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Safe room and one person rooms in combat

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Posted by Ruby on 04/15

I find that as i fight more and more people running to safe rooms/one person rooms -peer- now who made that alias on my computer?

More and more I see people running to safe rooms/one person This might be the new fad or something. I'm not sure One thing I am sure of is that it is bad form.

Personaly I'm of the opinion that there should be no safe rooms in the mud.

If you want to be safe you should have to pay for it. Heck it might even make houses worth something Anyway. Since we know safe rooms are gonna stick around all I can do is ask everyone to try and stay out of them in a pk fight.

I mean come on guys. Thats just weak!


From: Krynn Saturday, March 30 2002, 08:11PM

One person rooms seem to be the new fad, I think they're funny. Try shooting them repeatedly until they step out?

Running to safe rooms though, that's been going on for years. The popularity of it declined with housing, but it's not new, by any means whatsoever. I'm amazed people don't do it as much as they used to. Hooray for walls & incite I geuss.


From: Archmage Saturday, March 30 2002, 11:47PM

I say we just make that arena room thing.

If someone wants to pkill, they go in there to fight.

In the arena are....

No safe rooms

No one man rooms

No healers

No time transes...or there could be..but with limited transes allowed

Kinda like a tourney environment

Sounds stupid?

probably...but i just wanna firestorm 20 people at once and watch my hp drop from full to 0 in 4 rounds maybe less.

but hey...at least pkill will be funny.

Archmage Archmage

From: Varnel Sunday, March 31 2002, 01:02PM

one person rooms would be ok if that damn certain one would let you shoot the person out!

From: Habeeb Friday, April 12 2002, 10:06PM

say, people hide in one man rooms, why not

a.kill them before they get there

b.find a way to stop them from going there

c. block the room

surely you can find something better to do then whine on a board

From: Craven Saturday, April 13 2002, 07:44PM

not all of us have walls and charmies...


From: Habeeb Monday, April 15 2002, 11:05PM yer just jealous, besides walls can't stop a mage =P


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