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Too much comfort

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Posted by Nobyar on 01/11

I my self have been playing legend for 5 years now. What i've noticed is that there seems to be a growing comfort zone for people here. I have thought up a few ideas that would make the game a little less comfortable, but at the same time I believe would make it a bit more fun.

idea 1. My first thought is that it could make the game more fun is, lets say that if your wandering around and see somone that is stunned or paraly paralyzed if you had the steal skill you could steal all the gold in there inventory pk accepted or not. that could take some comfort away from folk dont you think? And would be funny none the less. In fact it could be mo more fun to steal gold from any character at any time, not just when there stunned.

Idea 2(and in my opinion the most fun/less comfortable of them all.) I feel that it would very amusing to have just random acts that could hurt/kill players. One random act that came to mind was the meteorite that falls in random locations. We could make it fall randomly in a room that had players in them and it would kill the player(no xp loss for those of you that are afraid of dying.) With that idea imms would just be limite to there immaginations.(mind you dont go overdoing it and killing someone every 5 minutes.)

the whole idea here is to take away the "comfort" of this game and keep people on there toes a bit. It could be annoying that a lighting strike could come and kill your only surgeon while fighting blackbeard but it would make it if anything amusing, and in my opioion fun.

From: Logain Wednesday, December 26 2001, 06:57PM

It would definitely make things interesting.

It would also get the whiners up in arms, unfortunately.

It might be nifty also to have, say, in Crusades, the chance of being hit and killed by random catapult stones. There are catapults already in the area, so it would not be "unrealistic" for something of that sort to occur.

Such occurances could be much like the current drowning in water rooms, no xp loss, just the annoyance of having to start from an inn and get your corpse (all the while having to dodge catauplt stones)

From: Keith Wednesday, December 26 2001, 07:40PM

I agree that would make the game interesting, add a little spice to the soup, so to speak.

Good Idea

The Vagabond

From: Jair Wednesday, December 26 2001, 07:49PM

Heh I like the random act thing... It could be interesting in Romanina if someone got beaned in the nose with a stone when the boy hits the stick, or with the javelin in Sparta -grinchuckle- Not sure about the whole stealing thing, as I am usually the one being stunned and such. Just Kidding, just getting ya ready for the other side

From: Keith Wednesday, December 26 2001, 08:01PM

i've been thinking about the stealing thing mentioned in the post. I think that it should be random how much you get, not always just all or none, but random sometimes you get all, sometimes none and get caught, sometimes none without getting caught, and sometimes just a bit of what they have

From: Mice Wednesday, December 26 2001, 09:13PM

I find a lot of the "comfort" comes from the fact that the most prized posessions can only be lost if junked or lost to being overrent.

Hitting a deathtrap is hardly the pain it once was...

From: Zemus Thursday, December 27 2001, 12:36AM

GO pkill, and AA then you can have the random killing and a more interesting time. rather then rotting your asses off in the stag.


From: Dae Thursday, December 27 2001, 10:52PM

-cackle zemus-

From: Israfel Friday, December 28 2001, 06:45AM

But I _like_ rotting my ass off in the Stag.

Although my preference isn't really for hooved animals.

From: Harlequin Saturday, December 29 2001, 02:59PM

-nod zemus-

Spice up your life erh ?

go AA, get binded by an invis person. get sniped while regening get your random stun fix as you get jump with a Dazing headbutt hell make your surgoen go AA while healing for Blackbeard and i'll jump it.

As for stealing hile stunned or para'd accpeting or not ! that is just dribble !

if someone swapped my coins while i as stunned i would want them to be accepting me !

AND the meteorite does hit people just don't do much damage

-peace out-

From: Kyna Monday, January 07 2002, 07:38AM

While I like the idea of random events (such as meteorites) spicing up our lives here ... I think this thread overlooks one point.

People come to this mud for many reasons, including RP, PK, the excitement of building chars, the fun of being someone else for a while. Did you consider that perhaps some people choose to come here precisely because it is a comfort zone?

Just because you don't like comfort zones doesn't mean they are bad, or wrong, or out of place here on Legend, or that anybody who posts a differing point of view is a whiner.

One of the great things about this place is that we can all choose our own level of comfort here, depending on the chartype we choose to play, what we do with those chars (eg RP/PK/RP-PK mix), where we decide to run, are we AA or not, in a PK clan with a large list of accepts or not. From day to day, moment to moment, we can each change that level of comfort by alting or exploring/running a different area, or changing our PK accept lists - all without imposing on someone else's chosen level of comfort.

Kyna's player

From: Splicer Monday, January 07 2002, 02:22PM

Its not much of a game if there is little or no excitement...thats a chat room. Not that I necessarily support this randomized happenings that are being proposed...just my opinion.

From: Crackle Thursday, January 10 2002, 01:25PM

Go accept all, I agree....wonder if imms read this board...I never saw a, this mud isn't exciting enough, before pkok. Swell job. -clap clap cl

From: Kae Friday, January 11 2002, 05:26AM

Excitement does not equal pkill to everyone. :) We have to cater to more tastes than that in order to deliver 'excitement' to all kinds of players.

--Darth Kae


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