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Posted by LadyAce on 09/23

Hi all -- I've been tossing around an idea with a dorky name (see title) and I'm hoping for your feedback. What I'd like to do is put together a regular meeting of people who like roleplay, who want to encourage roleplay, who want to talk about it and get it going and fix it when it breaks. Some of the meetings might scheme up a tinyplot, others might be suggesting bits and pieces to help each other, or bring new twists to your 'regular' RP. Suggest, poke holes, redirect the idea? I wouldn't offer any sort of reward for coming -- the idea would be that if RP is your kind of fun, the group would be all about your kind of fun, and rewarding in that way. -LA |U6

From: Emrysia Friday, August 02 2002, 03:14PM I like it! :) When do we start? :) emrysia |U6

From: Veronica Friday, August 02 2002, 08:13PM I'm definately interested..sounds like a lot of fun! |U6

From: Darla Saturday, August 03 2002, 05:01AM Sounds great! I'll definitely try to be there. Also, perhaps the topics for these discussions could be put on the lovely underused RP-board, for those who are unable to attend. |U6

From: Sinfire Saturday, August 03 2002, 03:22PM I think this is a wonderful idea - one that I wish had been on other games that I've played :-) I'm _rather_ new here; I believe I've been here since January or so, and I would definitely like to see more RP, rather than just people running in and out of game tiles without interacting with each other at all. Being new, I still haven't gotten used to the vastness and complexity of this world. It could only be improved by character interaction. Great idea! - Sinfire |U6

From: Benjamin Sunday, August 04 2002, 09:25PM Sounds like a great idea! I'd be interested in going to such an event. |U6

From: Kayin Sunday, August 04 2002, 10:21PM I like the idea as well....feel like hosting it at 3 am for me?

From: duck


From: laugh

From: Seriously, just need to look for a good time for the majority of people :) - Kayin's player |U6

From: Robar Wednesday, August 07 2002, 06:39AM RP, what's that? I guess I might have to try to show up to find out. SRRAHP. |U6

From: LadyAce Wednesday, August 07 2002, 07:43PM What do you guys think about Saturday afternoons (4?) I think that'd be an evening event for Europeans and a morning (9ish?) event for Aussies? Hard to pick a good time. Append with other ideas -- and I guess I don't necessarily

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From: to be there -- but here's when I'm free: Sun 4-10pm Wed 7pm-11pm Friday 7pm-11pm (not my fave, cuz that's _Friday_) Saturday noon-11pm These are system time. -LA |U6

From: Darla Tuesday, September 17 2002, 09:06PM Seems this idea has been set aside. But in case you're just waiting for us to append times, Sat early afternoons ns work best for me. |U6

From: LadyAce Monday, September 23 2002, 07:02PM At first I was hoping for times, yes -- then I got busy and am only now getting back to it. Any other thoughts out there? Sat afternoons sound okay. -LA |U6


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