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Posted by Shemp on 08/29

sounds good enough, but if you're going to have pk-teaching, first some of the lame-ass tricks should be coded out. let me elaborate: 1) healing in safe rooms and 1 person rooms 2) the one and only no recall safe room (why i don't pk in industrial) 3) spamming blind arrows, knowing due to mana/rent someone can't cure 4) inspire having the same lag/delay as calm, and failing less 5) healing in safe rooms ( did i say that already =P ) 6) spamming 5 charge instant wands prob more out there too -Shemp |U6

From: Varnel Monday, August 12 2002, 10:20PM check on your safe room info :P |U6

From: Dias-Jax Tuesday, August 13 2002, 03:13AM yeah, there's more than one no recall/no magic safe room, trust me |U6

From: Krynn Tuesday, August 13 2002, 06:16PM Your incite must work better than mine. It only works for me when it's overkill. overkill. Never when I could actually use it -K |U6

From: Shemp Wednesday, August 14 2002, 08:07AM well since my last post got deleted

From: thank cheyla


From: grin

From: i'll repost i think her words went something like, use crap more, eh... so anyway blah more no_magic no_fight rooms = bad edit: on the blinding arrows, not suggesting changing them but instead changing the cure blind potions to 50 rent, stackable and changing the cure blind spell to 10 mana, 1 fight round delay. -Shemp |U6

From: Craven Wednesday, August 14 2002, 12:36PM If you do that to blinding arrows then your basically negating the point of them. Its like saying make muddies stackable, 50 rent, and cost 1 coin. We need some way to counter damage you know. The current ways just aren't effective enough, damage still KILLS me. |U6

From: Krynn Wednesday, August 14 2002, 02:31PM cure crit augments mob heals first aid balm'ing in a safe room that counters damage pretty well. it just drags fights out. -K |U6

From: Be'lal Friday, August 16 2002, 12:47AM I think the point is that 90% of the people who use blinding arrows don't cure crit, augment, first aid or balm. As for mob heals, that works for ANYONE, blinder or not, and useage varies from person to person. If you take blinding arrows out of the picture, which shemp's suggestion would do as there would be no purpose in using them, I think it will be just another change that makes the mud LESS diverse and LESS fun. I've fought blinders with almost any char type imaginable and I've yet to see how they are so unbalancing...but some people apperently really really dislike them. Of course I dislike being walled in a room with 5 charmies hitting me while the creater laughs at me.

From: shrug

From: go figure. - Be'lal, also known as 90,000 other alts. |U6

From: Zemus Friday, August 16 2002, 05:44AM The problem with blinding arrows is the how fast they in lag time Shoot has one round lag, and its spammable, and it crashes true if we make the spells cheaper and potions cheaper etc it will make them useless. I just think that if your gonna shoot a arrow shouldnt you have to aim? have to Aim, hence taking away the spamming of shoot, which I think just dosent make sence dosent make sence to me. I mean it almost always hits without aiming unless you shooting another dex chara, but anyway I dont expect arrows ever to be changed so im pretty much wasting time |U6

From: Shemp Friday, August 16 2002, 10:08AM yes, there are many ways around blinding arrows, perhaps the best would be to change them, either arrows do damage or blind, not both. i don't know. but i do know this, for many of us who have been here going on 10 years now, being blind is no big deal. but, we are talking about teaching to new players. whats the first thing we all do to a newbie pker? hrmmm, goes something like this: heheh watch this, i'll make him fight my dopple... [Info] Some_newbie killed by So-and-so. heheh watch this, i'll get him lost and blind him 5 times... [Info] Some_newbie killed by So-and-so. ] hehe, that was fun, watch this i'll crash him into aengus... [Info] Some_newbie killed by So-and-so. ] woohoo, i rock! let's see, guess i'll show him where the no_flee rooms are next... [Info] Some_newbie killed by So-and-so. ] see what i am getting at here? and then, just when this newbie gets the jump or advantage on ya, boom run around mud hitting healers and poulticing in safe rooms, and kill him some more. now yes, this teaches them the pk-game, but is this really the pk-game we want? |U6

From: Be'lal Saturday, August 17 2002, 12:17AM Its how you learned isn't it? It certainly is how I learned. I honestly don't think removing something from the game is the answer to teaching newbies how to pk. "Thats to difficult a concept for them to grasp so lets just remove it entirely." Blinding arrows are another one of those things that are unique to legend. I think to remove it or to render it useless would truely be a sad thing. As for arrows blinding or doing damage....thats what they do. If you can show me a log of an arrow doing more then like 10 damage with blindness on it, I'll conceed the point. Of course when I get shot with blinders, they do 1-5 damage a hit, as do all the arrows I fire. As for fixing it...which I truely don't see anything that needs to be fixed, I suggest you ADD new dips that are USEFUL instead of removing the single good one that currently exists. Make weakening do something. Make sleeping arrows make them "drowsy" which affects their number of attacks or something for a round or 2. Make NEW effects for current spells that when dipped would actually be USEFUL. And last but not least, blinding someone is not a free action as many of you seem to think. When

From: I

From: blind someone, I'm usualy repayed with either a bash, headbutt, or stun/immolate. Any one of those does far more damage then my arrow did, and many times more then the blind is actually worth. Until autorush is not made 100% or is made to rely on stats, like perc for example, every shot is potentially a wfw, a stagger, a bash, or a killing blow. It is far from a free action. - Be'lal |U6

From: Zemus Saturday, August 17 2002, 05:55AM Dude if you shoot you have a skill called tumble that' nulls all those skills. If you tumble anyone of of those you auto flee auto of room due to wimpy, We stand there with 2 to 3 rounds lag and blind, not knowing what direction you fled, thus giveing you more time to wait for the tick and use that nasty skill backstab. Even cureing the blind will cost us another 1 or 2 rounds lag for you to make even more space to set up the next backstab. This is how all good snipers get to hit you with 3 or 4 backstabs per fight, at least. And dont say tumble dosent go off enough cause I have had fight where snipers tumbled 5 bashes 2 stuns and only got hit by one bash. Also had them only tumble one skill, but I say tumble goes off about 50% of the time, this is just what I assume when I fight, luck plays a huge roll in this skill. |U6

From: Be'lal Saturday, August 17 2002, 03:24PM Thats the point. If a sniper doesn't backstab at least 3-4 times a fight, he has about a 15%-25% chance to win. Unfortunately snipers only real damage comes from backstab. So, ANYTHING that allows them to get more of them gives them a better chance to win. As for the rest of it...as I said Zemus, you know who I am and the alts I have. I've fought with and against tons of snipers and I have never found blinders any more annoying then 4 wfw's in a row or 3 tumbles in a row or god knows the other crap that happens. So I still believe what I said, if you remove blinders your are only going to hurt another class and make yet another class less used in pk until all we have left are mages. |U6

From: Shemp Sunday, August 18 2002, 10:11PM re-read my post. i didn't say remove them, i suggested lowering the cost of curing. like zemus said, its just used to set up unlimited backstabs, which was never the purpose of it. now, onto another point: you said snipers don't hit hard... uhh, you can go 100 dex 80 perc 90 con with 2 hernes and 2 brines and a 8kg weapon EASY. so what you say? so, you hit as hard as most str fighters. and have 700+ hp. and tumble, and 75-80 hp backstabs. maybe you're right, adding more stuff is the answer. how about making pure fighters a viable pk char... |U6

From: Boo Monday, August 19 2002, 05:55AM drink chalice fill chalice trough bleh...screw it..too tired to erase. I have a str fighter with reasonably high dam and 20-30 hit full agg I have a problem with hitting for some reason. I recently fought a sniper....almost EVERY round, he would do more damage than me And he wasn't wearing that pesky little item that reduces damage of slash There was even a round where i stunned him, and i MISSED completly. Added to that, i'm pretty sure he was a CON sniper. Am I dreaming or does this go against what STR fighters are supposed to do. Aren't they supposed to do MORE damage? I think dex should lose their armor bonus or parry bonus or something because because str against dex equals dex hitting more AND harder. Hmm..seems i strayed from the point of this board post. If you are that mad at blinding arrows, make effects of dipped arrows work (insert number here) percent of the time. 75-90 would be a good number number And I personally have a sniping augmentor and I pretty much keep dispelling and blinding my opponents till they stop chasing me and I will admit...that is pretty annoying to whoever I fight. I once blinded this guy 25 times constantly and there was no way he could kill me because i would be blinding, backstabbing, healing. repeat forever. When he started to rent out...oh oh....backstabs and blinds more. Anyway....i haven't fought a blinding sniper in a while so i don't care. Oh yeah...how can you SEE a stun coming? if that were the case that you can case that you can SEE magic, then why can't we see dispels coming or blinds coming blinds coming, or immolates comming, or (insert spell name) coming. chant vina gam dyn ex MY WHINING!!!!!! help erase - oh well...i can't erase that and i probably gave game info |U6

From: Dias-Jax Thursday, August 22 2002, 03:12PM Um shemp, I'd LOVE to see this 100/80/90 list that allows for -100 AC Expert Skills, expert parry, and so on. Quite frankly, in my opinion if yer a cheapass 80 perc no BS damage, crappy shooting, straight HP player with dex, yer simply a con tank with a dagger, Im no sniper atm, because I'm not straight Dex/perc, I have other stats too And if you THINK it's easy, or you THINK it's a pushover playing a dexie, then buddy, you better guess again, not all of us use blinders don't knock the class, I use a gun, I have bow skills, but I haven't touched a bow since level 10, cause it's all I could rent....now... let me think....hmmm...thats been.....9 months? 10 months? And as for 700+ HP

From: rofl

From: I've seen 100 con snipers with only 650, at low levels it's easier to level yourself with backstab, so you say screw the con, and get it later, go straight dex/perc for heavy sniper skills, and level like mad, you don't have time for con until at LEAST level 30 when yer satisified with all of your other skills. Dias-Jax |U6

From: Thundarr Thursday, August 29 2002, 07:42AM once again Dias you amaze me with your stupidity... "you don't have time for con until at LEAST level 30" we are talking level 50 here. "700+ HP

From: rolf

From: I've seen 100 con snipers with 650" do you even have 100 con char? or are you just spewing crap? I have 100 char, and with ZERO +hp gear he's at 693 HP. add in a kraken, or leggings, or scalp... and as for playing a dex char, i have level 50s of every time. con and dex are relatively balanced, str is the weakest of the 3 hands down. (time = type) |U6

From: Malia Thursday, August 29 2002, 05:00PM Bet I have ya beat! Malia, didn't really want to add anything other than that. |U6

From: Dias-Jax Thursday, August 29 2002, 05:11PM I have con alts, yeah, quite a few, I have enough dexies to make yer head spin, in case you forgot Thundarr, HP come quite randomly, if you hadn't gotten such lucky rolls, what would you have? Probably around 650, like I said before. Now, if you've got nothing better to do with your time than call me stupid, and continue making yerself look like an ass, you just keep on appending, cause Im laughin' more and more each time, it's kinda funny to see someone who thinks everyone gets perfect rolls everytime |U6

From: Akai_Monkey Thursday, August 29 2002, 05:49PM I dont wanna get dragged into this and I didnt even read all the appends so Forgive me if I am talking about something that stopped 7 posts ago but instead of doing something to blinders they should do somethign about con snipers, maybe over 40 con and you can't fire a bow, your too fat :P or over 40 con and your soooooo healthy that your living habits proclude you from touching something as filthy as a poisonous vial. thats been on the floor, in a mad scientists lab! |U6


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