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Posted by Jen on 08/16

As a recent victim of being overrent I am asking mine self a few questions. Some are, why why DTs like being overrent doth one loose all of their strings? When if thou DTs they art waiting outside. Also loosing EVERYTHING from being over rent by a small amount, say 10, seems rather harsh. Although if there art naught penalties for being overrent persons shall intentionally go overrent. So why does they naught destroy the most renty item, follow'd by the next, until the person ist under rent. Or implement that system for cases of say 1k rent over and below. But either loose strings in DTs AND over rent, or reimburse them in both cases. To me it seems a silly idea when the result of each is exactly the same. - Jen |U6

From: Cheyla Sunday, July 21 2002, 09:15AM For lack of any other coherent thoughts at the moment (they may come when I'm less sleepy)... I personally agree DTs shouldn't dump stirngs - can we change them back? |U6

From: Marcel Sunday, July 21 2002, 11:14AM This is an OOC board. If you really want a discussion, you should ditch the accent and go for readability. That said, I'm with Cheyla. Bring string-eating DTs back. |U6

From: Sandra Sunday, July 21 2002, 01:18PM Personally, I feel if you go over rent, it's your own damn fault, and you should lose everything. Of course, I also feel that way about deathtraps. As it stands though, we were nice and allowed DTs to save strings. But, you can control both situations. Simply don't go over rent, and you have no problem. Whether you're 1 over, or 1000 over, you run the risk, you know the risk, and if you get hit with it it's your own fault. -Sandra |U6

From: Drusilla Monday, July 22 2002, 05:35AM I believe what Jen was largely attempting to say was that during this period of instability it is often very hard to get a clean save in and as a strength hitter you often have very little free rent at all. Now you guys say 'Save often, get a clean save, its your problem' But as I just tested to be certain before I posted, a mob can still give you an item while you have reject gives on so if any mob just happened to give you an item, whether for love, for a quest or just for the sheer hell of it, then you could be place overrent without ever even meaning to, and quite a lot of the time these days we dont get a chance to fail a save to know we're over rent. Personally I have a few characters at the moment with reject gives on by default because im deathly paranoid that some dork is going to give me a piece of mutton and overrent me, but that command needs to stop all gives PERIOD. Over renting has always been a nasty thing to deal with and if people have never encountered it and then get a harsh response from an immort they are more than likely just going to walk away with a bad taste in their mouths. A more adviseable course of action at the moment would be to tell everyone and often to save and use reject gives if they are worried and to make certain of what they are carrying more. Perhaps in the next LT a post about the instability and overrenting in general would soothe some minds. Who knows.. With Regards, Drusilla. PS - Deathtraps eating strings may make strings more valuable but would ultimately just end with nobody every using strings and hordeing them in much the same fashion as Quimby did, which completely defeats the point behind them which is to enrich a characters RP, style and feel of achieving. Just my perspective of course. |U6

From: Israfel Monday, July 22 2002, 10:11AM One thing that's a little harsh about - staying underrent, if you're over, it's your fault. Generally, that's true, but... If you choose to trueform, repair, mend, or preserve an item for someone, that item often does place you overrent. So - we need a preserving mob.

From: Halo

From: (Yes, I'm aware that you can exchange items with the person you're helping, giving them a rentier item or same/rent item that they can hold and be overrent with in the few moments that it takes you to exchange items, or, you can drop the things in a house (which is what I generally do in this form), but even so...) |U6

From: Krynn Monday, July 22 2002, 01:27PM In response to Drusilla's comment about strings going unused: In the "old" days DT's did in fact eat strings. Characters still worked to string entire eq sets, and honestly, they were harder to get back then, and more valuable. It's also my opinion that strings were better looking, and had more thought put into them when they were harder to get. Also note, this was before the prize machine, elf games, and mundanes. Also for the record, I dt'd 11 strings, 4 old items, and nearly 2 dozen collectibles. All completely unrecoverable. DT's should be a punishment for not paying attention and cost you alot. -K |U6

From: Varnel Monday, July 22 2002, 05:29PM yea i agree, dt's should eat strings as well... i mean it takes all of what 2 or 3 hours to re-eq, thats just too easy, dt's should definately be more harsh than what they are |U6

From: Jenna Monday, July 22 2002, 06:56PM Ok, my 2 cents in. Krynn in the "old" days we didn't have housing.. There's enough hoarding of strings as it is, IMSO we should be encouraging the use of strings as a RP device. So not losing them in DTs is a good thing... Varnel, it might take you only 2 or 3 hours to re-eq but I'd suggest it takes most of the rest of us a lot longer ;-p. The last time I DT'd it took a number of days to get all my stuff back. And finally, overrent is overrent and if you're silly enough to run around overrent then you risk losing everything. I know this, you know this, we all know this! |U6

From: Drakkon Monday, July 22 2002, 09:35PM jenna your asking the wrong ppl to re-eq you, next time talk to me :P |U6

From: Jen Tuesday, July 23 2002, 12:43AM Going with Druisilla's post, strings are an RP tool. If one removes all strings from a DT or overrent, then people will horde them, and not use them. I am very rarely overrent and am parinoid when I am. I know my end is less than stable, and I know the mud is. Hell I would have been over rent for no more than 30secs when this happen'd. I do also agree with Varnel that it can be quite quick to re eq but how long does it take to re string? I'll put it this way, where I live, the only imm i regularly see is Bart. Before he came back, I was lucky if I saw any. So how can someone like me get strings? I'm at school when you lot run the games. I wouldnt be so peeved if I had a greater access to gaining strings but

From: I

From: dont. So dont you tell me that I do. You lot might, but then you live within a few hrs of system, not 15 ahead. So

From: MY

From: opinion is that DTs and overrent should give back strings because it is VERY rare that I ever get a hold of them. So I would either like to see that happen, or SOME games during times that I can log on. Hell I think I have experienced ONE game during my normal log on times out of all the years that I have been here. Well enough blab... - Jen |U6

From: Haley Tuesday, July 23 2002, 06:25AM Last I heard, games weren't the only way to get strings/prize strings. You could use the bug/typo/idea channel to get entered to win a token. You could do write-ups for the LT and get a token. There are several ways to obtain these strings and prize strings. Also, during special holidays, Cheyla and Kae run the elf game and it DOES run for 24 hours straight and gives everyone a fair chance! Yes, games do tend to happen in the evenings of system time, but keep in mind the immortals set up games that are convenient to them since it is their time they are offering up to players. Heck, I'm not around much with my morts to play the games, but I money run and purchase the strings I want when they are offered up. Strings/prize-strings are saturated and pretty much any string you are looking for is available for a price. |U6 All that being said, I'd be completely fine with DTs eating strings as well. If your character means that much to you, (and I know most players do feel strongly about their characters) then be sure to take care to not allow yourself to fall into these situations. -Haley |U6

From: Lawrence Tuesday, July 23 2002, 07:30AM I find that DTs eating strings is not a big issue. It's a bit of a pity that they have been 'down-graded' so that hitting one is no longer a big deal; on the other hand, I bet that there will eventually be other ways to lose strings for the unwary. After all, that is what DTs are all about - pain for the unwary. As opposed to loss of strings due to hard crashes when you've just picked something up which really. really. really. sucks. I agree that games aren't as available to us in the weirdo time zones as they are to the mainstream US players, but as Haley said, eh well, there are other ways than recalltag and scavenger hunts to obtain strings if it's an important issue to you ( You do not need strings to roleplay, you do not need strings to roleplay ). Larry |U6

From: Cheyla Tuesday, July 23 2002, 09:14AM Actually, I think part of the problem with hoarding strings is that people don't have enough use for them... I didn't see nearly the level of hoarding a few years ago when DTs ate strings as I do now. Sure, there were some people that did, but not like we see today. When you lost your strings to a DT, you had to replace them - these days, you don't, so you can just stockpile the extras to sell, give away, or change your eq when you feel like it. And as Haley said, there are plenty of ways to replace strings even if you can't be around for most games. To be safest, check exits, stay under rent, and simply be cautious. The responsibiity rests on your shoulders. Cheyla |U6

From: Israfel Tuesday, July 23 2002, 09:40AM While I wouldn't actually _like_ DTs to eat strings again, (I'd even like them to not eat notes, but apparently that's a nightmare...), I do agree that if your personality (ic or ooc, I leave it to you to decide) is strong enough, string-eating DTs hurt - but they can be recovered from. Like Krynn, I hit a DT shortly (2 months?) before the string-saving code was implemented. 23 strings and old gear.

From: Shrug

From: Ah well, it was time for a new look, anyway. ...that being said, I'd still like a preserving mob. Israfel |U6

From: Fairfax Tuesday, July 23 2002, 02:42PM I was wondering. Why would string-eating DTs make people hoard their strings rather than use them? Wouldn't it just make people not move more and just stay in the Stag/Beggar/Reception chatting? I mean I've been hoarding my strings, and whether a DT saves strings or not doesn't change my hoardiness (can't think of another word). Is it because if a string is used it saves, but if it is hoarded it is eaten? I suppose that would encourage the use of strings, but making a DT eat strings is not going to make people hoard more strings - it just makes them more cautious when they go to an area (or steadfastly refuse to go to certain icky areas). In response to the original thread, though.. my opinion is that a DT is an in-game function, something which is meant to do what it does, and if you waltz in, the penalty for doing so is determined by the people who made that DT (i.e. imms). When you go overrent and lose your stuff, you did something which a character was not meant to do, and it's almost like an IC and OOC difference. One is an error on the player's side which made the character lose his eq via an in-game trap, while the other was like effectively throwing a spanner at the PC and doing something the code didn't allow, so everything is lost because of code limitations. The friendly crash thing was supposed to be an effort to ameliorate the situation and try to salvage what can be salvaged, but I wouldn't bet on that 'LegendMUD is crashing. Sorry.' to save my eq when I am carrying 5 jewel-hilted scimitars back to my favourite shopkeeper for sale.. Sorry if I'm not making sense.. it's late. =( Fairfax M.B.B.S. (Madras) |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, July 24 2002, 03:55PM As an old character who has hit dt's multiple times, I'm all for dt's eatting everything, including strings. If your careful and actually CARE about your strings, its pretty hard to dt. I've had this character for over 3 years, was quite active for much of it, and have yet to ever dt a string. If you treasure your strings, be careful around dt's

From: shrug

From: . I think enough of the "penalties" have been dumbed down now that people just expect the rest of them to be too. Put the edge back in the game, MAKE CONSEQUENCES TO PEOPLE'S ACTIONS. Have a good day :) - Craven |U6

From: Zemus Thursday, July 25 2002, 03:11AM I think DT's are stupid You penalize people for exploring, REALLY STUPID idea A penelty enough would be walking into a agg mob noflee room or soemthing |U6

From: Machira Thursday, July 25 2002, 03:19AM One simple sentance, Zemus... Check Exits |U6

From: Cheyla Thursday, July 25 2002, 07:41AM Well, exploring was a dangerous thing... Sailors would come across monsters of the deep or run into rocks/reefs. They'd send boats of men ashore to scout it out and none would return, all killed by local peoples. Those exploring the wild lands fell into crevasses, were killed by avalanches, or drowned. All among other things that included the weather, starvation, and sickness. Oooh, so many ideas on ways to kill players

From: cackle

From: Uh, anyhow... At least you have to actually walk into the room that bestows a pitfall where you lose "everything", it could be made much more random, we could make them move and force you to check your exits even in areas you're extremely familiar with, or there could be more where what you've learned has an affect on whether you fall into danger. Again, if you are careful and explore with as much caution as Francis Drake, Marco Polo, Columbus, Cortez and all the others surely exercised, you should be much safer than any of them ever were. Check exits, look at areinfo to see if an area is recommended for your level range, look for warnings in room descriptions, what mobs say, or the actual warning signs the locals have posted. Cheyla |U6

From: Zemus Friday, July 26 2002, 06:04AM I have never hit a DT, I just think trying to explore, and hitting a Room where you lose EVERYTHING with no chance of getting it back it stupid I mean if Francis Drake hit a coral reef, his ship would be there for use use---us to get the items from the sunken ship, or if he hit a sea monster monster , you could go back slay the monster and get what was lost I mean like I said I dont mind having bad rooms, but rooms where you instantly die and cant get anything back is stupid, At least give us a way to get it back insted of killing 15 mobs to requ I just feel that you imms want us to explore the mud and you also put rooms like DTs that just make us not wanna explore. For people with lots of string/old equ I would rather stay where there are no DTs then Run out and hit a damn DT and lose everything that took you a year to get, and you have no way of getting it back just my opinion |U6

From: Kae Friday, July 26 2002, 06:49PM I agree with Zemus -- to an extent. It makes little sense to lose everything just because the builder 'felt like it'. However, there are situations and places where you just can't do anything -- and you just can't do anything, and I do feel that if not all, then the very most most of our current DTs reflect exactly that. Obviously a builder needs to think a bit rather than just drop 1-2 random DT DT rooms into an area and waiting on the misery to happen. I do believe that we do. I honestly don't see losing everything to a DT which you could have avoided in the first place as such a bad thing as others apparently do. For starters, it's one heck of an excuse to go dooooo something with your friends. And if you don't have these friends, you're either a very new character or you might want to take a good long hard look at yourself. Besides, many people love to assist in re-eqs for the mere fun of it, or because they enjoy a mercenary style of role-play. I've met, on a few occasions, people who refused to explore new areas because w n d use of the risk of hitting a DT. Exits, baby, exits. I've met people who refused to explore older areas for the same reason. I've also met people who refused to leave the Royal Stag or the Silver Branch without a leader. Since there is a perfectly valid way to avoid this problem, em, I take no pity, I laugh long and hard. That said, I'm having a party in what is after all supposed to become Legend's 'evilest' area ever. --Darth Kae, She Who Is On Telnet, and Boy Does It Show. |U6

From: Varnel Saturday, July 27 2002, 01:14PM lol ya kae, u really should use a mud client before you start posting it took me like 15 mins just to read the post so that i understood it :P |U6

From: Sigrid Sunday, July 28 2002, 07:14AM Dts are nice, they have several purposes. a. Keep me enetertained. When your (stupid) friends dt you suddenly get something to do. b. Keep me entertained. When people whine over hitting one I always get a good laugh. DT 'victims' are funny. c. Keep me entertained. When running through most areas my biggest trouble is how to pass the time while my speed- walking is going through. In DT areas at least I ahve to pay little attention. Sigrid |15Icelander|U6 and the entity that seems to want to control me. |U6

From: Zemus Sunday, July 28 2002, 01:41PM Sigrid I hope you hit a DT Then you can entertain me, or hell just go AA Ill have lots of fun killing you What am I saying pkill on legend its like unheard of nowdays :P Anyway I think its time to finnally leave this game |U6

From: Kae Sunday, July 28 2002, 04:28PM Varnel, you're so right. I do plan to resurrect my own computer sometime soon, though :) |U6

From: Varnel Sunday, July 28 2002, 10:48PM -=snicker=- |U6

From: Sigrid Monday, July 29 2002, 07:00AM I fail to see how DTs and over rents can be the cause of the postulated 'pkill death'. S|15I|U6 |U6

From: Boreas Tuesday, July 30 2002, 02:54AM 1. Simply not going overrent is easier said than done. If you are not among the chartypes fortunate enough to have a porter, you will probably have to go overrent to make any money. The best we can do is: get a clean save, grab the loot, then run like mad to the nearest store, and hope there are no hard crashes or dt's along the way. 2. It would be really nice if there were no dts, or we didn't lose anything in hard crashes. It would be nice if all the mobs were easy, and xp was better, and no xp loss for any kind of death, oh and if we all had really AWESOME powers! But then the mud would be really boring. Good builders challenge us. 3. I swear there already are DTs that move! Once I was just floating there and the reef rose up out of the sea and grabbed me! Or at least, that's how I remember it happening. 4. I forgot 4...oh yeah, I've seen some strings out there so ugly, I wish they did get eaten by DTs. (Kae's going to put a mob of me in the inferno...) 5. On strings, hoarding, rp, etc. I do agree that strings are an rp tool, and should be used as such. The ugliest strings and string-sets are those that are made without any regard for rp: multi-colored strings that seem to exist for the sole purpose of using every color imaginable, string sets based on gathering every prize of a type... So, I would like to see more RP-coupons given out, and more prizes given for ic things-- perhaps participation in tiny plots or other events. A rant that was supposed to be short from Boreas' player. |U6

From: Benjamin Wednesday, July 31 2002, 12:25AM A message about Boreas' message, from the Comic Book Guy: "Best. Append. Ever." I agree with him. Ben's player |U6

From: Garet Friday, August 02 2002, 12:06AM DT's eating strings is not a good idea. Some of us, myself included have RP's that are very strict, and don't allow for sappy annoying in game prize strings like crowbars and lava lamps, Therefor I have to spend every minute I can busting my rear end for XP to get coupons to get personalized strings for my RP type. If I lose all my strings that I had spent the past 3 years XPing to get, I'd be slightly peeved Cause I've had plenty of prize tokens with one alt or another, only decent thing I've ever pulled out is a mundane. Yeah yeah yeah, players give the idea for the prize strings, blah blah blah, well I don't personally wanna be giving away something -I- thought up for nothing, and other's don't think along the same lines as me, so that excuse is out the window. Garet Jax

From: Wave Aura of Silence


From: wave |12Long sapphire hilted dagger|7

From: Get my point? |U6

From: Emrysia Friday, August 02 2002, 03:07PM As you probably know, I've hit a few DT's myself, but I gotta say, Legend has one of the nicest DT policies of any mud i've ever played. First off, if your actually LOOKING where your going (ie checking EXITS) it's impossible to hit a DT, even in the dark! Most mud's i've played don't have that. And um.. yeah, i wouldn't like it if Dt's ate strings. Mostly because I have a bad habit of not looking where i'm going... And yeah, overrents suck. :( And it'd be nice if it just took your most renty item until you were under rent again. But, I don't think that's gonna happen. ;) So, make sure you save often. (i'm constantly going over rent picking up one too many herbs...

From: sigh

From: ) and as for moneyrunning.. find a nice create mage to go running with :) It's more fun with company anyways ;) Emry |U6

From: Be'lal Friday, August 02 2002, 04:11PM Its easy to not lose your strings Garet. Type exits. If your too lazy to do that, you deserve to lose them, because they obviously aren't very important to you. |U6

From: Garet Saturday, August 03 2002, 04:51AM I do type exits Be'Lala, and I dunno what yer problem with me is, but dude, stop. Sometimes, I see the DT, and it just doesn't register in my head, I even know it's there, but hey, nothin' I can do about that it happens, I'm sure plenty of other's have done it, I KNOW plenty of other's that have done it |U6

From: Shemp Friday, August 16 2002, 10:22AM what you guys think this is supposed to be a newbie friend fun mud? lol, wake up! cheyla and sandra hit the nail on the head, and explained in 2 posts why this place has never grown, never gotten tons of new players... that's fine, i think the imms who run this place like it like that thier call, not mine. anyway, being over-rent should start deleting items backwards based on rent until you are under. thats punishment enough, i mean prob most of us (you) would lose your strung chalice first. but thats work, and nothing gets coded here fast. lol, skill trees... i miss you rufus, you would just code something cool in a day or two and imp it, other imms be damned. didn't always work, but still - thats how a mud should be. note: codeing in 1 or 2 days, not the other imms be damned part =P what if you go link dead, but the mud has set you to LD yet, someone hands you something to trueform, boom mud crashes. you're SOL? |U6


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