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Posted by Sigrid on 07/12

Games are funny. I think most people like them.

And I don't mean to complain but.. do they all have to be around the same time a weekdays?

It doesn't seem very friendly to non-american people.

I know the nice imms have to have time to run them etc etc.

But could it be considered to actually plan some games that - say - european people (or whatever) could join without missing work the next day?

Different times? Or maybe weekends?

Or if not, just hand us some tokens out at random!

Just because we're not american. Yes!

Sigrid Icelander and the person behind the screen.

From: Kae Thursday, February 21 2002, 03:29PM

For what it's worth, this is one thing that we had in mind when we designed the hard-coded version of the Elf Game to "run itself" over the game period. Yep, I'm not American either.

--Darth Kae.

From: Be'lal Thursday, February 21 2002, 04:51PM

In a way...we're all American...

From: Cheyla Thursday, February 21 2002, 05:42PM

Can only speak for myself, but I always try to make a point of running games (or scheduling them) at more odd times to allow more people from different parts of the world a chance to participate... It was part of the intent in how I automated the elf game (so Kae wouldn't have to be up for 24 hours running it manually!). And I made an extra point on the mud's birthday when I ran the elf game more manually than usual to stay up extra late just so I could get different crowds of people involved.

Sometimes, though, it just doesn't happen... Kinda hard to convince yourself it's worth going to bed at 6pm your time and set your alarm at 3am to run a late-night game. Especially if you get up that early/late to find only 10 people on or something.


From: LadyAce Thursday, February 21 2002, 05:55PM

I do have a games series running at 9 pm on Wednesdays -- it's a regular thing, it's a time which is convenient to me. I can't regularly set aside weekend days as easily. So perhaps you were referring to me...

Some activities are going to be at times which are very convenient to you, and others will be at times which are not. There's no way to please everyone.

The reason I personally try to take a 'series' approach is that it makes the event reliable -- better participation when people can predict that "something" will happen at a given time, and if they want to hit more games, they can rearrange accordingly.


From: Sigrid Thursday, February 21 2002, 06:17PM

So I got some expected answers. I thank for bothering to answer even though you too problably knew it was nothing but was to be expected.

The reason for posting this was not because I expected anything could be done.

I think - yes sometimes i do think - that you're all doing a great job of whatever it is you're doing and making this place worth spending time on.

But nothing is without flaws and as a user I see it as my duty to point them out, so the place can be even better. Anyway, to a point of some sort. I never meant to offend anybody, you all do a great job.

Sigrid Icelander and the person behind the screen.

From: Kae Friday, February 22 2002, 03:41AM

I didn't see anything offensive. Within the parameters of what's possible to the people doing the work, internationality is definitely something we need to keep in mind. :)


From: LadyAce Tuesday, February 26 2002, 12:32PM

I don't think it's offensive to point it out, and to keep it in our minds as we go along -- I appreciate that. But I do want to add that this is one of those things which comes up again and again, and there's no good solution to it, and so it doesn't always help to bring it up as a general topic -- or at least, it's not as helpful to bring it up generally as it might be to bring it up specifically, or with the "known responses" in mind. (I.e. we're always going to say that we try, we're always going to say that it's not easy to solve).

Any ideas you might have about new and different types of games which can be run without imm involvement, or with imm-count-up-after-the-fact, are always welcome (well, any type of idea is welcome, but this kind is more helpful with this problem). Or, mentions like "this -particular- game seems to end up on day/time X, which never works for timezone Y, maybe it could be run at day/time Z every so often as well?" etc. are always helpful. The more we know about the constituencies we're not reaching, the better.



From: Zandy Monday, March 04 2002, 03:14PM

I was, historically, around quite late US time to run games for quite a while, but it simply got to be 'not worth the effort.'

FOr every person that appreciates that I run a flag hunt, 5 people complain at me that they never find a flag, or where I put them wasn't fair. Every time I run a trivia game, 3 or 4 people are upset because their answer may have been right, even if it wasn't the one I was looking for. (I wish I had the time to thoroughly research every question and identify all the correct answers, I don't, and I don't anticipate having the time.) I rain tokens, someone DT's looking for them and I hear about it for a week.

Just in case you're curious why Zandy doesn't run games anymore. I'm sorry that this punishes those of you who have never caused any problems around games, but I have enough stress associated with being head admin.


From: Fairfax Tuesday, March 05 2002, 12:31PM

I live in the Aussie time zone, and at one point a few years back, after Leila and other imms in my timezone semi-retired, and my drive to stay up at ungodly hours waned, I did find a certain lack of games which I could take part in. Prior to the elf game, certain mort-run games with prizes sponsored by imms used to be the best for me, until the practice was abused (friends run trivia games and tell each other answers an split prizes or something like that) and then stopped. There has been an increase in the last year or so in flag hunts, token rains, and of course, the elf games (although the Jan trivia was a bit too early in the morning for me), and the effort is much appreciated. It may still be bad for the European time-zone but for my time-zone I have no complaints. I can't imagine the US time-zone having a flag hunt or token rain every three days or so anyway.. :)

Fairfax's player

From: Craven Tuesday, March 05 2002, 02:14PM

I live one hour ahead of the machines time, and I rarely see games, so either I play at non-game times, or they just aren't played as much as you people across the sea seem to think they are :)

From: Sabrine Wednesday, March 13 2002, 02:20AM

I live in the New Zealand/Australia kind of time zones also and in general I would say that the amount of games played are not too few and far between at all, and that the issue of finding an immortal to do enabling, stringing, descs etc is the larger problem.

Games only profit your character with strings which you can get just as easily by writing for the Legendary Times or by buying them, whereas getting that extraspecial desc set just cant be done so easily.

Basically we need more immortals from non-US locations so that we can always find the support we need.

Till then..

God bless Bart for going back active.


From: Fraegis Wednesday, March 13 2002, 04:16PM

-bless Bart- Ok.


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