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sharing of alts

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Posted by Boreas on 02/10

I would like to hear other people's opinions on a matter of interest to me: the unsolicited sharing of one's own alts.

I've noticed that some people don't mind much who knows their alts, and talk about them publicly, on channels, or boards. I've also had more than a few people, most of whom I am barely acquainted with and haven't talked ooc with at all, tell me their alts.

Is this something that you consider normal and acceptable, or do you prefer to not know?

Also, in the situation where somebody you have helped tells you their alt, clearly expecting you to also help that alt, how is the best way to react, and still remain ic?

From: LadyAce Thursday, February 07 2002, 11:59AM

I think there are a lot of facets to this -- if you're trying to maintain some continuity of OOC friendships, letting someone know that "it's really me!" seems ok to me. But "I'm BigBad who helped you yesterday, level me." is in SUCH bad taste.

As far as IC responses...that could be kinda fun. Goodness, that must be very difficult for you. Let me get you the number of my analyst....."

I suspect witchcraft! Let us consult with a priest immediately!

Oh no, you can't be. PersonA has green eyes and a crooked smile, and couldn't wave a sword to save her skin. You cannot be the same!"

On the run from the law, eh....? What a clever disguise you've chosen....

Call it guerilla RP ... responding IC when someone is trying to be OOC.

Sometimes, the person will snap into character, at the realization of what's going on (that you prefer/expect RP from casual acquaintances). Sometimes, of course, they'll just have a 'whatever' response -- but I consider it worth a try :)


From: Ryan Thursday, February 07 2002, 01:16PM

As a rule, with few exceptions, I hate it. I know a few people's alts, and a fewer number know mine, but these are all people that are friends OOC. I think this issue that one should decide on their own, but I'd personally rather not know. As far as handling it when someone tells you, I have a tendancy to just send them a private tell, stating 'I don't deal with alts.' or some other poorly-veiled attempt to get them to shut up. RPing your way out of it works, but not very often in my own experience. Basically, if you don't enjoy knowing others alts, then let them know somehow, and they'll leave you outta the loop.


From: LadyAce Thursday, February 07 2002, 03:30PM

I guess I, as a player, would prefer the chance to 'RP my way out of it' -- to have the opportunity to fix my faux pas instead of that uncomfortable 'uh, sorry man....' moment which would inevitably follow a 'leave me alone!' sort of response. Even if 90% of the people who make this sort of etiquette mistake aren't all that interested in fixing it, it seems better to<
a) give them the benefit of the doubt
b) set up the thought in their head that hmmm, some people expect RP
c) not have to break character yourself, and have a bit of fun in the process.

I can absolutely seeing it being tiresome and discouraging, but I think an IC response to OOC is always worth considering and trying to stick to when you can.


From: Chaykin Thursday, February 07 2002, 03:45PM

Seems like it's gotten more acceptable for people to announce their alts on chat or to everyone in a room. "Chat: My alt Trouserface is a mage, he rocks!" This annoys me because I just don't want to know, and by announcing it in public they are taking that choice away from me.

I like LadyAce's suggestion of RPing your way out of it. "How do you know Waximus? I have never seen you in his company before." On channels it's a little trickier but you can always pretend you don't know what an 'alt' is. "Is that some kind of bond brother?" As long as it's all in fun, they might just follow along.


From: Dashiva Thursday, February 07 2002, 09:01PM

----- tells you, 'Psst! it's me! Zandy!, help me level this alt!'

you tell ----, 'hah you sissy! I ain't leveling you!' That's usually the best way to handle situations like those unless you get another tell saying...

----- tells you, 'If you don't I swear I'll accidently archive lock all of your chars! Bwaaaaahahahahaha!'

then you usually do what ----- says

From: HerbertWest Friday, February 08 2002, 07:19PM

There are those that RP, there are those that dont know what RP is, and there are still others who dont WANT to know what RP is. Out of that segway of course at least some of them are not going to know the etiquette of it all, or even still dont CARE what the etiquette is, there is absolutely no way to stop someone announcing their alts whether in public or tells, its what you do with the information that affects their giving you the information.


(Gives his alts away regularly to maintain relationships and to gain credibility when offering advice as a level one)

From: Lachesis Friday, February 08 2002, 08:48PM

I see there being some disadvantages and advantages to revealing one's alt.

The Disadvantages-
People think you are too loose with your words. Meaning, if they tell you their alts, then sometime down the line, they expect you to tell them your Sometimes telling your alts DOES get you further, if you've inter- acted with them enough, but just starting a RP relationship, and MAYBE work your way into telling them is a better idea. I agree with what Chaykin had to say... Also, there's no secret to whom you really are!

The Advantages-
Sometimes people will help knowing who you are.... but that's not the coolest advantage. When you tell someone your alt, they then know who you are, and can differentiate between the RP tactics that you use. Character One is a grimy slimey witch! and she roleplays that well! But Character 2 that she plays is a Major League Baseball player! Wow! What a great diversity of Role-playing!

In the End, sometimes it's cool to pronounce your alts, and sometimes it's not. Choose wisely whom you tell, if you choose to.

Lachesis and her secret alts that she'll never tell you.

From: QuacK Sunday, February 10 2002, 04:23AM

Like.. I have a hard enough time remembering my 2 other alts.... how am I supposed to remember all of y'all's?


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