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Posted by Chunk on 04/12

Recently i have seen 2 particular pkers, wont name them, accept certain AA individuals, multi them, then reject them after sitting in a tunnel room for the tick timer to wear off. Now if this isnt a show of how pkok is still needing to be tweaked i dont know what is. I really would like to see some change with pkok to not only stop this from happening.. but to also make being aa worth a bit more than bait to any old jerk who levels an alt for the purpose of abuse.

Any suggestions please immies.. we are in the dark here and need something done other than " oh just reject them" because more often than not its too late.. and it could be worse.. they could start abusing it to perma particular aa's.

Chunk's player

From: Wes Tuesday, March 19 2002, 08:29PM

oh well, this has been happening since pkok was installed, suck it up, and live with it.

pkok rocks my world.

From: Jen Wednesday, March 20 2002, 06:43AM

A way to counter act this would be adding a kill timer, once you die you cannot be attacked for x ticks, if you make x something like 5 or 10 ticks it will allow persons whom wish a rematch of a duel to duel, as they will probably not wish to fight until full health anyway. It should also stop this problem of multiing.

Alternatively you could just not allow the player to die from pk for x ticks. Would be funny watching 2 people fight it out, each with 2 hp, doing no damage waiting for the tick to run down.

Well just a thought.

- Jen

From: Zemus Wednesday, March 20 2002, 06:49AM

pkok sucks, and the kill timer wont stop someone from looting then dropping item then letting pk timmer go away pkok sucks ass, well so dose the entire pkill world on this mud now

ohh well

From: Krynn Wednesday, March 20 2002, 12:43PM

Unfortunately you can't enforce sportsmanship. Until that becomes possible, people will continue to abuse the system. No way to avoid it except to reject people with bad attitudes in the first place.


From: Kupo Wednesday, March 20 2002, 05:40PM

I agree.... if it happens to you, reject and ignore that person... easiest way...

From: Chunk Wednesday, March 20 2002, 06:50PM

problem is.. they can make an alt without anyone knowing them accept you.. kill you.. multi you.. perma you if they wish.. then reject you.. the problem is known.. and has been known for a while the solution isnt answered yet.. all i ask is something.. anything be done for those aa's to have a good reason to be aa or to pkers to go aa.. as it stands is it worth it? not really

From: Leoric Thursday, March 21 2002, 03:08PM

I really like Jen's idea on the matter.

I believe there should be some kind of tick after you die so that noone can just come along and multi you, perma you, etc also.. this tick could stop looting as well.

I think at least something along the lines of these ideas would stop people to a certain degree from abusing the system.

From: Craven Thursday, March 21 2002, 10:32PM

if the timer affects looting, when exactly would you loot?

From: Habeeb Friday, March 22 2002, 03:28AM

a tick timer when you die won't solve the problem of people being lame its a fact of life and when you go aa, your saying i'm a big boy and can handel all the llamas out there, if you can't then its called only the strong survive, if you can't hang with the pack don't be aa

From: Leoric Saturday, March 23 2002, 11:38AM

Well perhaps the tick timer after you die could only affect those who wishes to multi?

From: Ruby Monday, March 25 2002, 12:18PM

Tick timer after you die? Dark Lord!

Whats this world comeing to when people start saying you should not be able to multi!

Next thing you know they will make it so you can't use stolen coupons to do strings!

Then they will make it so you can't do anything with a stolen item when the person you stole it from rejects you! I'll tell you what people....

Give us 1 month of oldschool pk. Everyone thats accepting anybody becomes accept all. Then we will weed out the..... how did you put it Habeeb, "llamas"?

But alas I for one still thank the Dark Lord for pkok. I just wish there was a "perma aa" bracket to be in. Your perma aa and only perma aa's can attack you unless you accept other dopes.


Not hardcore. hardcandy

From: Krynn Monday, March 25 2002, 10:18PM

Here's something else to think about... Alot of us older pkillers run around talking about how great old pk was. How would people that have only pk'd since pkok know what it was like? Why would they even care? While pkok may have created some problems, it did remove quite a few of them. When I explained pkok to Rummy, he laughed. He immediately started asking "what if" questions about things that have, and still do happens, which older pkillers complain about.

All of this aside, I don't see old pk coming back.

Looting is a part of pk.

Multis are a part of pk.

Permas are a part of pk.

Are they sporting or fair? No. Is life? No.

""We gotta make a change. It's time for us as a people to start making some changes. Lets change the way we eat, lets change the way we live, and lets change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn't working, so it's on us to do what we gotta do, to survive.""


From: Karrion Saturday, March 30 2002, 10:20AM

I think that new tick timer idea is horrible. Good intent, but obviously not from someone who pkills, or does so in any form other than friendly duels. We can no longer invis corpses, which, in my humble oppinion, was one of the best revenge/self policing tactics in the game due to the fact that nothing was lost and your xp didn't go down from it. With grad stat now, it would be even better. Oh well.

Now, the only options we have for checking someones diareah of the mouth or rude/vicious/out of line behaviour without bithing to the imms is multi and other such forms of 'negative reinforcement'. (I didn't list rejecting because that is the same as quitting, admitting the offending char is right, and running from your problems)

I hope that this tick idea is considered then put on the shelf, never to be looked at again, personally. If you remove the last of our options concerning personally dealing with asses and jerks, the only rp(<--laugh) we will have left to us is the boy scout koombiyah thing. Grudges and reprisal are what makes clan wars go down, makes the pkill end of the game intersting. I personally -=REFUSE=- to use the reject command, and there are others like me. For us the 'just reject them' line dosn't work, and we need to be able to take care of the 'llamas' ourselves.

If the right to multi/loot is taken, I personally beleive there will be even more whining and complaining for the imms to deal with due to straife/reject kills and other such things the tick timer wouldn't solve. There are always gonna be punks that play here (and trust me, just as there are assholes in pkill, there are plenty that don't pk at all) who are gonna look for a way to stir the s.. stuff and WILL find one.

As pkillers, we have the option to take revenge on that char directly for whatever offense they have commited. Imagine a pk enabled Mortisha and no means to in any way discourage their actions beyond a single death.

That is one of the reasons I enabled in the first place. I like to be able to take care of the situation MYSELF when someone acts up.

From: Leoric Saturday, March 30 2002, 02:57PM

Actually Karrion.. I have been pkilling for over 4 years now.

I am simply trying to come up with solutions to prevent loser pkillers from abusing the system by multing and then rejecting.

so us pkillers didnt really agree with the continuing response of "Just reject that person and be done with" or something like that.

So perhaps something could be put in the game to prevent -just- multing in the first place? or something... but then i have grown up in pk that surrounded myself of constant multies, loots etc so i really just don dont know

but i do know that those past multies were due to -other multies, for most of the reasons anyway.

From: LadyAce Tuesday, April 02 2002, 04:55PM

It's intentional that multis are allowed by the code at present -- sometimes the person who has been killed persists with the same thing that got them killed in the first place -- trying to fight/cause trouble/ insult the deity/etc. There are also 'jerk' multis -- people who just go nuts for no reason.

The solutions to multis are as old as the pk system ... don't log back in, give other people a chance to do what they can to help you out. If someone multis for no good reason, there's an additional solution -- post their name and suggest that people reject them.


From: Archibald Friday, April 12 2002, 04:37AM

Dont log back in, are you insane? We are playing Dex Mud here, if you didnt log back in by the time you were safe to do so 90% of your corpse would be in a DT.



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