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Yet Another Idea for AA

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Posted by Diarmuid on 01/27

A slightly different take on PKOK than what's usual. It's a simple idea.

After a character gets pk-enabled by an immortal, they have the same choices as currently, of a) accepting a few people b) accepting all, c) rejecting all, then accepting a few people, d) accepting all then rejecting a few people, and e) rejecting all and not accepting anyone.

The difference is this:

The first time a character types "Accept All" there is no in-game "cost". However, if the AA character then decides that he/she doesn't like the experience, is close to perma, etc, etc, they can still type "Reject all" without any costs. BUT it takes a redemption point to regain AA status. I.e. AA is free the first time, as a "try-out" time. You can always reject all if you find yourself in a situation you dislike.

Furthermore, if a character _likes_ being AA but is close to perma, making the second and subsequent "Accept All" commands require a redemption point would rather neatly solve the problem of "eek don't hit me I am close to perma". If someone can, and is willing to, redeem back into AA status, it means they have at least 25 million worth of xp before they even get close to perma again.

Thus AA status will at least have a certain value as a (heh) status symbol. There really isn't any reason to go AA currently other than - well - in this case, I have to speak purely for myself, since I'm not sure why other people go AA when there aren't any benefits to it - no reason other than principle.

As I said before PKOK was implemented, and I am still saying now, I strongly believe that PKOK removed an element called personal responsibility (ack it's the R word) for your character's actions. Ostensibly, people who acted irresponsibly and unpleasantly would then be shunned by the Right-Minded Pkillers, and no one would abuse the system by shunning anyone they didn't like after they'd poked them in the eye whilst they were sleeping.

Previously if you poke a sleeping someone in the eye, you have to live with that person being pissed with your pk alt, and if you didn't like it, well - play another alt. But it was _trackable_. Now with the bewildering number of alts that run the spectrum from AA one moment to reject all (but I shall now accept an AA person to kill them while they're low) to true reject all...it's impossible to track anything. So there's another subtle bit of fun lost to PKOK, ah well.

So, well make AA so that it at least has some value as a status symbol, is possible for newbie pkillers to "test the waters" so to speak, and even possible for them to jump back in after testing the waters and lickin their wounds - provided they are willing to work for it.

In addition to this, make it so that if someone types "Accept All" then types, say "Reject Diarmuid", they no longer have the cute little star beside their names - they aren't, after all, "Accept All" anymore. I'm not sure about others, but there's something annoying about making preparations to sneak up on a person and give them an -ahem- friendly tap on the back, and find that they aren't accepting your taps.

This could work for those who feel that the cute little star makes them walking Targets as well, since they can still accept the whole mud, with the exception of one character - hence doing a pretty good imitation of the pre-PKOK system where there were some people who were so quiet you didn't even know they were clanned until they retired. ;) Make people observe again!

Take the negative connotations off AA. =)


From: Celes Sunday, January 20 2002, 05:24AM

So using this method only lvl 50's could go AA?

-just a tad confused-

- Celes

From: Diarmuid Sunday, January 20 2002, 06:50AM

No, going AA the first time is free.

If you change your mind and back out, then yes, you can only get it back at level 50, at the cost of a redemption point.

A parallel for only being able to retire at level 50, too. Otherwise, in those days, you perma'd.

The idea was to switch the desirability factor around a bit.

From: Chaykin Sunday, January 20 2002, 10:11PM

A lot of people might try pkok, get attacked and reject in a panic. And then they'd be shut out of AA for a really long time...what if the redemption point is required to reject all the second time?


From: Diarmuid Monday, January 21 2002, 04:35AM


The facetious answer would be, if it's too hot, get out of the kitchen?

That being said, no, making it take a redemption point to retire out of AA would well - whether it would work or no is a matter for another debate.

It would, however, entirely defeat the thrust of my suggestion in the first place.

Yes, these people would be shut out of AA if in they rejected whoever in a moment of panic. But they would _not_ be shut out of pkok. They could still duel whomsoever they wish to.

They would simply not qualify for the cute little star. My suggestion is to make AA at least a symbol of someone's perversity and/or toughness. A more desirable, if no more useful thing, than it is now.

It doesn't in any sense mean that people who are _not_ AA cannot pk, quite the contrary. They can pk quite peacefully by specifically accepting other people, or by just rejecting one person and accepting the whole mud by default. They simply won't have a status symbol (which is also, to some a walking bullseye).

So, in effect, they can learn how NOT to panic, in that "very long time" in which they'll be shut out of AA status.

Far better, to me at least, than being locked into a permanent state of AA-panic while they try to get out of it with a redemption point. ;)


From: Kyna Monday, January 21 2002, 08:26AM

I can see where you're coming from ... and it's a sweet idea.

But it doesn't solve what I see as the major problem with pkok ... someone accepting a char (AA or not) and not accepting anyone else in their clan or group, only to reject as soon as the tick timer wears down.

Pkok solved one form of harrassment/abuse, only to present us with another form, unfortunately.

Extending the tick timer won't solve the problem, because sometimes you accept someone, only to realise afterwards that you'd prefer not to have accepted them.

Telling all your friends and your clan that someone is a jerk won't work, all they have to do is switch to an unknown alt. It's easy to build and equip new chars in a relatively short time, if you know what you're doing.

Perhaps we could restrict the number of alts that can be pk? One is too few, it's fun to try out different chartypes against friends and their alts. Maybe it could be restricted to 5 alts? And you have to redeem (or perma) one of those 5 alts out of PK before you can enable another. That way it would be easier to keep track of the jerks you'd prefer to keep rejected, and they'd soon find they had nobody to play with, until they hit that redeem point.

some random thoughts ...


From: Chaykin Tuesday, January 22 2002, 01:34AM

Well, I think it should go back to 1 alt that can pk, life was so much simpler under that rule because everybody pretty much knew who was pk and who wasn't. It made the pk community much tighter. And as for the original suggestion, I wasn't suggesting they would be locked out of pk. They'd be locked out of AA and the benefits of it that would (hopefully) exist. Under your suggestion, if someone goes AA and then decides they aren't ready for it yet, they can't ever go AA again without lots and lots of work beyond level 50. My suggestion would allow them to try AA on a sort of trial basis and reject once. If they decide they really didn't like being AA, they can go on living under pkok. If they decide they'd like to be a more permanent player on the AA field, they can accept all again--but this decision would have to be made with careful thought and full knowledge of the danger, since they would not be able to reject all the second time without redeeming.

I think that since so many people are nervous about being AA, it's more important to have a rule governing it that is inclusive rather than exclusive, in order to allow people to jump in at will when they decide they're ready. No one would be "locked into" it, as you say, who hasn't already tried it once.


From: Skar Tuesday, January 22 2002, 12:51PM

Hm. Should I spend my redeem point on regaining my AA status, when I can certainly pkill with almost anyone I want, or should I spend my redeem point on a coupon?

Decisions, decisions...

From: Vampyr Sunday, January 27 2002, 03:06PM

seriously though


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