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Rules on contract killings

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Posted by Zandy on 01/29

While the immortals are reviewing pkill rules and fine-tuning the pkok implimentation, the immortal position on contract killings is this:

- The person purchasing the contract should make sure the person-to-be- killed is on their 'accept' list. (Bear in mind that the immortal staff lacks the tools and time to reliably track this, so unless a very clear abusive pattern emerges, immortal intervention is highly unlikely.)

- It is the responsibility of the person taking out the contract, and not the responsibility of the person accepting the contract, to make sure that the above is the case.

- Players have tools to protect themselves from abuse of this if you do not wish to be killed for money, do not accept characters that will do so.

- If asked if you or your clan accept contracts, you must answer honestly. This will be enforced by the immortal staff. (It would be best if you deci decide now, since you're likely to be asked and if you've told a bunch of people 'no' you might be forced to stick with it or make a public proclimation that you have now decided to.

- In the event that you choose to accept contracts, I'd ask that you give it a few days before accepting any, just to give people time to clear their pkill timers and reject you if they choose.

- Terms and conditions between the contractor and the killer are not of immortal concern. Failure of the contracted killer to follow up on the killing or failure of the 'payer' to pay up do not concern the immortal staff.

Please bear in mind this may well be a temporary solution while we consider other rules and/or code changes to the pkill system.

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