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Make Everyone AA

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Posted by Krynn on 01/18

Well, since I seem to have trigger this debate, I may as well comment I think I'm going to have to go with Zandy on this, yank imm intervention. Make everybody AA. Doesn't matter to me, I'm already AA.

Let PKOK run as it is, I could care less, I'd just like some solid rules o on it. I'll play with anything given to me and use the system to any advantage i can find. i'm a power gamer, that's how i play. that's how alot of people play.

I also don't believe in creating the allies concept for protecting groups. Put a big sign on my head that says "I Pkill" for all I care, theres no point in doing that much code for so simple of a problem. If somebody jumps a group deep in PD or SL, they run just as much risk dying as anybody else, and you don't have to help CR them. Now, flying off on a tanget...

Be happy with what you have.

Hardcore pkillers and admant anti-pkers will never get along. It's diametrically opposed ideas. If you think you can convince each other the errors of their ways, you're either lying to yourself, or so hoplessly optomistic I could tinkle in ur wheaties and not make you mad.

Get over it, arguing doesn't help.

-Krynn, Mercenaries GM

From: Tancred Wednesday, January 16 2002, 09:41AM

I'm more or less with Krynn here, with the one exception that I think making everyone AA would drive hordes of players away (though I can see his reasoning). We need an adjustment of the PKOK rules to discontinue the kill and reject practice that some players apparently can't be good enough sports not to abuse. Apart from that -- you accept someone, they beat you up, your problem. To me, jumping a group in the deep end of SL sounds like a tactically wise move -- not very sportsmanslike, but definitely smart.

And as Krynn said, you don't have to CR those who do -- or group with them, or otherwise get involved with them. You can even demand that your group goes reject all before entering SL in the first place if peace and quiet is your primary goal.

--Tancred's player

From: Mysanthrope Wednesday, January 16 2002, 10:14PM

krynns got a point !

But i would like to biff my 2 cents worth in.

The current Pk system in good, its just that players don't made the PK hap jumping a run will make atleast one person on that run go AA then you do n ot that person reject keep up the heat, -shurg-

pk is boring now days yes but its cos non of the player do anything they just whine. make you own fun.

Altho a nice change to pk would to keep Pkok and make everyone AA. (everyone whom is enabled that is) then let them reject clan/players that trouble them or there friends.

I think it would liven things up around here and stop players abusing Pkok.

such a big change would mean unenable EVERYONE and starting again or a few weeks there you could get unenable for free.

I hope to pk more soon just need a few redeems b4 i start being "Hardcore" -chuckle self- -snicker-

From: Chaykin Friday, January 18 2002, 11:12PM

There was a time when no pkillers were hardcore and no non-pkillers were adamantly against it. Those were good times.



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