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Posted by Archaon on 08/14

While i have been searching for houses i have found that there is one MAJOR problem i have with the current system. that problem is not being able to see ANY parts of ANY other rooms in the house. Hell i even talked to LA and she said that the only way to see was to purchase the space. I then asked her if i could get a refund if i didnt like other rooms. To this she replied No. So as you probably know not knowing other rooms can or knowing other rooms i should say, can completly change your view on the place in question. Well thats just me. -Archaon

From: LadyAce Friday, August 03 2001, 02:48PM Yeah, this is a known problem. We don't have the code feature in place to let you see as much about a potential house as we'd like. It's on the list of things to do. -LA

From: Darla Saturday, August 04 2001, 12:06AM Perhaps if builders could add onto the description of the first room a list of the other rooms which can be built off it. The information may not be as extensive as we'd like, but it would help greatly.

From: Yui Monday, August 06 2001, 01:31AM The other idea is to have shopkeepers selling bluepints with a copy of the build command from within a house on them. Yui Another post which'll probably disappear.

From: LadyAce Friday, August 10 2001, 01:20AM well...if they appended on a list of rooms you can add on with, that would show when people had brief off and walked into your house. -LA

From: Darla Friday, August 10 2001, 08:33PM I didn't mean in the room desc, but in the description of the house from 'build query.' It tells information like the rent of the room, what furniture is there. Why not also a list of rooms you can add?

From: Kaige Friday, August 10 2001, 08:35PM It's not quite that simple Darla. That's all code generated. Builders don't have to touch that. So as LadyAce said previously, it's on the to do list. =) -Kaige

From: Stain Tuesday, August 14 2001, 01:27PM It would be cool if we could make our own room name/descrips sorta like char descs are now, write it out and have an imm approve it. That way we could make more personalized houses. It'd be the same house, just look more like it's your house rather than a 'form letter' type thing. just a thought.

From: Ganymede Tuesday, August 14 2001, 03:25PM Well, immorts have said they don't want to have custom room names/descs because it could spoil the atmosphere of their area, which is understand- able. But I do think the rules are a little too strict where this is concerned. What if we could ask for approval from the builder of the area where we want to live? Ganymede et al.


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