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Posted by LadyAce on 08/14

I've been tossing around an idea that I'm hoping for feedback on. What would you guys think about declaring a weekly day and time when people interested in learning more about PK could meet up with people interested in teaching others about PK? We could make it a mix of talking/live demos/small groups practicing, we could hold it on the mud or on a testmud, we could just declare it as the time to pull out your AA chars and sharpen your steel.... Some of you have offered to teach others at various times, perhaps this could pool those resources. Setting aside a particular time might pull people into trying it, enjoying it, and spread to more nights of the week, or all nights of the week. Please add your thoughts! -LA |U6

From: Aquilante Thursday, August 01 2002, 01:45PM Sure, seems an interesting idea. But if offered on normal mud not sure how I could RP it, unless you need somebody to slaughter newbies pkillers. |U6

From: Aquilante Thursday, August 01 2002, 01:48PM And by the way I think it should be on regular mud. Testmud doesn't make it thrilling enough IMHO. |U6

From: Rush Thursday, August 01 2002, 02:15PM I think it's a great idea. I have a lot to learn about pk and would definitely try to attend something like this. Rush's player |U6

From: Ryan Thursday, August 01 2002, 10:08PM I love the idea, actually. I'd be there, assuming I'm available at the time. (to learn, god knows I should never be teaching such I thing) Were you thinking like 'Sniper Night' or '3c Con Night' Or just general stuffs? At any rate, I'm in. -Ryan |U6

From: Morph Thursday, August 01 2002, 11:37PM It might work, worth a shot I guess. If it doesn't, we're no worse off than before. But remember, just because you know how to PK, doesn't mean yer goin' to PK. I don't mind teaching people, I'm not the best or anything, but I do well enough. Morph's Player |U6

From: Varnel Friday, August 02 2002, 02:12PM if i'm here when it happens, i would probably join in :P i dont really set aside times to play tho |U6

From: Be'lal Friday, August 02 2002, 04:13PM haha, if morph is a teacher, everyone will suck more. Do it! |U6

From: Garet Friday, August 02 2002, 10:11PM Yeah Be'lal, run yer mouth, blah blah blah blah, you never fought me far as I can remember. But yer entitled to an opinion, but of course as always, doesn't mean yer right. I may not be good with Morph, but im good enough with my other alts |U6

From: Cyrnon Saturday, August 03 2002, 08:17PM I don't think the idea was to find 'thrills' so much as to teach others how to PK. Hopefully, doing so would encourage them to PK more on the regular MUD. Garet, you had a post on the welcome board made by one character, signed by a second and in response for a third. Again, you talk about your alts here. I really don't care to know who they are, so please keep them to yourself. |U6

From: Flea Sunday, August 04 2002, 12:41AM We all have our good chars... and our bad chars..

From: peer self

From: |U6

From: Herbert Sunday, August 04 2002, 04:12AM If im here at the right time and such I would probably join in to some degree, im barely what you'd call an active PKer these days but I'd try show these whipper snappers a thing or two.

From: grin

From: Herbert. |U6

From: Wardog Sunday, August 04 2002, 11:55AM here here! It is high time we had something going on with pkill May I suggest that we start having miny tournaments, perhaps king of the hill style at the same time. If it is going to be a weekly thing, then for that week, you could have the crowned king of the hill, maybe even setup a pretitle "king of the Hill" that the winner each week could have so he could taunt the rest of the pkillers with it. A weekly tournament would perhaps living up pkill a little here, but that is just imho. Wardog |U6

From: Garet Monday, August 05 2002, 09:58AM I don't care what you do and don't wanna know Cyrnon, don't read my posts, as they are my alts, I reserve the right to put them wherever I darn well please, so like I said, do us all a favor, don't read my posts, get off my back, and go away |U6

From: Craven Tuesday, August 06 2002, 10:41PM That garet guy is so polite, I vote him for president! |U6

From: LadyAce Wednesday, August 07 2002, 07:49PM Providing the board doesn't eat this ... I checked the stats for July -- looks like no particular day is better or worse than any other day in terms of pk folks being around. Any favorite days of the week? I'm free as follows... Sunday 4-11pm, Wednesday 7pm-11pm, Friday 7pm-11pm, Saturday noon-11pm. -LA |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Thursday, August 08 2002, 12:24AM We talkin teachin people by ripping out thier hearts or by talking to them in a nice little ooc room? And in either case I will offer my instructions on how to smell up a room, and the best ways to toss fecal matter at people without getting caught in brown splash damage... Oh and the two most important things a pkiller can know, well three how and where to run, who to suck up to and how to tell "In my day, in old pk we had blah blah blah etc..." stories properly. Sincerely Rahvin--lover of all things small and furry. |U6

From: LadyAce Friday, August 09 2002, 05:47PM I was thinking a little chatter, a little try-it-out kinda thing. Like, one person decides they're going to show some tricks to fighting against snipers, and another person talks about how to be a sniper. Then the people who listened to the two instructors try out the techniques and ideas that they just heard. I wasn't thinking about it as a night of random pk action, but it seems like after the event, there are bound to be a lot of pkers around, so it might well be a hot time after the show and tell is over. -LA |U6

From: Zemus Friday, August 09 2002, 11:57PM This is not a way to stimulate pk imo. This is like making a damn tournament without prizes, There is no thrill in this to me, all duals |U6

From: Akai_Hayate Saturday, August 10 2002, 02:05AM So do what ima do provided I get my stupid mage outta hock, come in invis listen to the dopey talking, then firestorm the entire room into crispy fried pk chicken. |U6

From: Maloth Saturday, August 10 2002, 02:42AM I think that this is a great idea, considering I prefer dying to winning because I get better feedback that way. Seems like this way i need to do a lot less dying to get the info I want. I would definitely try to get on for this to learn more about PKing. nice idea. Maloth |U6

From: Soze Wednesday, August 14 2002, 04:13AM in response to Garet "the x-man" Jax's remarks on his alts and how we should just ignore his posts, would it be possible for said person to keep me posted on just which char's posts not to read? I was thinking a weekly mudmail on new chars I should automagically ignore or the likes perhaps I'm not the only one and we could have a garets alts session at the weekly Q&A, or use a board or such? /Soze, slightly amused. |U6

From: Soze Wednesday, August 14 2002, 09:22AM I withdraw my previous statements about a public board, as we are supposed to ignore posts by these alts, how would be be able to read them, we need the newsletter so to speak. /Soze, still amused |U6


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