con sniper On the bashes/headbutts that didnt get tumbled, yanno, both of them outta like 5 of each :P I still couldnt do enough damage to his guache Usin self to, well even do damage to the guy, thou that mighta been the illustrious strength bug too...Is that still getting fixed by the way? :P Anyways, its kinda bunk when playing a fighter i'm limited to like, headbutt kick warcry or bash, and after super tumble im really limited to uh, pray? :P Isn't this why damgear got changed? getting the bonus's without the stat...well i guess con snipers have the stat, partially but uh, ummm. Hey shut up, yer aint my boss jerk!

From: Varnel Friday, August 03 2001, 01:17PM there are other items in the game to limit a dex fighters effectiveness you just gotta find it :) and no i'm not talking about the stone skin item

From: Zemus Friday, August 03 2001, 06:25PM Yes down with the gauche, or keep it make make the rent close to the platinum leafs rent.

From: Aquilante Friday, August 03 2001, 11:33PM Uhm so now we need something for crush no?

From: Vampyr Saturday, August 04 2001, 06:29PM nod aquilante!

From: Tarn Sunday, August 12 2001, 09:49AM Before the main guache was changed, when it was lower rent, it was the weapon of choice for all my level 2 dex chars. Even with the increase of rent when it was changed, it's still my favourite dex newbie weapon. If I'm playing a dex mage, then I'm probably low on str, and at low levels, I somehow make the rent for this low weight weapon (often by going about 4K over rent in gear I need to learn my words). If this weapon gets increased in rent, can we have another light dex weapon of the same quality without any affects, (ie much like the old gauche) for a similar rent to the old gauche? Tarn

From: Darla Sunday, August 12 2001, 02:53PM -nod Tarn- I too have had chars that needed the gauche at low levels because of not having much strength.

From: Pinion Thursday, October 11 2001, 11:34AM How about requiring that the gauche be wielded and making it a q5 weapon, or even random in quality with an increase of rent for the q5 version... Personally I have no problems with it, but think there should be similiar items for different weapon types. I don't use the gauche though, as it is pretty unbalanced right now. I agree that it's silly to have a sword that "slices" instead of "slashes" just to get its full damage. I am a pk strength fighter by the way, and have fought against people using it. Pinion


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