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Posted by Moo on 09/01

Why are they still illegal? Isn't it impossible to heal a pkenabled character who has been hurt in combat with a nonpkenabled character? Just wondering. -Moo

From: Tritoch Thursday, August 30 2001, 12:50AM Cause the players are the one thing the imms can't control, till they break a rule, so a healing bot for everyones use would be like, a dagger that backstabs for 400 points of damage, if they change the rule the entire mud will be unbalanced, nobody will ever hear the words "im about to perma, im soooo low on xp" ever again, and our lives will be ruined. then they'd just have to change the rule back, making us all wonder why they changed it in the first place. A better question is, why is it still illegal to give away pkenabled characters? That is one rule that really needs some re-thinking..and the regular imms don't wanna do it which is why i proposed that wonderful Pk Imm idea a while back -Cough cou cough cough-

From: Tirzah Thursday, August 30 2001, 01:42AM Picture this scenario - pk clan has house with impassable doors, they park a healing bot in the house. Unless you're in that clan, you cant get to that bot, making it unable to be attacked by you. Sounds like the definition of pk interference (see help interference). Technically the bot may be accepting you, but if you can never get to it, you still can't attack it. The impassable door scenario is just one way this could be done, off the top of my head I can think of at least 2 other places the bot could be where it can heal, but you can't attack it. And that's without even trying to think too hard. Tirzah

From: Nanna Thursday, August 30 2001, 02:25AM Why would you want to give away a character you've spend hours and hours on? Another thing, it's probably not allowed, because most people ,myself included, likes to think that with a specific character it's the same player every time i meet that character. Nanna

From: Nanok Thursday, August 30 2001, 06:23AM I like the PK imm idea. That way we can go back to having hard-core pk battles rather than this little "I just rejected all challenges from you" -Giggle-. If there was an option to go hardcore, then the PK Imm would be there simply to settle disputes.

From: Kae Thursday, August 30 2001, 07:26AM On the assumption that we can find someone to volunteer for the most thankless job of the admin dept., namely keeping pkillers' tempers in check and getting them to interact with the rest of the playerbase in a decent fashion -- and that someone can be here 24/7, meaning that s/he can't have a job, a life, kids, or any other interests -- and that s/he is willing to argue endlessly with those who think his/her judgement is unfair -- and argue endlessly with the head of admin and the implementor when players then take their complaints a level up... I seriously don't see this happening. On the other hand, it'd be nice if people were less quick to accept, fight, and then reject to avoid retaliation. --Darth Kae, She Who Sleeps With Razormice

From: Craven Thursday, August 30 2001, 02:53PM as long as the morts keep saying it'd be nice and the imms keep saying it'd be nice about completely different things requiring the other one to do something, nothing's ever going to happen. Oh well I guess.

From: Tritoch Thursday, August 30 2001, 08:22PM First of all, about the Healing bot in a house thing, how about using judgement? It may not technically be illegal but it is in spirit, thats why we have admins instead of pieces of code to hand out warnings when we break the rules, cause admins can think, and make judgement based on the circumstances As for the pk admin guy, I'll do it. I don't have kids, I'm too young to think about it anyways, the only thing that takes up my time is work, and i work mornings, and 90% of pk is at night or late night anyways, soooooo There is one thing and only one thing that can offend me, so I could deal with the players insulting me all day, I virtually never get angry, I'm no not prone to power trips, i hate double standards more than anything, so wouldn't run around wrist slapping some, and deleting others.. And i've broken the rules enough to have at least a good idea what they ar are, and in alot of cases, a very very very very very very good idea. Whats more is, I can devote a billion zillion hours a day to legend, since my friends just left for colledge, and i'm terribly bored. And I think I know most of the pkillers well enough to know when someone is clowning around, and when someone is ooc raging against someone. Not to mention I'm pretty good in an arguement when I have to be, and if that fails, I have a stubborn streak a donkey would envy, to fall back on in my administrative desicions :P Plus! -pant- Then there would be an imm to reliably enable people on. So to sum up, I volunteer, Make me an admin and we'll see whats what :P

From: Yui Friday, August 31 2001, 10:10AM gr pc operate silly-player-yelling-heal-me I've-just-finished-a-run-without a-surgeon-now-please We surgeons would rather just see yall rest and heal up else the mages will start whining that there are no mana surgeons. If you ever did have a fool not playing fair in pk then why not just burn him on the war board and have all clans all players reject him? Yui Sides that pk surgeon would have to accept the damaging party. The pk healer can still hide in a clan house and be AA to heal only those that can get to him anyhow.

From: Sandman Saturday, September 01 2001, 03:41AM Hey some of us actually dont have lives and would be willing to help in any way shape or form.. just gotta ask the right player. sigh point no life Sandman etc


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