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Posted by Somar on 04/19

This is a long way from anything that could be immediately implemented, but is an idea I was toying around with. I think that there should, to allow for a lot more creativity with character design, quite a few more second and third circle words. What would this mean to mages? They would now have to pick and choose which words they want, if we had enough. I mean enough words where noone even possibly *could* get them all with practices available, and some mages would have to sacrifice some skills to get some of the words they might want. It would allow characters to be more custom-tailored to the players' desires, and would help keep things from getting old!

I know this would be a major project to implement if it came to that, requiring so many new spells, lots of design, coding, etc, but would be quite neat!

Somar Ilnos

From: Fraegis Monday, April 15 2002, 01:01PM

Next to impossible to code, and imagine all the whining when people don't have max cast level at once. And the whining until the number of practices was raised in order to enable everyone to learn all words.

I still like the thought, though, I wish I had thoughts. They do sound nice.


From: Habeeb Monday, April 15 2002, 11:06PM

arn't they suppose to address that in the fabled skill trees?

From: Cheyla Tuesday, April 16 2002, 10:52AM

Just in response to Habbeb's question... Based on what was provided in the skill tree's FAQ on the website, no, new spell words aren't part of skill trees.

FAQ 1.3 How will skill trees affect magic?
For the most part, they won't. Magic words and spells are not touched by this upgrade to the code at all.

From: Dashiva Tuesday, April 16 2002, 10:27PM

heh heh heh hehe hehehe... you said skilltrees heh heheh heh

From: Daer Wednesday, April 17 2002, 01:27PM

Heh. nothing around here changes ;)

From: Craven Friday, April 19 2002, 10:12AM

Our love for you sure doesn't Daer! At least the love for the way things where back when you were around :P

From: Habeeb Friday, April 19 2002, 05:38PM

hey cheyla, should that read Will skill trees ever be implemented? maybe, we'll see how long you keep buying that they exist first becfore we descide to put them in...


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