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New AA pk and pkok

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Posted by Cadmus on 01/22

I figure since my idea is a little different then most I would start a new thread

This is what I propose..

We make it so AA is totally different then pkok. How so? Once you go AA you can't go back. You then take the AA's and make it so AA's can only pk with other AA's in all aspects. Your AA and you need healed? Guess what You need to find yourself an AA healer. You want to go on a big run? Guess what? If your the only AA in that group.. better watch your behind. If you don't like another AA player, or having problems with them? You take care of the problem yourself and your associated friends. Don't have any AA friends? Better go out and make some fast... period.

This then leaves us with pkok.. the step before going AA.. which it should be. So you leave pkok just like it is.. simple and effective ways to pk without too much risk.

What does this all accomplish you ask? Well.. you want hardcore pk.. this AA scheme becomes pure hardcore pk. You still want duels.. you still play with the pkok system as is for your rp and personal reasons. Everyone ends up happy and the problem with worrying who is going to reject you but pk you first, aka "the abusers", well I'm very sure this will leave very few. Therefor making it easy on the pkok players to weed out.

Alls I'm saying is freakin make pk what it once was.. PK.. which had risks as well as a good community in which to work things out in, and a solid fo form of enemies instead of it changing day to day.. (which it can)

my 2 cents and then some

Cadmus, keeper of the Dark Lord's sacrifices

From: HerbertWest Thursday, January 17 2002, 03:09AM

Apparently 2 cents buys a fairly sensible next step to the currently exploited and often abused PK system, I think with a little work it could be a reasonably good system, I recall just last night I was having a conversation with Larnoc's player about the old days of PK where you walked in and blinding flashed a group of PK'ers then ran like hell when their friends arrived to beat the snot out of you.

These days you blinding flash a group of PKers run to the middle of nowhere for 50 ticks, reject and live happily ever after, the element of danger in enabling is gone, and has been for far too long.

The other option of course is to use two different PK systems, where if you enable under AA you are AA for your entire career and can only fight those enabled under that system, and have regulard PKOK as a different type of enable where you can still accept/reject and do what you normally do, or could accept all and fight all other accept all PKOK enabled players.

Hell if I know but I do know that something drastic needs to be done before the segregation that already exists expands and destroys a very active and interesting part of our community.

I dont value my opinion, neither should you, so its not 2 cents worth.


From: Boreas Friday, January 18 2002, 12:34AM

I think that the main problem with this idea is that the 'hardcore' pk community is already rather small. If you make it so that they can no longer fight with selective pkok'ers, then they may have some difficulty finding anyone to fight with. So it seems that you are in a position of choosing between evils--deal with people who abuse the system, or significantly decrease the amount of people you can pk with.

I prefer the idea of having an 'allies' list that must be accepted, or accepting a whole pk clan if you accept one clanmate. Those address the problem of people not having the protection of friends and clanmates. Ther is safety in numbers ;)

Boreas' player

From: Cadmus Friday, January 18 2002, 02:28AM

First thing I wanna point out is that I highly doubt it will make any pk community smaller. If anything this will make it bigger. From what I have seen is a lot of newer pkers are always saying "Damn, I wish I was around back with oldschool pkill.. it sounds a lot simplier to do". And you know what? They have a good point. With this you know who is accepting you and you know they cannot abuse you at all. Also this brings the "PK" back to PK clans. I would like to see the pk clans come up and say this is why we are pk, we want pk and we want it knowing there are solid pkers there that cannot hide from us under the pkok system. That is what pk is. Not to mention the actual benefits of AA clans forming up for the single purpose of being healers and bards. Remember the old Herms? Or the OTS? They got into pkill knowing full well the risks.. and they were all bards and types knowing the art of healing in one form or another They also did it for the another very good reason, which is the challenge of competing against characters built for pure killing with their skills of the bard and healing. That in itself brings thrill to some and would do so again.

I say go ahead for allies list, that idea sounds great for pkok. But I also say put this idea in as well. If we end up with so few then where is the harm in it? It would be just another option and pkok would still exist anyway.

Cadmus's player

From: Chaykin Friday, January 18 2002, 11:36PM

My main problem with the allies list idea is that it takes pkok, which is already in my opinion more complex than any pk system needs to be, and complicates it even further. It turns every fight into a huge rigamarole of making sure you're accepting all the right people. It would basically mean it would be just as hard to pk with somebody as it currently is to heal a pkiller. And you can ask any pk healer about what a hassle that is ...if you can find one.


From: Frenchy Saturday, January 19 2002, 12:10AM

I appended a very similiar idea as an alt before as well.

Frenchy's Player.


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