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mages not self sufficient

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Posted by Antimodes on 09/06

Just a quick item.. I have noticed that with two of the highest level words, arguably the most powerful words for a mage, we are dependent upon other players to an extreme. Rudh for example cannot be completed without the help of a 3c create mage. I don't think this is quite right. Other types of chars do not have this restriction on their skills, so I am not sure why mages should. Full mages already have to give up any hope for fightskills until after level 27 or so, to keep the all important cast levels. Has there been any looking into the rudh and mrti quests? Just something I was thinking about. - Antimodes

From: Kyna Tuesday, September 04 2001, 12:58AM Antimodes, I don't know if you remember the old rudh/mrti quests, but they could be done with the help of one person, who didn't have to be any type of char in particular, just big enough to keep you safe and who could kill one mob that you needed to get past. When the area that held those quests was removed, it is my understanding that the new quests were designed to need other players, eg rudh needs a create mage, and also needs a cursed item that usually requires a group to acquire. I don't know why they were designed to need more assistance then the old quests, perhaps the imms thought the old quests were too easy given the powerful nature of the words. -Mourn old rudh/mrti quests- I still miss them. Kyna

From: Rufus Tuesday, September 04 2001, 08:01AM Look at it on the bright side! There are quests now that give out some essential game elements (a spellword, etc) that require another player. That essential game element (a spellword, etc) is a feature we want to keep in the game. If we playerwipe, that quest is no longer available at all. Therefore, we can't playerwipe! Sorry, just trying to brighten up this Tuesday(1) -Ruf (1) which is all sorts of a monday.

From: Sandra Tuesday, September 04 2001, 06:29PM The quests were made that way purely intentionally. There are a few points I'd like to make out also: 1) while other types of chars don't have this restriction(eventually they will to a smaller extent have some quests to do for skills), they also don't gain but a single skill at a time. A mage on the other hand, gains quite a few spells, sometimes with just adding a single word to their list. 2) The mage does not -have- to give up fight skills until after lvl 27. This is purely by choice of the mage in question. So, in other words, no, there's been no looking into either quest, since they do exactly what was intended. -Sandra

From: Elisa Wednesday, September 05 2001, 12:38AM Why would you want to be self-sufficient anyway? This is a multi-player game. Needing somebody to help you get a skill/word/item with the understanding that you will help somebody when you are big one day, helps to strengthen ties between characters. Elisa

From: Banadicti Wednesday, September 05 2001, 03:06AM I fail to see how asking for half a dozen, or a dozen, hours for someone to sell you what you're looking for, and then paying out sums of money for the items you need 'helps to strengthen ties between characters'. It seems every time I do these word quests I have a problem with a different item each time ... which is part of the reason I spend lvls 15 to 25 doing a lot of solo xp/cash running, to be able to pay 50K per item I can't acquire, if necessary. So it strengthens my solo running, and it strengthens someone else's bank account, not ties between characters. Banadicti's player

From: Sallah Wednesday, September 05 2001, 03:52PM Maybe you should try being a little more patient. Befriend a bunch of people, and then not only will you have more fun socializing, they'll probably be more willing to help you out when you need it. I have never had had to pay money for one of the rudh or mrti items for the new quests--not once. I ask to tag along on the quest to get one, or I wait until a time when there are a lot of people on and ask around, or I ask

From: Banadicti Wednesday, September 05 2001, 11:07PM I was trying to reply to Elisa's post. Unfortunately, I don't see as much of 'I'll help someone small, and tell them that in return they can help someone else later on when they're big' stuff as I used to here. I've seen meteorites on auction, I've seen claws sell for 50K, I've seen creates charge for their part in the quest. If you don't want to call in favours from your alt's friends (and I like each alt of mine to stand or fall on it's own, not because of who else I play here) then you need to be prepared to pay. I don't always have to pay for rudh/mrti items, but I like to be prepared for the times I do have to, and that means a lot of solo cash running on my way to 25, rather than grouping with others around my level so that my new alt can make friends. Banadicti's player

From: Akai_Hayate Thursday, September 06 2001, 01:36AM There isnt a single part of rudh that cant be done solo with good timing and guile! Some create is xp running, boom, sl just ran, boom, you almost get hit in the head with a flaming rock, boom. Even the mob with that one item is killable at 25 :P or was.. AkaiSomethingorother, president of the we love and hate sandra club.

From: Kae Thursday, September 06 2001, 04:13AM I see where Banadicti is coming from, and I don't. I've done rudh alone twice, and required a bit of help critter-killing for mrti both times. It can be done all alone. As Banadicti writes, it's mostly a matter of cash at hand. Yet, to encourage people to focus on money-making rather than getting to know each other is wrong. It appears to me this is a very careful balance, and that we all, not only the lowbie mages, are responsible for the community sense in this aspect. One could charge a bit less for an item picked up anyway. One could offer that rock away for free when it hits you on the head anyway. One could... And the other way around, the lowbie mage might focus less on levelling speed and more on getting introduced. Might do a bit more, join a clan, get into a circle of friends. I don't mean to attack anyone here, or say that one gaming style is better than the other. All I can say on that is, those who rely on their alts' buddies are wrong, and so are those who want to do -everything- alone. That is, wrong from the game design point of view, because they're hurting themselves -- they're not hurting me or you. --Darth Kae, She Who Speaks Gibberish Before Coffee.


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