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Imms and Mortals

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Posted by Lysaer on 08/21

Should imms have mortal characters? Would this maybe a conflict of interest? I am curious as to how this would work. Isn't it like crossplaying on a higher level? -confused- Lysaer.

From: Ian Monday, August 20 2001, 02:30PM shut your pie hole! They are the imms, they can do anything they want! Don't waste our time with this stupid posting!

From: Chocorua Monday, August 20 2001, 04:38PM why on earth would we put in 30 - 50 hours a week (some of us do some don't) on a game we weren't allowed to play? -boggle- and yes it is a conflict of interests, thus it is HARD to become an imm Chocorua

From: Kae Monday, August 20 2001, 05:09PM Let me ask a counter-question: If we don't play the game, how are we expected to keep in touch with what the game is like, from a mortal point of view? What's stirring in the parts of the community (IC and OOC) that doesn't show up at Q&A's? With what's going on IC so we can maybe assist it in developing further? With what's unbalanced, abused, too easy, too hard, etc? --Kae

From: Cheyla Monday, August 20 2001, 05:10PM In my mind, one of the most important jobs of an immortal is playing the game. As a builder, if I mort, I get a better feel for what is needed in the game or in an area (new or current), how to balance things I am working on with what is already in place, and what is already out there that could be used in new quests - or what doesn't need to be added. As a mortal, I can find bugs, typos, etc more readily than as an immortal because I am actually playing the game and am involved in it instead of helping to build and maintain it. I obtain much of my inspiration to build while playing - where playing the game inspires new ideas for quests, acts, enhancement ideas, and mobs that not playing just doesn't create. If I didn't play the game, I would lost a lot of my perspective on how the game itself is functioning, how to help improve it, and how you, the playe players are doing/feeling/thinking. And yes, while it is sort of a conflict of interest, it isn't easy to become an immortal, partly for that reason. People that can be trusted to keep that conflict of interest at bay are more likely to be immorted than those that can't. And just as you can get punished for breaking the rules, so can we - to a higher degree and by a higher set of standards. Also, immortal characters are OOC - they don't actually play the game, they maintain it and serve the players. Besides, I wouldn't want to work here full time (yes, I put in a good 40 hours a week) without any pay if I wasn't allowed to play the game at all anymore. And if I did, the quality and quantity of my work would be so bad you wouldn't want me here anyhow. Cheyla

From: Patricia Tuesday, August 21 2001, 10:49AM I just wanna say what Kae and Cheyla said, well apart from me not being an imm.. The only way the immortals really can keep up with the effect of changes, areas and what not here, is by playing. -Patricia

From: Lysaer Tuesday, August 21 2001, 04:08PM I guess the bottom line issue is who police the police?

From: Chocorua Tuesday, August 21 2001, 04:42PM that would be us. If you believe that the immortals can just do whatever they want whenever without being held accountable then you are wrong. I will not give examples but please believe me when i say that the immortal staff is held to a much higher standard, even as their morts, than the general mortal population. ultimately Kaige makes us all stay in line but we have some very definite codes of conduct. Chocorua

From: LadyAce Tuesday, August 21 2001, 09:33PM In response to the "who polices the police" comment... I think that's one of the primary reasons that our department structure is a good idea. That way there is a reporting and management structure. But Kaige is the final judge & jury -- someone has to be, after all. Ultimately, though, trying to compare us to a government breaks down. We absolutely value our players and want them to have a good time, but there isn't a dollar of your taxes involved, and we're not elected democraticall We provide a service, we invite you over to our house, we open the gates to the amusement park -- but we're ultimately a private institution. -LA


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