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Posted by Dude on 01/31

NPH as a clan is currently suffering from low activeness and membership. There has been some discussion about this issue on the clan mailing list, but no one has come up with a solution or anything else that can help the problem.

Therefore i suggest creating a new immortal department to specifically assume the role of New Player Helpers on the mud.

I figure doing that will solve most of the problems we're having:

1) Members will be screened via an application and questionare to eliminate the cases of NPH members being semi newbies themselves and not being able to help anyone.

2) Will hold the people in the role to a set of rules reguarding activeness and log on hours per week or whatever.

3) Will give the people in the role to load newbie FAQs and starting EQ fo for characters who either lose it or are instructed to drop it by players power lvling them.

4) Remove pressure from current NPH clan members to lvl or get other eq fo new players - as the immortals can simply point to the rule that says they can't.

I dunno - I'm a NPH member and i just dont feel like we're getting the job done.

Thanks for listening,


From: Chocorua Monday, January 28 2002, 09:13PM

this should be what all i the community wish to do if they want to help the gam. Immortals already serve this purpose. The players seem to be failing to hold up a community service such as this so now the immortals are supposed to step in and bail the failed venture out? I think that the NPH should, if they want to, work harder to make it work. If not then there will be informal new player helpers as there always have been. its sad that something with a noble cause could end badle.


From: Fraegis Tuesday, January 29 2002, 05:18AM

Uhm, 1) and 2) can be done by the current members of NPH, they don't need an imm for that.

3) can be done by most imms online, you only need to ask. Then you have the same thing without needing a new imm.

4) It's easy. Just say No! Levelling people is not your job. If you can't say no to people asking for levels and/or eq, you might want to learn.

And yep, it is very easy for me to sit back with my 'I hate newbies' attitude and point out the flaws in your post.


From: Dashiva Tuesday, January 29 2002, 06:43PM

I hate newbies too fraegis!

let's round them all up in one room, pretending like we're gonna help them, then rain fire upon their ignorant heads!

even better! I know we can get akai_hayate and reaper to join in would you like to be in our little club of newbie haters?

our ex-president was krillen, he had the best newbie hater attitude, one day I hope to follow in his footsteps

-more power to dude-

From: Boreas Wednesday, January 30 2002, 12:05AM

I like helping out newbies, but I don't want to join a clan to be able to do it. I'm even further from wanting to immort to help newbies. I just love my mortally goodness too much. In addition, about 2 people on average get immed yearly...making NPH an immort thing would really just hurt newbies. Most of the help newbies need can be handled by anyone with a reasonable working knowledge of the mud--no need for imm commands or being in a clan.

From: Freja Thursday, January 31 2002, 11:14AM

I think the NPH in itself is a great idea, though I, do not feel that I need to be a member of a clan to help newbies, however I do think it's a good thing that we do have such a clan, since new players then can "maybe" always find someone to turn to.

I help new players when I find them and have no trouble telling them, that what I'm there for, and nothing else, is information on game basics and helpful tips.

I do not see the need to make it an immortal affair. I think it is in everybody's interest to make new people stay, to get friends.

-Lady Freja

From: LadyAce Thursday, January 31 2002, 06:08PM

I for one would rather that the NPH stayed a mortal clan. The imm staff does give advice the newbies when we can, but we have very strict rules about what we can tell new players -- essentially, we can provide the same information that's in helpfiles, and not much more.

The NPH doesn't have the same set of restrictions, and fills a very useful role because of it -- it's one thing to tell a newbie 'You there, go wander the area and ask mobs 'teach' if you want a skill.' and it's something else to be able to walk with them from place to place, talking about what they're seeing, sharing bits of news and tips, maybe buying them an ice cream cone or tying their shoes in the process :). There's a wide gulf of information between what's in the help files, and ...legenddb :)

I think every human group goes through increases and declines in activity and enthusiasm -- sports teams, work groups, clans, clubs, whatever. The important thing is to notice the declines and grab a few friends to help you turn things around. It's up to you -- if the car is sliding downhill, will you be the one to pull the emergency break, wake your sleeping companions, and call out for help? Or will you take a nap and figure someone else will get it? -chuckle- The longer you let it go, the faster and steeper the fall.

At any rate, I don't have a perfect solution to offer, or I'd be out on the lecture circuit. But here's what I suggest:

- If you, as a non-member of NPH, believe in what the NPH does, in their particular focus and efforts as volunteers to improve the mud...consider joining them. If you can't join them, encourage them, speak kindly of them to your neighbors, and give them cookies.

- If you, as a current member of NPH, want to put an end to the sliding inactivity of your clan, make a commitment. Log in, be loud about it, and give some hours of your time. Step up and do it, even though it's a drag sometimes, because it's a good thing, and worth your time and attention.


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