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A note on elementals

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Posted by Ea! on 09/11

In general, the normal elementals are meant to be cheaper than they were before, but also less powerful -- much closer to the way that homunculi were before the change. Greaters are a bit cheaper, but reasonably powerful. Mind isn't the only stat that is taken into consideration in the formulas, so having high mind doesn't guarantee powerful elementals. That said, I'm not totally satisfied with the formulas and will be working on them some more. I wrote them rather quickly in order to get them in as quickly as possible. -Ea!

From: Jonathan Saturday, September 08 2001, 02:15PM Please tell me spirit doesn't make that much of a difference... With the max stats available to have the most powerfull spirit/mind charmies makes it so i have 0 in one main fight stat and at most 70 in my fighting stat... how effective can we be like that?? Jonathan, the scared newbie create mage

From: Ea! Saturday, September 08 2001, 04:18PM Spirit plays a roll, but it's a smaller roll than mind. That said, I think that one of the main problems is that it's too random currently. -Ea!

From: Muad'Dib Saturday, September 08 2001, 10:41PM oh no, please -do- have it depend quite a bit on spirit that would possibly open up a new school of create mages the 100 mind 100 spirit ones useless in hand to hand combat, but with the ability to have big armies at his control. being a strengthfighter, you don't complain that you can't have 100 cons for hp, 100 dex for hitroll, and 100 perc to quickdraw for backstab. if -40 spirit were to create elementals about the size we had/have why not give those who were to dedicate themselves to the school of create magic, and not hand to hand combat an edge in their area? that said, it would be a nice addition to making spirit something that's used for chars that are not surgeons and druids There exists no separation between gods and men one blends softly casual into the other. -- Paul Muad'Dib, Usul of Tabr

From: Craven Sunday, September 09 2001, 11:47AM why? Mind isn't important to everyone other then mages. Perc REALLY isn't useful to anyone who doesn't want to snipe. I fail to see why spirit, which is already used in every character that wants to cast or heal needs to also be involved MORE in magic.

From: Darla Sunday, September 09 2001, 02:44PM Spirit...only those who have it in abundance feel the lack of it in those who don't.

From: Akai_Hayate Sunday, September 09 2001, 05:11PM I imagine weaponless create must be very boring, since even Skar switched classes :P

From: Nanna Tuesday, September 11 2001, 01:40PM I think it's ok to let it depend on spirit, it's logical. Also it makes sense that you, being a mage who should be studying all the time, will never be as good a fighter than one who has all day to practice. On the other hand, one could also make the mind req for expert fighting skills higher. -Nanna

From: Skar Tuesday, September 11 2001, 05:00PM Going at it as a weaponless mage was far from boring -- it was very challenging. The realities of the code made it impractical, however. Don't increase the mind requirement for expert fighting skills. Instead, make the mind requirement for 3c spells consistent with the stat requirements for expert fighting skills. Increasing the mind requirement for expert fighting will do nothing to discourage mages from having expert fighting skills. In addition, I'd like to see mana calculated using the current formula, but using (mind + spirit)/2 instead of mind. That would do a lot to encourage mages to increase their spirit, especially if you increase the power (and mana cost) of damage spells and base the hp of charmed mobs on a percentage of the caster's max mana. Until the system is re-examined, you'll continue to have fighters and fighter/mages, with no true mages -- mages that succeed on the strength of the spells and not their weapon skills.


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